24 Side Hustle Ideas for Fitness Instructors

With the rise of the internet and rapid technological advancements, it is easier than ever for anyone to expand and maximize their earning potential. The same is true for fitness instructors. Like other professionals, many fitness instructors look at side hustles to diversify their earnings. 

Apart from enhancing their earning potential, these side hustles also provide fitness instructors opportunities for professional growth, developing new skills and expanding their reach in the community. 

The fact that more and more people now focus on health and wellness presents fitness instructors with multiple avenues to supplement their income. From online courses to health and fitness content to selling wellness and fitness products, the options for fitness instructors to find side hustles are virtually limitless.

Therefore, to help our audience grow and maximize their earnings, in this article we will discuss side hustles that fitness instructors can start from anywhere with just a click of a button. Our ‘business-in-a-box’ solutions offer you a chance to start your dream US business from anywhere in the world. So, let us dive in and discuss the best side hustles for fitness instructors.

Most Rewarding Side Hustles for Fitness Instructors

Fitness instructors have unique skills that they can use and enhance to generate extra income and create additional revenue streams that we all love and want.

Discovering the immense potential for personal branding and professional growth, fitness instructors are increasingly opting for side hustles, which also help them stay updated on industry trends, adopt new technologies, and continuously grow their expertise. Here are the most sought-after side hustles for fitness instructors.

1. Offering Online Personal Training 

Fitness instructors are not bound by geography and can offer their clients online training on video conferencing platforms such as Skype or Zoom. 

This can help fitness trainers offer personalized workouts to their clients, track their progress, and motivate so that their clients achieve their fitness goals.

This side hustle has the advantage of managing multiple clients from the comfort of your home, making it a scalable and flexible option.

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2. Fitness Blogging/Vlogging

Blogging and, more recently, vlogging have been great sources for people to earn extra income. By using their expertise, fitness instructors can also offer practical advice to their clients through blogs or vlogs that can be monetized. 

Sharing workout tips, nutrition advice, and motivational content can be an exciting venture properly utilizing your time and expertise.

With a growing audience, you can earn through ads, sponsored posts, and affiliate links. Plus, it is a fantastic way to build your brand and establish yourself as an expert in the fitness community.

While here, you might also be interested in knowing the tax deductions available for personal trainers.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Promoting fitness and wellness products is another revenue stream you can create as a fitness instructor by earning a commission on each sale through affiliate marketing.

This is an excellent way for fitness instructors and anyone to generate additional income by affiliate marketing products and services in their niche, such as fitness and wellness. Create honest reviews and recommendations on your blog, vlog, or social media. 

4. Fitness App Development

In this age of smartphones and the internet, consumers want to fulfill most of their daily needs through an app. The same is valid for fitness. If you have a unique idea for a fitness app, collaborate with developers to bring it to life. This can also be a great side hustle for engineers.

Whether these apps offer customized workout plans, track progress, or provide meal plans, there is a massive market for fitness apps. Even if you are not tech-savvy, partnering with a developer can turn your vision into reality.

5. Group Fitness Classes

Hosting community fitness classes in local parks or community centers is a great way to build a local following. You can offer a variety of classes, such as yoga, HIIT, or boot camps. Charge a fee per session or offer membership packages.

It is a fun way to engage with your community, promote healthy living, and earn extra income. Plus, the outdoor setting can attract many new clients who prefer working out in fresh air.

6. Fitness E-books

Writing and selling e-books on workout plans, diet plans, or fitness guides can be a lucrative side hustle. Share your knowledge in a comprehensive format that clients can refer to anytime. E-books can cover topics like strength training, weight loss, or specific diet plans.

Market your e-books on your website, social media, and online marketplaces like Amazon. Once published, they can provide a steady stream of passive income.

7. Corporate Wellness Programs 

Partnering with businesses to provide employee wellness programs is a growing trend. Companies increasingly recognize the benefits of healthy employees and are willing to invest in wellness programs. Offering on-site fitness classes, virtual wellness workshops, and personalized fitness plans can add to your list of income streams.  

8. Fitness Retreats 

Organizing fitness retreats or boot camps offers clients an immersive experience. These events can be held in beautiful locations, including workout sessions, wellness workshops, and healthy meals.

It is a lucrative way to provide a holistic fitness experience while earning significant income. Plus, the retreat format lets you connect with clients deeper, enhancing their loyalty and satisfaction.

9. Meal Planning Services

Customized meal planning and nutrition advice can complement your fitness services. Many people struggle with maintaining a healthy diet, so providing meal plans tailored to their fitness goals can be highly valuable.

This can be a standalone service or part of a comprehensive fitness package. Use your knowledge to create balanced, nutritious meal plans that help clients achieve their health and fitness goals.

10. Social Media Influencing

Building a following on social media platforms and collaborating with brands can be highly profitable in the long run. Share your fitness journey, workouts, nutrition tips, and motivational content to engage your audience.

As your following grows, brands will be interested in partnering with you for sponsored posts, product reviews, and brand ambassadorships. Earning money while doing what you love and inspiring others is a great way to go.

11. Online Courses 

Creating and selling online courses on fitness and wellness topics allows you to reach a global audience. Platforms like Udemy and Teachable make it easy to create structured courses that cover a wide range of topics. Whether it’s strength training, yoga, or nutrition, online courses provide a scalable way to share your expertise. Once the course is created, it can generate passive income as more students enroll.

12. Merchandise Sales 

Designing and selling fitness-related merchandise like apparel and accessories can be a fun and profitable side hustle. Create branded T-shirts, water bottles, gym bags, and more. Use print-on-demand services to manage inventory and shipping.

Promote your merchandise on your website (which can be easily built on Shopify) and social media. Manufacturing your own merchandise is an amazing side hustle to build your brand and offer something tangible to your followers.

13. Fitness Photography 

Providing professional photography services for fitness enthusiasts and influencers is a unique side hustle. High-quality photos are essential for social media and marketing. If you have photography skills, offer sessions to capture clients in action, showcasing their progress and physiques.

This can be especially appealing for fitness influencers who need professional photos to build their brand.

14. Equipment Rental 

Renting out fitness equipment for home workouts can cater to clients who prefer exercising at home. Offer items like dumbbells, resistance bands, and treadmills. This service can be beneficial when gyms are closed or for clients who want to try out equipment before purchasing. It is a practical way to earn extra income and provide value to your clients.

15. Fitness App Reviews 

Reviewing and recommending fitness apps can attract a niche audience interested in finding the best tools for their fitness journey. Create a blog or YouTube channel dedicated to app reviews. Share your honest opinions, pros and cons, and personal experiences.

You can earn through affiliate links, sponsored posts, and ad revenue while providing valuable insights to your followers.

16. Supplement Sales 

Selling dietary supplements and wellness products can complement your fitness services. Partner with reputable supplement brands or create your product line. Offer products that support your client’s fitness goals, such as protein powders, vitamins, and pre-workout supplements. This can be a significant source of additional income and enhance the overall value you provide to your clients.

17. Virtual Workshops/Webinars 

Hosting educational sessions on fitness and wellness topics can attract a wide audience. Topics can include strength training, injury prevention, and nutrition. Charge a registration fee for access to the live sessions and recordings. Virtual workshops and webinars provide an interactive platform to share your expertise and connect with clients worldwide.

18. Gym/Fitness Studio Consulting 

Offering consulting services to gyms and fitness studios can be a lucrative side hustle. Use your experience in the fitness industry to help businesses improve their operations, develop effective programs, and enhance member engagement.

This can include staff training, program development, and marketing strategies. Consulting is a great way to leverage your knowledge and significantly impact the fitness industry.

19. Online Fitness Challenges 

Organizing and running online fitness challenges can create community and motivation among participants. Set specific goals, such as weight loss or strength building, and charge an entry fee. Offer prizes for winners to incentivize participation. Online challenges are a fun way to engage clients, promote healthy competition, and generate additional income.

20. Youth Fitness Programs 

Developing and running fitness programs for children and teens can address the growing concern of youth inactivity. Offer programs through schools, community centers, or online platforms. Focus on fun, engaging activities that promote healthy habits from a young age. Such programs can be a fulfilling way to impact the next generation while diversifying your income positively.

21. Private Yoga/Pilates Sessions

Offering specialized private sessions in yoga or Pilates allows you to provide personalized guidance and support. These sessions can be conducted in person or virtually, catering to individual needs and preferences. It’s an excellent way to offer a premium service and build a loyal client base.

22. Wellness Coaching 

Providing holistic wellness coaching services that include fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle guidance can be highly valuable. By addressing all aspects of wellness, coaches can help clients achieve a balanced and healthy life. Coaching can be offered as a comprehensive package, combining fitness training with nutritional advice and stress management techniques. 

23. Fitness App Subscription Plans 

Creating subscription-based access to premium workout plans and content can provide a steady income stream. Offer exclusive workout routines, video tutorials, and fitness resources. A membership model encourages clients to stay engaged and committed to their fitness goals while providing ongoing value.

24. Freelance Writing

Writing for fitness magazines, websites, and blogs as a fitness expert allows you to share your knowledge and reach a wider audience. Contribute articles on various fitness topics, such as exercise routines, nutrition advice, and wellness tips. Freelance writing can enhance your credibility and provide a flexible source of income.

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What are the best side hustles for fitness instructors in 2024?

The best side hustles for fitness instructors in 2024 include online personal training, fitness blogging/vlogging, affiliate marketing, fitness app development, and offering group fitness classes. These options leverage technology and the growing demand for health and wellness services.

How can fitness instructors earn extra income online?

Fitness instructors can earn extra income online by offering virtual personal training sessions, creating and selling fitness e-books, conducting online fitness courses, and hosting virtual workshops or webinars on fitness and wellness topics.

What equipment is needed for online personal training?

For online personal training, fitness instructors typically need a reliable internet connection, a computer or smartphone with a good camera, video conferencing software (like Zoom or Skype), and basic fitness equipment such as resistance bands, dumbbells, and a yoga mat for demonstrating exercises.

How can fitness instructors monetize their fitness blogs or vlogs?

Fitness instructors can monetize their blogs or vlogs through various methods, such as displaying ads, using affiliate marketing links, creating sponsored content, offering paid memberships for exclusive content, and selling their products or services, such as workout plans and meal plans.

What are the benefits of fitness instructors creating their apps?

Creating a fitness app allows instructors to reach a wider audience, offer personalized workout and meal plans, track client progress, and provide a seamless user experience. Apps can also generate passive income through subscription plans and in-app purchases, making them a profitable side hustle.

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