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Talent is everywhere. But opportunity is not. Our mission is to unlock the power and potential of human entrepreneurship and democratize access to wealth creation by empowering anyone in the world to turn their dream idea into their dream US business. Come join us.

How We Hire

We know interviewing for jobs is a tough process. We hope these notes provide helpful touch-points as you move through our process. Can’t wait to meet you!


We don’t rush hiring. It’s important to us to know if it’s a fit for both sides. You’re interviewing us as much as we’re interviewing you! We’re focused on building a great team and we’re excited to build one together.
That being said, we can move very fast if need be, the fastest we’ve run an end-to-end process is within 1 week. More realistically, it takes a few weeks and can even take upwards of 1 month.

The Process


Apply online! If you don’t see your dream role, pitch us on it!

Application Review

We’ll review your resume and application to see if your skills match up with our current team needs. If it’s not the right fit, we’ll let you know and make sure to hold on to your resume in case there’s a better opportunity in the future!

Video Call

A 1:1 video call, with you and either JP or Arjun, or another hiring manager on the team to get to know each other. We’ll tell you about what we’re building here at doola, how we think about the market opportunity, and how our team works. We’re eager to learn about you and why you want to join us.

Take-home exercise(s) [Depending on Role]

If you’re applying for a role with a take-home exercise, we’ll give you a sample project to take home!

Review Call

If moving forward is the right step, we’ll schedule a call to review your work + discuss final steps in the process. [This will sometimes be at the same time as the Onsite Visit + Teammate call!]

Onsite Visit & Teammate Call

Depending on your location, we’ll have you come onsite, and/or we’ll do a video call, with colleagues you’ll work with.


We talk to at least 2 people, and this will take time as we consider what they say. We typically ask to talk to a peer and a manager.

After each step, we’ll give you a timeline for the next one.              

Follow up

Our Story

When we were in the process of pivoting from a failed startup, we realized we were spending way too much time on running the business, not growing the business.
And then we thought…
Online business owners want to focus on growing their business, not annoying administrative work. We handle everything online entrepreneurs need to get a business off the ground: formation, U.S. banking and payments setup, ongoing compliance, IRS tax filings, and more. Today we’re growing faster than ever with our US HQ in 🗽 New York, NY, and our European HQ in 🇩🇪 Hamburg, Germany.
Click button. Form company. Bank Account and Payments. Taxes and Compliance. A One-Stop-Shop. A Business-in-a-Box.

Our Mission

Talent is everywhere. But opportunity is not. Our mission at doola is to unlock the potential of human entrepreneurship and democratize access to wealth creation by empowering anyone in the world to turn their dream idea into their dream US business.
We know there’s more than just starting a company.
As a founder, you don’t have time to waste on paperwork and other tedious tasks just to keep your company running. You have bigger goals. That’s where we come in. doola handles all of that for you so you can get back to doing what you do best: growing your business.

Our Commitments

People: empower entrepreneurs all over the world, with an active focus on those who might not otherwise have access to traditional means of wealth creation
Purpose: democratize access to the largest market in the world, with intentional outreach to emerging economies
Profit: compound wealth creation across the board

Our Vision

doola is building the OS for the next generation of global businesses.



US Address

Software Perks

Legal Docs


Bank Account


And more! We handle the operational details. You grow your business. From start to six figures+ in revenue, we’re with our companies for the long term. Focus on what you do best, while doola handles the rest. Welcome to your businesses OS.

Values & Non-values

It’s critical to establish team values. We believe it’s equally important to identify team non-values. We’re stronger in driving our mission home with both values and non-values taken into account.

Work Style

When we were raising our seed round, we had lengthy discussions with advisors and investors about building our company. We spent a tremendous amount of time discussing what type of company structure we would have. The key here is to be intentional.

Meet the Team

Working at doola means surrounding yourself with smart and passionate people. At doola, we value trust, teamwork, and bringing transparency to help organizations make better, more informed decisions.
Arjun and JP
Our customers come from all walks of life, and so do we. We hire great people from a wide variety of backgrounds, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it makes our Company stronger. If you share our values and enthusiasm for small businesses, you will find a home at doola. doola is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate in hiring or any employment decision based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions), marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, genetic information, veteran status, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or other applicable legally protected characteristics. doola considers qualified applicants with criminal histories consistent with applicable federal, state, and local law. doola is also committed to providing reasonable accommodations for talented individuals with disabilities and disabled veterans in our job application procedures. If you need assistance or accommodation made due to a disability, please let your recruiter know.
Meet the entire doola team on our about page →

Our Investors

We’re beyond blessed to be backed by world-class investors.

Nexus Venture Partners

Nexus Venture Partners led doola’s seed financing, which brings the company’s total raised to $3.6 million. The startup participated in Y Combinator’s summer 2020 batch and also counts as backers Hustle Fund, XX, Psion Capital, and Translink Investment, as well as a high-profile group of angels, including Jacqueline Reses, former head of Square Capital; Dharmesh Shah, founder and CTO at HubSpot; Ankur Nagpal, founder of Ocho, Teachable and Vibe Capital; Rohini Pandhi, product manager at Square and partner at Transparent Collective; Arjun Sethi, co-founder and investor at Tribe Capital; and Prasanna Sankar, co-founder of Rippling. -Tech Crunch
Investor Quotes
Managing Director, Nexus Venture Partners
Creators and independent entrepreneurs want to focus on their crafts that they love. However, to build businesses around their crafts, they would also need to take care of unexciting but necessary backend business management functions (like incorporation, compliance, taxes, banking, payments etc.), for which they usually do not have expertise, nor interest, nor the time those activities demand. doola is set to address just that: so solo-preneurs can do what they love and are best at, while doola takes care of the rest. We are thrilled to partner with Arjun, JP and team doola in their journey toward building a remarkable company.
Founder and CEO at Post House Capital, Chairman of the Economic Development Council at Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Former Head of Square Capital
For any business, whether it’s a venture-backed SaaS startup with a Delaware C Corp or a solopreneur bootstrapping an e-commerce business, having a trustworthy, stable, and scalable banking + payments stack is critical. Through doola, international founders can seamlessly access the US financial ecosystem, including US banking, US payment solutions, US venture capital, and more.
Co-Founder/CTO of Hubspot
Love the work that doola is doing. Aligns with my philosophy of addressing the “talent is evenly distributed, opportunity is not” issue. More startups everywhere = good for everyone.
Founder of Ocho, Founder of Teachable, Founder of Vibe Capital
The creator economy is booming with 50M+ becoming creators in the last decade — and these creators becoming businesses in the coming decade. All other data confirms this trend, with new business applications in the US up massively quarter-over-quarter (Source). doola makes it incredibly easy for anyone, from anywhere in the world to set up a US-based LLC, get a US bank account, with access to all the payment products and financial services typically reserved for US-based businesses. What intrigues me about this business however is not this initial beachhead [business formation], but the longer-term opportunity they have to handle all the unsexy business management pieces for creators and independent entrepreneurs around the world — including incorporation, banking, taxes and other critical pieces of infrastructure.

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