What is up, arjun from doola here with the FOURTH public investor update of 2023.

You can also read this update on Twitter and see all previous weekly updates in the MEGA THREAD:

Without further ado, lets doola it and dive in!

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WoW Growth Summary ????

• ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue): $XM +2.68% (vs +3.68% last week)

• Subscribers: XK +3.5% (vs +4.09% last week)

Image Source: Startup = Growth, by @paulg

Key Ask ????

• Who are your favorite Series B investors (and all-star angel investors) who invest in Vertical SaaS, Fintech, API Infrastructure, and/or SMB tech?

DM me!

Team ????

• Current Full-Time Team (34)

• Hiring (Top 3 Roles): Brand/Creative Lead, Head of Finance, Executive Assistant

• Link to Careers Page: https://doola.com/careers

Mission ????

• Talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not.

• Our mission is to unlock the potential of human entrepreneurship and democratize access to the US financial ecosystem by empowering 1M founders globally to turn their dream idea into their dream US business.

@doolaHQ Lowlight ????

• Need to improve our rewards page: “You would provide a huge service to both the company and the user if you write a description on what customers could use them for.”

• Need to improve visibility of what plan customers are on, this can create stress!

@doolaHQ Highlight ????

• Hit a new ATH in new ARR added in one month. January is off to a great start, but in order to accelerate growth, need to implement the right systems *now.* All outcomes (end-of-year ARR) are lagging measures of TODAY’S inputs.

Personal Lowlight ????

• Like anyone else, I can get incredibly excited when I see a new opportunity / have a new idea. But I need to be hyper-aware of the “Loudest Voice in the Room” problem (in order to get full buy-in, need to elicit people’s truest thoughts, vs just mine).

Personal Highlight ????

• Started “The Secret Pulse of Time” (h/t @hubermanlab) and wow it is ????. New rule I have: when someone I admire, respect, look up to, want to learn from (or any combo of the above) speaks highly about a book, I buy it right away.

Customer Story ????

• Business owners know business owners. Founders know founders. Word-of-mouth is critical for our business. Very exciting to see more and more organic interest (and subsequent conversions) happening.

Thanks & Kudos ????

• @ankurnagpal and @jess_catorc for webinar ask (excited to talk LLCs + S-Corps soon ????)

• @Matthewschulman for awesome intros ????

• @SahilBloom for the love on social (one tweet in response to @Codie_Sanchez drove CUSTOMERS)

• Cliff and Bill for the chat on goals for 2023 given the macro environment

• @dunkhippo33 for the Company Formation API intros

• @volodarik for the feature in his thread of startups to keep an eye on

• @MayaBakhai for the webinar/podcast ask/idea (should be fun to record!)

• @businessbarista for giving @doolaHQ a try (STOKED to hear his feedback)

And that’s a wrap!

Any feedback on this weekly update? Too long? Too short? Any questions or concerns? Any metrics you’d like to see? Please let me know and hit reply (I read every email I get) ????

See you next week ????

Tim Turner
Tim Turner
Doola Website Admin
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