What is up, Arjun from doola here with the 22nd public investor update of 2023 🤯

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Without further ado, let’s doola it and dive in!

WoW Growth Summary 📊

  • ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue): $XM +0.76% (vs +0.79% last week)
  • Subscribers: XK +1.96% (vs +1.99% last week)

Key Ask: Ambassador ProgAccelerator / Incubator / Startup Community Intros 🙏

We’d love to help founders in communities like @ycombinator create their C-Corp/LLC (in all 50 states). DM me if you are in a community / can intro me to someone who is in one / runs one (15% revenue share opp).

Team 👥

We’re always looking for new doolians to join the team. Check out our careers page to see if you’re ready to make dream businesses a reality.

Mission 🔮

Talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. Our mission is to unlock the potential of human entrepreneurship and democratize access to the US financial ecosystem by empowering 1B founders globally to turn their dream idea into their dream US business 🇺🇸

How do you turn your dream idea into your dream business ⁉️

It all starts with an idea 💡

And this is the sign you’ve been waiting for 🔮

What are you waiting for?

Just doola it.

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doola Highlight 😄

Launched a partnership with @brexHQ to allow tech startup founders in the US to seamlessly form a Delaware C-Corp for a total incorporation cost of $0.

doola Lowlight 🫤

A bug prevented people from submitting their final information post-purchase; we immediately resolved this issue and reached out to other impacted customers.

Personal Highlight 😄

Gorgeous weekend in NYC and went on a Sunday run with @zachpogrob and @DenZhadanov

Personal Lowlight 🫤

Seem to have misplaced by old driver’s license 😅 but this means it’s time for me to finally get an NYC license now that I live here 😂

Thanks & Kudos 🎉

And that’s a wrap 🎉

Please hit reply and say hi / let me know if you have any questions (I read every email I get)

See you next week 💪

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Dan Bound-Black
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