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Stripe Atlas Alternatives

When you’re launching a new business or taking steps to expand an existing one, you’re faced with a series of critical decisions. One of the most vital choices is selecting the platform that will provide the support you need. Stripe Atlas is undoubtedly a well-known and respected choice among businesses, providing a comprehensive suite of services and support. However, it’s not your only option.

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to a variety of Stripe Atlas alternatives, each with its distinct features and unique advantages. Armed with this information, you’ll be better equipped to make a well-informed decision that aligns with your business goals and aspirations.

How to Choose the Right Alternative for Your Business?

When seeking an alternative to Stripe Atlas, several factors should be considered to ensure you choose the most suitable option for your business. These factors include:

Business Goals

Before selecting an alternative, carefully assess your business goals. Consider whether you’re launching a startup, expanding internationally, or simply need assistance with specific aspects like legal compliance or tax filing. Understanding your objectives will help pinpoint the services and features essential for your success.


Budget constraints play a significant role in the decision-making process. Different alternatives offer varying pricing structures, from affordable basic plans to comprehensive packages. Ensure the chosen alternative aligns with your budget while providing the necessary services to meet your business needs.

Required Services

Evaluate the specific services offered by each alternative. Some businesses may require comprehensive support, including incorporation, legal advice, accounting, and more. Others might only need assistance with specific tasks. The alternative you choose should provide the services needed for your business’s current stage and future growth.

Level of Support

Consider the level of support provided by each alternative. Startups and entrepreneurs often benefit from responsive customer support and expert guidance. Assess whether the alternative offers customer service through various channels and whether it aligns with your expectations for prompt and helpful support.

Integration Options

Integration capabilities are crucial for streamlining your business operations. Check if the chosen alternative integrates seamlessly with other tools and software your business relies on. Integration options can enhance efficiency and productivity.

User Reviews 

User reviews and testimonials offer valuable insights into the experiences of others who have used the alternative. Investigate user feedback to gauge the platform’s reliability, ease of use, and overall satisfaction. Reviews can provide a practical perspective on what to expect.

Discover Better Options: Top Stripe Atlas Alternatives

There’s a world of alternatives out there, each offering its unique set of features and advantages. Here are some of the top Stripe Atlas alternatives:

1. doola

doola presents a strong alternative to Stripe Atlas by offering a range of features tailored to meet your business needs. What sets doola apart from the rest is its ability to centralize all your business necessities. From company creation to managing your company’s compliance, receiving payments from your valued customers, and diligently tracking your startup’s finances, doola is there every step of the way.

Best features: 

Pricing: $297 + State Fees



Do I need to be a US citizen to work with doola?

No, you don’t! We work with entrepreneurs from around the world to get their businesses incorporated. Don’t take our word for it, though; check out our Wall of Love to hear what people globally have to say about doola.

What information do you need from me to get started?

We don’t need any documents to get started. We just need a few pieces of info from you: your company name, your personal address, phone number and email. Later in the process, you’ll need a passport to set up your bank account.

What is an LLC (Limited Liability Company)?

A limited liability company is a formal business structure (created as per state law) where the business is legally distinct from the owner(s). It may have a single owner in the case of a Single-Member LLC or multiple owners in the case of a Multi-Member LLC.

An LLC combines the perks of a corporation (protection against personal liability) and a partnership (pass-through taxation). Since the business has a separate legal existence, the members are not personally liable for the debts and obligations of the Company.

State laws stipulate how LLCs should be incorporated. Some states require specific documents, such as the articles of organization, membership agreement, etc., to be filed with the authorities.Learn more about LLCs and how they work in our guide.

Will switching from Stripe Atlas to an alternative cause any disruption to your business?

Switching from Stripe Atlas to an alternative can potentially cause some disruption to your business, depending on the complexity of the transition. It’s essential to plan the switch carefully to minimize any interruptions. Many alternatives aim to make the migration process as seamless as possible, but it’s advisable to consult with the chosen alternative’s support team for guidance and to ensure a smooth transition.

Can you use more than one alternative simultaneously?

Yes, you can use more than one alternative simultaneously if it aligns with your business needs. Some businesses opt for a combination of services from different alternatives to access a broader range of features. However, managing multiple platforms may require extra coordination and integration efforts.

What is an EIN?

An Employer Identification Number is the tax identification number for your organization and a requirement of many banks or institutions (such as the IRS) to carry out business in the US. Once your EIN is acquired, you can apply for business bank accounts and payment gateways. Learn more about the full process.

What is an ITIN?

An Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) can be used as an alternative for a Social Security Number (SSN) in some cases and is not a requirement in most cases. However, you will be required to have one if you wish to apply for a PayPal account or certain bank accounts. We walk you through how this process looks like in our guide!

Will switching from Stripe Atlas to an alternative cause any disruption to your business?

Switching from Stripe Atlas to an alternative can potentially cause some disruption to your business, depending on the complexity of the transition. It’s essential to plan the switch carefully to minimize any interruptions. Many alternatives aim to make the migration process as seamless as possible, but it’s advisable to consult with the chosen alternative’s support team for guidance and to ensure a smooth transition.

How secure are these Stripe Atlas alternatives?

The security of Stripe Atlas alternatives can vary depending on the platform and the measures they have in place. It’s essential to research each alternative’s security protocols and data protection policies. Look for alternatives that prioritize data encryption, secure payment processing, and comply with industry standards to ensure the safety of your business information.

Can you integrate these alternatives with other platforms you use?

Many Stripe Atlas alternatives offer integration options to streamline your business operations. Integration capabilities vary among platforms, so it’s crucial to check with each alternative to ensure compatibility with the other software and tools you use. 
Integrating these alternatives with other platforms can enhance efficiency and productivity in managing your business.

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More Stripe Atlas Alternatives

2. Blook

Blook is a dedicated service aimed at assisting entrepreneurs worldwide in launching their businesses in the United States. 

Best features:

Pricing: Blook’s pricing structure may vary depending on the specific services you require. Pricing details can be obtained directly from its website or customer support.



3. Startomatic

Startomatic is a comprehensive Landing Page Software designed to cater to the needs of enterprises and startups. 

Best features:

Pricing: Startomatic’s pricing structure may vary depending on the specific needs and scale of the enterprise or startup. Pricing details can be obtained directly from Startomatic’s website or customer support.



4. Capbase

Capbase is a software platform that helps startups manage their cap tables, equity, and legal documents. It is a good alternative to Stripe Atlas because it offers more features and flexibility, such as the ability to manage multiple companies, track equity grants, and integrate with other business apps.

Best features:

Pricing: Starts at $49/month.



5. Kandbaz

Kandbaz is a versatile platform offering a wide range of services, making it a compelling alternative to Stripe Atlas. It is designed to be user-friendly and its affordability sets it apart.

Best Features:

Pricing: Kandbaz’s pricing starts at $99 per month, making it an accessible choice for startups.



6. Gust Launch

Gust Launch is a straightforward and cost-effective solution for entrepreneurs. Its user-friendly interface and accessible pricing make it an attractive alternative to Stripe Atlas.

Best Features:

Pricing: Gust Launch’s pricing starts at $49 per month.



7. Clerky

Clerky emphasizes personalized legal assistance and affordability.

Best Features:

Pricing: Clerky’s pricing varies depending on the specific services required, which may lead to higher costs for some startups.



8. LegalZoom

LegalZoom is a well-established and reputable company that specializes in providing a wide array of legal services to startups and businesses.

Best features:

Pricing: LegalZoom’s pricing varies depending on the specific services required.



9. Mata

Mata is a fast and efficient alternative for startups looking for a streamlined incorporation process. It emphasizes ease of use and affordability.

Best Features:

Pricing: Mata’s pricing starts at $49 per month.



10. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is a versatile platform offering a wide range of services to cater to the needs of new business owners. 

Best Features:

Pricing: ZenBusiness’s pricing starts at $49 per month.



11. FirstBase

FirstBase is a viable alternative to Stripe Atlas, offering a range of services tailored to startup needs. It simplifies the process of setting up a business, including incorporating it in the U.S. and other critical steps.

Best features: 

Pricing: FirstBase’s pricing structure may vary depending on specific service needs, so it’s important to explore their pricing options for accurate cost details.



12. Legalstart

Legalstart focuses on providing legal services for startups. It assists businesses in navigating legal complexities efficiently.

Best features:

Pricing: Legalstart’s pricing varies depending on the specific legal services required.



13. StartGlobal

StartGlobal offers a simplified approach to business incorporation and international expansion.

Best features:

Pricing: StartGlobal’s pricing starts at an affordable rate, catering to startups with budget considerations.



Exploring Your Business Support Alternatives

Although there are plenty of Stripe Atlas alternatives, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The right alternative ultimately hinges on your unique business needs and aspirations. 

doola isn’t just a mere alternative; it’s your partner in business formation, compliance management, and visa services. Whether you’re at the inception stage, looking to expand your operations, or seeking to ensure your business remains compliant with regulations, doola has you covered.

More than just formation

Support your business needs after formation


  • Annual State Report Filing
  • Stress-free Business IRS tax-filing
  • 1:1 CPA consultation
  • 24/7 live customer support


  • Fully waived agency fees ($0)
  • Fulfill all e-commerce marketplace insurance requirements
  • Property damage or inventory replacement
  • Customer injuries or product liability insurance


  • Dedicated Bookkeeper
  • Monthly categorization of business transactions
  • Reconciliation of business bank and credit card accounts
  • Monthly financial report
  • Expert review of financial reports
  • Customer Support

Start your dream business and keep it 100% compliant

Turn your dream idea into your dream business.