arjun from doola public investor update: week 13, 2023

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arjun from doola public investor update: week 13, 2023

What is up, arjun from doola here with the 13th public investor update of 2023 (note, these updates also make me realize how fast this year is going, wild, 13/52 down)

Without further ado, lets doola it and dive in

Key Ask: Graphic / Marketing Design at doola ????

• We’re looking to grow our design team and we are hiring a graphic/marketing designer (remote or NYC). If you know someone extraordinary, please do let me know ($5000 referral bonus for a full-time hire we make via intro)

WoW Growth Summary ????

• ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue): $XM +1.44% (vs +1.12% last week)

• Subscribers: XK +2.15% (vs +2.36% last week)

Image Source: Startup = Growth, by @paulg

Mission ????

• Talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. Our mission is to unlock the potential of human entrepreneurship and democratize access to the US financial ecosystem by empowering 1M founders globally to turn their dream idea into their dream US business.

@doolaHQ Lowlight ????

• Realized that our website wasn’t rendering properly on Google + was showing the wrong snippet as well

@doolaHQ Highlight ????

• We played scooter soccer in the office (low key, this game is VERY FUN). Might have to submit this game to ESPN8 – The Ocho.

Personal Highlight ????

• Reached 35k followers on personal LinkedIn account (personal account, but heavily doola focused with an ample amount of LLC mentions, 8 to be exact, but who’s counting)

Personal Lowlight ????

• Ran out of ear plugs so sleep hasn’t been great last week (because of NYC noises on the sidewalk that can sometimes happen at 3 am ????). These are my favorite earplugs:

Thanks & Kudos ????

• @loganullyot for feedback on google search result output

• Sudhanshu for intro to SMB AI company re partnership

And that’s a wrap! 

Please hit reply and say hi / let me know if you have any questions (I read every email I get) ????

See you next week ????