Vlog vs Blog: Which Is Better for You?

The vlog vs blog debate has split the internet. While blogging has been around for over 20 years, vlogging is a more recent and arguably more engaging competitor. A blog is a website that includes stories, written events, photos, and memories. A well-designed blog is engaging and personal, which keeps readers coming back. A vlog is a video blog (hence the name), which uses video instead of written content. 

While individuals create both blogs and vlogs, companies use these platforms for content marketing as part of their marketing strategy. If you’re thinking of expanding your online presence, there are opportunities in both blogging and vlogging. Read on to learn the pros and cons of vlog vs blog. 

What Is a Vlog?

A vlog is a video diary or journal. The best vlogs make viewers feel that they are a part of the content creator’s life and share experiences with them. Vlogs are effective journaling and marketing tools for individuals as well as companies. Vlogs use platforms such as  YouTube, Viddler, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, and Instagram. YouTube is the most popular vlogging platform. 

With vlogging, increased traffic equals increased advertising revenue. In addition, vloggers can earn income through brand partnerships or sponsorship. Some vloggers also use their platform to invite followers to participate in courses, retreats, and other paid opportunities. 

What Is a Blog?

A blog is an online journal, diary, or informational site on a specific topic. Bloggers tell stories and share their expertise through writing and photos. Common blogging platforms include Hubspot, Wix, WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger. There are blogs of all sizes. Even the US government has a blog!

Bloggers can earn income through advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsorship, or brand partnerships. Bloggers can also use their platform to sell courses, retreats, and other opportunities. Generally, the more traffic a blog has, the higher the advertising income potential. But building a full-time income is possible even with a lower-traffic blog. 

5 Major Differences Between a Vlog and a Blog

Wondering about the vlog vs blog differences? Here are the major ones and how the two stack up.

1. Purpose

While blogging and vlogging may share a similar purpose, major technical differences exist. Both blogs and vlogs can act as personal diaries to give readers or viewers insight into the content creator’s life or experience. They can also act as educational or informational content on a specific topic. While vlogs are growing in popularity because they give greater insight in an active format (video versus written), the top blogs still perform well in engaging readers.  

2. Content Creation

In the vlog vs blog debate, content creation diverges greatly. While blogging promotes your writing skills and can allow you to master writing, vlogging relies on videography skills. Both platforms require storytelling skills to engage an audience. 

For blogging, you’ll need to set up a simple website and take or buy photos to build the site. However, the majority of the content depends on your writing skills. For vlogging, you’ll need a camera to take high-quality footage. Unless you already have video experience, vlog content creation can have a steeper learning curve. 

3. Platform

When considering vlog vs blog, also consider the platform you’ll need. Both have free options to get started. You can use free blogging sites like Wix and Blogger, and setting up a YouTube account is free. 

It can also be more time-consuming to run a YouTube channel than maintain a blog site, however, it’s possible to learn either. 

4. Equipment Needed

To be successful at either blogging or vlogging, you’ll need a good computer to upload content and a high-quality camera. With the increasing quality of smartphone cameras, you might be able to start either vlogging or blogging with your phone camera, but eventually, you’ll want to invest in a professional camera for vlogging. You could continue blogging without a high-quality camera if your blog doesn’t feature many photos. 

You may also need to invest in video editing or photo editing software and automation software for social media as you grow your blogging or vlogging presence. 

5. Monetization

In considering vlog vs blog, audience engagement is key for both platforms. The audience is the main reason you’ll make money through advertising and be able to secure brand partnerships or sponsorship. You can start monetizing a blog or a vlog early on and optimize so income grows as your presence grows. 

Tips to Get Started as a Blogger

If you’re ready to get started as a blogger, here are a few tips:

Establish Your Niche

Finding the intersection of what you’re good at and a larger blogging area can help your blog stand out. For example, instead of a travel blog, choose a travel blog for black women, a travel blog for families with small children, or a travel blog for yoga enthusiasts. 

Pick a Great Domain Name

Researching your domain name to find something easy to remember and easy to optimize for search engines can increase organic traffic and build blog success. 

Be Authentic

Readers will come back for useful information and your authentic voice. While anyone can write a “how-to” or “best-of list”, make your’s stand out with unique stories or ideas. Share who you are and others will be attracted to it!

Tips to Get Started as a Vlogger

If you’re ready to get started as a vlogger, here are some key tips:

Choose a Great Name

Your vlog name will initially help to attract viewers and drive traffic to your vlog. Check out what other top vloggers in your niche use, and choose similarly. You can also vlog under your own name, but it may gain traction slowly in the beginning. 

Understand Your Audience

In order to create a compelling vlog, research what people are interested in, and understand how you can deliver your expertise in a format that engages your target audience. Consider video length, format, and posting schedule to meet your audience’s needs. 

Check Current Trends

If there are trends with music or short videos, participating in these can help boost audience views and organic traffic.


Unless you’re an accomplished videographer, practice taking and editing videos to generate high-quality, compelling content. 

How Much Do You Earn as a Blogger vs a Vlogger?

Both bloggers and vloggers have similar earning potential. When starting, you might not earn anything at all. As your blog or vlog grows, you could earn $100 a month, $1,000 a month, or much more. 

Right now, YouTube advertising gives the most successful vloggers great earning potential. In addition, vlogging is growing in popularity while blogging is on the decline, so there could be greater growth potential in vlogging. However, platforms are always changing, and there is no guarantee that you could be more successful at a vlog vs blog. 

Consider Incorporating Your Vlogging/Blogging Business

A vlogger or blogger should consider formalizing their vlogging or blogging business through incorporation or by forming an LLC. This offers legal protection and establishes the business as a separate legal entity. Especially as your vlogging or blogging business grows in popularity, an LLC or corporation ensures that your personal assets are protected if the company is sued. 

To get started with the legalities of your influencer business, learn more about how to set up an LLC, LLCs for startups, influencer tax write-offs, whether you need an EIN, LLC tax rates, and how to file LLC taxes.

Final Thoughts on Vlog vs Blog

Choosing between a vlog vs blog can be difficult as both are vehicles to build an online presence, promote your company, or build a personal brand. While successful vlogs and blogs can generate high revenues, the average blog or vlog might not generate enough revenue to become a full-time career for several years. 

However, if you’re passionate about sharing your knowledge and experience online, both vlogs and blogs offer the opportunity for creative expression and professional growth. 

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When should you blog vs vlog?

The choice between a blog vs vlog depends on personal preference and skills. You can try both to grow your business.

What are the most popular types of vlogs?

The most popular types of vlogs include beauty, gaming, travel, technology, health and fitness, cooking, lifestyle, and do-it-yourself. 

Is TikTok considered a vlog?

TikTok is a type of short-form vlog that many creators use in conjunction with longer videos on YouTube. 

Should I use my real name as a blogger?

Whether you use your real name as a blogger depends on personal preference. However, using a name that readers can relate to builds credibility. 

Can everyone be a blogger?

Yes, anyone can become a blogger!

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