How to Upsell Services at Your Accounting Firm

Accounting firms rely on billable hours and return customers. Even if you’ve built a stable client base, expansion opportunities can improve client retention and offer opportunities to expand your business. Upselling and strategic partnerships offer exceptional opportunities to build new revenue streams while offering comprehensive service packages.

 Companies of all sizes use upselling, cross-selling, and partnerships to drive growth. As an accounting professional, you know that small numbers make a difference over time. Read on to learn how to upsell services at your accounting firm and generate new revenue streams in 2024. 

10 Best Practices to Upsell Your Accounting Services

Upselling accounting services can mean the same client stays with you longer or buys a premium package. For minimal additional effort, you’ve padded your bottom line. Here are some of the best practices to upsell accounting services while improving client satisfaction. 

Offer Complementary Services

Identify services that complement your core accounting offerings and present them to clients as additional solutions that can further benefit their business. Organizing your business to meet your client’s needs makes it easier to make upsells that feel like solutions.

For example, you could offer business formation services, automated billing services, registered agent services, or business compliance services, along with tax preparation or accounting services. This can position your company as a one-stop business solution for small to medium-sized businesses. While some of these services could be complementary and others paid, the idea that you’re giving clients additional value while saving them time is essential. 

Highlight the Value

Communicate the value and benefits of the additional services to clients. Are they necessary for legal or tax compliance? How much time will they save? Could these services replace a full-time accountant or any other employee? 

Provide Tailored Recommendations

Understand your client’s specific needs, goals, and preferences, and recommend upsell services that address those needs directly. You need to know your clients, their pain points, and potential growth opportunities. Whether the client wants to start a private label, transportation business, or food business, you can offer a customized business solution. 

While your firm may offer a vast array of services, targeting each client’s specific needs can demonstrate that you understand your business and have taken the time to understand theirs. This can build client trust, while customized packages that save money can improve retention. 

Package Services

Group related services together and create attractive packages that offer comprehensive solutions. For example, you could offer a business compliance package, a comprehensive accounting package, or a billing and accounts management package. 

In that way, clients know that when they choose a particular package, they’re getting everything they need for long-term success and don’t have to worry about retaining additional services. This can boost client relationships and create a win-win situation where they save more while your company earns more. doola’s white-label services can help with that. 

Offer Special Promotions or Discounts

Incentivize clients to try the upsell services by offering special promotions or discounts. For example, you could offer tax preparation services with a free or discounted accounting software subscription. 

doola offers a white-label solution for exceptional business formation and bookkeeping software to provide better services with minimal effort. When clients feel they’re getting a deal, they’re more willing to try new services that may become essential for their business operations as well as boost the accounting firm’s bottom line

Educate Clients

Investing in your clients’ education is an investment in your future business. Informative content, such as blog posts, webinars, or workshops, can help build trust and confidence in current and potential clients. Through educational materials, help clients understand why investing in these services is valuable to their core business and can potentially save them time and money. 

Involve Your Entire Team

Everyone on staff has to sell services to the clients they already have. Consider offering staff sales commissions or bonuses to motivate the team. Invest in staff education and team-building events to work towards collective goals and cultivate an environment where staff understand how to bring greater value to every client. 

Remember That Timing Matters 

In business so much comes down to timing. After the customer has expressed satisfaction with their initial purchase or while considering related options, present those with the greatest value. Likewise, if you need testimonials or reviews, ask after the client has expressed satisfaction or interest in additional services. By tailoring your response and offering to each client, you’ll deliver greater value to the customer while improving the possibility of additional sales. 

Provide Case Studies and Testimonials 

Anecdotal evidence is one of the most effective selling tools. Share success stories and testimonials from existing clients who have benefited from the “upsell” services. If possible, showcase specific company growth statistics and photos or branding to demonstrate the value of services to comparable companies and key clients. 

Follow Up and Follow Through 

After the customer accepts the upsell, ensure a seamless and smooth transition, provide any necessary support or guidance, and continue to deliver exceptional customer service. The client journey is a continuous process. Whether or not the client accepts the upsell, offering exceptional customer service and follow-up builds client trust and strong business relationships that can extend beyond a single sale. 

Increase Profitability With Extra Services

For accounting CPA firms, offering exceptional service and high-quality products for upsell can add revenue while building client trust. doola can help with exceptional bookkeeping software designed for busy founders. With doola’s white-label service, you can improve company productivity and expand offerings to new clients while offering greater value. Check out doola’s bookkeeping services to get started today! 


Why should I consider upselling services at my accounting firm?

Upselling services in your accounting firm can increase profitability and client retention, as well as expand your client base. It is a simple way to deliver greater value and potentially earn more with minimal effort. 

How can I identify which services to upsell to my clients?

To identify services to upsell clients, consider your current offerings and what else your clients might need. For example, if you already offer tax preparation services, consider adding accounting services or white-label accounting software. 

What should I do if my clients aren’t interested in upselling opportunities?

If your clients aren’t interested in upselling opportunities, consider cross-selling. And, as always, offer exceptional service and value for the products or services they’re buying. 

How can I successfully upsell services without appearing pushy or sales-oriented?

To successfully upsell services without appearing pushy, you’ll need to focus on offering value and solutions to the client’s problems, and then it won’t feel like an upsell.

Can I still upsell services even if I have a smaller accounting firm?

Yes, even smaller accounting firms can unsell services. Consider what value you can easily add, such as white labeling doola’s accounting software.

What should I do if a client is reluctant to consider upselling opportunities?

If a client is reluctant to accept an upsell offer, consider cross-selling or adding additional value to the products or services they’re already paying for. You can also consider rewards, discounts, or packaged offers so they feel they’re getting greater value. 

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