What is up, arjun from doola here with the FIFTH public investor update of 2023.

You can also read this update on Twitter and see all previous weekly updates in the MEGA THREAD:

Without further ado, lets doola it and dive in!

WoW Growth Summary ????

• ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue): $XM +3.53% (vs +2.58% last week)

• Subscribers: XK +3.66% (vs +3.5% last week)

Image Source: Startup = Growth, by @paulg

Image Source: Startup = Growth, by @paulg

Key Ask ????

• Do you know any companies or people who work in real estate who form LLCs as part of their workflow or day-to-day? Comment below / DM me!

DM me!

Team ????

• Current Full-Time Team (35)

• Hiring (Top 3 Roles): Lifecycle Email Marketer, Head of Finance, Executive Assistant

• Link to Careers Page: https://doola.com/careers

Mission ????

• Talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not.

• Our mission is to unlock the potential of human entrepreneurship and democratize access to the US financial ecosystem by empowering 1M founders globally to turn their dream idea into their dream US business.

@doolaHQ Lowlight ????

• We are moving our signup flow to a native, in-app experience, and in the interim, we have been using Typeform. The downside of this though is people are more hesitant to enter secure info on Typeform vs a native app, leading to extra CS tickets.

@doolaHQ Highlight ????

• Customer: “a friend is visiting and I mentioned doola and he just told me that his dad (non-tech profile early 60s) brought it up to him this week so congrats on good awareness here in Spain haha”


Personal Lowlight ????

• Still haven’t been able to fully carve out sacred time *daily* for my “most important task.” Good reminder to myself that even if I can’t do 2 hours every morning, getting 20 min every morning is INFINITELY better than zero.

h/t @SahilBloom for image

Personal Highlight ????

• I made the best pancakes I’ve ever made in weeks? years? ever? This is worthy of last week’s personal highlight. @KodiakCakes are delicious (note: this is NOT a sponsored post ????)

Customer Story ????

• This is the moment when I found out my Dad had a side hustle and had his own LLC (note: he formed it with someone else, not @doolaHQ but this was before we started so it’s okay ????)

Thanks & Kudos ????

• @shanesabine_ for investor intro

• @MayaBakhai for intro to newsletter for partnership

• @MJWofen for the DOUBLE PING intro

• @dunkhippo33, @chriszeoli, @caldbeckj & @pablomassanat for Formation API intros

• @jmmykwon and @businessbarista for signup flow feedback

• @litwin_sonia for the shoutout on Twitter re making taxes, and the IRS fun via TikTok

• @Loganullyott for the shoutout on Twitter (in a must-read thread on H-1B visas)

• @artivilla for INCREDIBLY helpful feedback on our dashboard, and tax advice we give

• @AlecEllin for the partnership shoutout re @ochowealth

• @selenexu1 and @weekendfund for creating this awesome SMB tech market map

And that’s a wrap!

Any feedback on this weekly update? Too long? Too short? Any questions or concerns? Any metrics you’d like to see? Please let me know and hit reply (I read every email I get) ????

See you next week ????

Tim Turner
Tim Turner
Doola Website Admin
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