arjun from doola public investor update: week 2, 2023

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arjun from doola public investor update: week 2, 2023

What is up, arjun from doola here with the second public investor update of 2023.

You can also read this update as a thread on Twitter.

Without further ado, lets doola it and dive in!

Key Ask ????

Who is the best Video “Predator” (a video producer who edits) that you know who can work full-time, in-person in NYC at our office by Madison Square Park?

$5K referral bonus for a full-time hire we make via intro!

Link to job description:

WoW Growth Summary ????

  • ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue): $XM -> +2.23% (vs +3.49% last week)
  • Subscribers: XK -> +3.62% (vs +4.88% last week)

Image Source: Startup = Growth, by @paulg

Team ????

• Current Full-Time Team (33)

• Hiring (Top 3 Roles): Head of Finance, Core Platform PM, Marketing Manager

• Link to Careers Page:

Mission ????

Talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. Our mission is to unlock the potential of human entrepreneurship and democratize access to the US financial ecosystem by empowering 1M founders around the world to turn their dream idea into their dream US business.

Company Vitals ???? [Redacted]

• Cash: $X

• Net Burn Rate: $X

• Avg. Net Burn Rate (prior 3 months): $X

• Burn Multiple [Net Burn Rate / Net New ARR]: $XK/$XK = X

• Cash / Burn Rate: X months

• Cash / Avg. Net Burn Rate (prior 3 months): X months

Metrics ???? [Redacted]

  • New Biz ARR
  • Total ARR
  • New Monthly Subs
  • Total Subs
  • RPU
  • New Net Cash Flow
  • New Gross Subscription Revenue
  • Gross Churn Rate
  • Ad Spend

@doolaHQ Highlight ????

Hosted an amazing founder meetup in Bangalore, India (the talent and startup energy in India is INSANE). Stay tuned for some awesome footage + founder interviews coming soon to a TikTok near you ????

@doolaHQ Lowlight

Blocked from launching campaigns with new affiliate partners because affiliate software wasn’t set up. For type 2 (reversible) decisions, need to make choices faster. Time wavering on which partner to use = time without volume coming in.

h/t @JeffBezos

Personal Highlight

Spent an amazing week in Bangalore, India, meeting some founders, friends, and family members. On the layover back in Ethiopia, in the airport lounge, I did my first piano recital since middle school ????

Personal Lowlight

I am consistent when it comes to inbox zero + ” if it takes <2 min, do it immediately” but I need to be better about batch-checking email per day and having clearer “next action lists” to batch process next actions. Context switching kills.

h/t @mattmochary

Customer Story ????

One of the most amazing feelings is seeing truly organic word of mouth on social.

Example here from one of @AlexHormozi’s recent LinkedIn Posts

Thanks & Kudos ????

  • @sterlingmsnow for intro to finance candidate
  • @ankitkr0 & @MotwaniSuhas for being great hosts in BLG
  • @chriszeoli for the great analogy on reducing CAC (getting lean) vs increasing ACV + logos (bulking) ????

  • Jeremy for intro to finance recruiting firm
  • @Matthewschulman for massive finance candidate recruiting advice
  • Cat for recruiting company rec
  • @pravincreates for the awesome book
  • @shanesabine_ for talent agency rec + web3 content writer rec
  • Lee for rec on PR firm
  • @vxanand for feedback on slow load times
  • Phil for rec on finance recruiting agency
  • @MayaBakhai for the shoutout on content creation

And that’s a wrap!

Any feedback on this weekly update? Too long? Too short? Any questions or concerns? Please let me know and hit reply (I read every email I get) ????

See you next week ????