How to Grow a Real Estate Business

Real estate can be a very unforgiving business. You have to chase leads endlessly for only a fraction of them to convert into sales. Learning how to grow a real estate business might not even be on an agent’s radar if they’ve not had a good start. However, those who make their way past the growing pains would ultimately find it to be a very lucrative career. 

Once business is booming, it’s only natural to consider expanding it. Real estate is one of the largest industries and barring periods of economic recession, typically tends to see sustained demand. Agents who can stick it out over the long term will generally find this business to be highly rewarding. 

13 Prove Strategies for Increasing the Success of Your Real Estate Firm

It’s natural to have the drive to succeed and grow in the business once you realize the potential of the real estate market. Your ability to spot a good deal and your expertise in selling it to clients will help you stand apart from any competitor. Since this is a very competitive business, you must always remain at the top of your game and utilize these leading strategies to ensure the success of your real estate business

Create High-Quality and Informative Content 

Content is king, as the saying goes and it holds true for the real estate market as well. You want to demonstrate to potential clients that your knowledge of the market surpasses others. They want to choose agents that have an edge as that helps them secure great deals and earn a significant return on their investment. 

Unless people know you, how will they know about the knowledge that you possess? A great way to bring your expertise to the forefront is by creating high-quality informative content. This could be in the form of a blog post, for example, where you highlight the real estate market trends for the month in the area you service. 

It could be through YouTube videos that go into a lot more detail about the type of opportunities that exist. Agents are increasingly using social media to create compelling short-form video content that captures the attention of home buyers and hooks them just enough to reach out. 

Attend or Speak at Industry Events and Conferences 

Networking is the key to success in any business and that also holds true for the real estate industry. There are plenty of conferences and industry events that take place every year where you have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders. Leverage their experience to expand your business as that cuts down your learning curve. 

If you’ve become sufficiently well established, you may also be invited to speak at one of these conferences. That’s a great way to establish your personal brand as it’s a big part of success in the real estate business. Sharing your experiences with peers bolsters your reputation in the industry and opens doors for lucrative collaborations. 

It’s vital for anyone in the real estate business to keep an eye out for these events. Plenty of them are held across the United States every year and some even overseas, which presents another great opportunity to take your real estate business international.

Build a Strong Online Presence 

A strong online presence needs to be the foundation of your marketing strategy. People will find you online far more frequently than they will off the internet. That’s just the nature of business these days. You’ll be setting yourself up for success with a strong online presence that extends to all major platforms.

This involves creating social media profiles that you update regularly with new and interesting content. Profiles with stale content don’t reflect well on you so do your best to avoid that. You also need a professional website that lists your achievements and makes it easier for people to contact you. 

You need to make sure that people searching for real estate in your market can find you online easily. Invest in search engine optimization so that when people search for a real estate agent in their area, they come across your website. Targeted advertising is another great way to put yourself in front of qualified audiences who are looking for an agent.

Collaborate With Professional Photographers and Videographers

There’s a significant visual element to real estate prospecting. The first impression is the last impression, after all. People will make up their minds about your listings within the first few seconds of seeing their photos. If the photos don’t show off the listing in the best possible light, chances are you’re not going to get many calls about it. 

Work with professional photographers to take high-quality photographs of all listings. This also shows the clients that you take your work seriously and are willing to put in the effort for the listings. It inspires confidence in your work ethic. 

Don’t sleep on the power of videos for real estate agents. It’s an important visual tool for any listing. By simply working with a professional videographer, you can deliver high-quality videos for listings and that might just be the edge you have over other agents in the area.

Implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

You’re constantly chasing leads in the real estate industry. Even after nurturing dozens of leads, you may only end up with a couple of deals. That’s just the nature of the business. There’s a better way to manage your customer relationship than just trying to wing it and that’s by investing in a CRM system. 

A real estate CRM will help you keep accurate information on all your leads and clients. You can launch drip campaigns through automatic text or emails sent over a specified period to stay top-of-mind with them. Use automation and scheduling features to timely follow up with leads. 

For example, if someone reaches out and expresses interest in a property, you can set the CRM to remind you to follow up after a couple of weeks. All the data on customers and deals will be centralized in the CRM, enabling everyone on your team to quickly access the relevant details. It’s an essential part of learning how to grow a real estate business.

Stay Active on Online Real Estate Platforms and Directories

Online real estate platforms have become a major source of leads in recent years. People tend to search for whatever they need on these platforms since they function as a centralized directory where almost every broker creates listings of the properties they have available.

It’s vital that you maintain an active presence on these platforms and directories. Create great listings for all your properties and ensure a high response rate for queries that come in through these platforms. 

This helps increase your visibility as well. The more people come across your real estate firm on these platforms, the better their perception of your market expertise becomes. It has become an important part of real estate prospecting in this day and age.

Regularly Update and Optimize Your Listings

Stale information doesn’t do anybody good. People who come across your listings will likely not reach out if they see that the listings haven’t been updated in a while. For example, if a listing was uploaded a few months ago, how will they know if the property is still available or if it’s been sold?

Outdated information reflects poorly on the way you conduct business. It tells people that you’re not concerned too much about being proactive and providing the best information to potential clients. A competitor that does just that will likely steal them away from your real estate firm in a heartbeat.

That’s why you should pay special attention to regularly updating and optimizing your listings. Make sure that the photos and videos being used are of high quality. The description and additional information give a sense of the lifestyle that clients can enjoy if they purchase that property. The content must be interesting enough to spark their curiosity.

Offer Flexible and Convenient Viewing Options

Clients like a real estate agent that provides them with flexibility. They may not always have the time to visit properties in person. You can help make their lives easier by offering flexible options such as live video walkthroughs. This would get them interested enough in the property that they may want to come down and visit it in person before making a final decision, but if that flexible option wasn’t even offered, they may not even consider that property. 

Virtual tours are another great way to bring convenience to property viewings. There’s great camera equipment on the market now that helps in making virtual tours of listings. Share that with your leads and it might just spark their curiosity enough to take things a step further. 

Many real estate agents try different things to stand out from the competition. The use of drones to capture breathtaking footage of the property, especially if it’s a large one, has increased significantly in recent years. Clients love the view these videos provide and it helps them make up their minds much more easily.

Offer Incentives for Referrals

Referrals can bring in a lot of business for a real estate agent. If you’ve helped someone find their dream home, chances are they’re going to talk about you when people they know ask them how they came upon that property. Granted, there can be better ways to generate referrals than simply relying on the generosity of your clients. 

You can offer incentives to drive more referrals. These can be in the form of closing gifts to clients. The next time someone asks them where they got that item from, they’ll inevitably mention you and likely send new leads your way. 

Another great way to get referrals is to offer incentives to anyone who sends them your way. This could be something as simple as a gift card. Sometimes, that’s all you need to get more people sending you leads.

Develop a Strong Personal Brand 

There’s been a real push in the real estate industry for agents to develop a strong personal brand. You’ll notice that some of the most high-performing agents have a solid personal brand and often global name recognition, even in markets where they don’t offer services

It’s the perfect way to set yourself apart from the competition. Social media has made it all the more important to have a personal brand. Let people find you and see how you’re able to help clients find their dream properties. 

A solid brand elevates you to a whole different level in the real estate industry. People start to seek you out by name because they have confidence in your abilities. Doing this takes time but it’s certainly worth it.

Invest in Professional Staging and Interior Design Services 

You aren’t just selling a property, you’re selling a lifestyle! People need to be able to envision what their life will be like when they live in a property that you’re selling. Whether that’s lounging by the fireplace in a cozy chair or soaking up the sun by the pool.

Bare rooms and empty walls will hardly convey that lifestyle. The properties you show them must look exceptional and that’s only possible when you work with professional staging and interior design services. They will bring your vision to life and show clients what it would be like to live on that property. 

It tends to be a costly affair but it’s an important part of real estate prospecting. People need those visual cues before they commit to a property. An empty home isn’t going to evoke the same feelings in them and they may become convinced that it’s not the place for them.

Stay Responsive and Accessible to Clients

Be mindful of the fact that your clients are making a big financial decision. There may be moments where they require hand-holding or some talking so that whatever it is they’re jittery about can be sorted out. 

Clients who find themselves in that state of mind wouldn’t appreciate it if they can’t get a hold of their real estate agent. The last thing you’d want is to give them the impression that you don’t care about finding them the perfect home, because that’s precisely what they’d think if they can’t get in touch with you. 

Be proactive in maintaining an open line of communication with your clients. Remain accessible to them so that all their questions and concerns can be resolved quickly and they feel well taken care of.

Collaborate With Local Influencers Or Bloggers 

Reaching out to influencers or bloggers in your area can be a great way to let people know that you’re in the business and that they can come to you for their real estate needs. For example, you can work with them to showcase new listings or discuss emerging trends.

Anything that highlights your expertise and skill helps. The local influencers can help amplify that, enabling people in the community to find out that you can help them with their search. Most people are happy to support local business owners in their community.

Think of this as an outreach program to establish your credentials in the community. It’s an effective way of showcasing your skills and growing awareness about your business which will eventually bring in more leads.

Don’t Let Bookkeeping Become a Headache for Your Real Estate Business

It can feel a bit too much to juggle dozens of clients, open houses, property viewings, and deals. The most effective use of your time is when you’re doing something that helps you make sales. Manually bookkeeping can hardly be categorized as that. Rather, it’s going to be a headache as you know it’s taking vital time away from what matters the most.

Save yourself from that stress by relying on doola Bookkeeping. It’s a one-stop solution for managing all the financial needs of your business. Enjoy complete control over your business finances with effortless financial management that also helps simplify tax reporting. Imagine the deals you could close with all the time doola saves you!


How important is social media in growing a real estate business?

Social media is very important for growing a real estate business. It’s one of the main ways people discover new properties these days. A strong personal brand on social media can also bring in more leads for your business.

How can I generate leads and referrals in the competitive real estate market?

You can generate more leads in the competitive real estate market by focusing on building a strong marketing strategy that includes a solid social media presence as well. Offering incentives such as closing gifts is another way to generate more referrals through word of mouth.

What are some effective strategies for converting leads into closed deals?

Consistent follow-up is a very effective strategy for converting leads, as you gradually guide someone toward the deal by helping them throughout the process. Finding properties that help elevate your clients’ lifestyles is also helpful for converting leads into closed deals.

How can I differentiate myself from other real estate agents in order to stand out and attract clients?

You can differentiate yourself from other real estate agents by building a strong personal brand as that would help improve your visibility in the highly competitive market. How available and receptive you are to customers is another element to be mindful of when trying to stand out from the crowd.

How crucial is networking and building relationships to grow a successful real estate business?

It’s important to build a strong network and lasting relationships as they contribute significantly to the success of a real estate business. The bigger and better the network, the more leads you’ll receive and the higher your chances of converting them into closed deals.

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