How to Grow a Consulting Business

Often, people who dedicate their lives to growing others’ businesses forget one of the most important things: you need to continue to grow your own business as well. Starting a consulting business and maintaining it means constantly growing and improving. At doola, we can help you learn how to grow a consulting business. 

14 Time-Tested Tips for Growing Your Consulting Firm 

Whether you have a competitor that seems more visible and therefore has more clients, or you find that people are reluctant to reach out to you because they don’t know much about your services, knowing the right strategies for how to grow a consulting business can help. 

1. Build a Stronger Online Presence

Most people use search engines to find the businesses, experts, and services they need. If you don’t have a website or a social media presence, it’s increasingly difficult to get clients.

It’s not enough, however, just to have a basic website or social media accounts. If potential clients can’t find your site on the first page of search engine results, they’re less likely to find you at all. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) strategies come into play. 

SEO strategies help you achieve higher rankings on the result pages by using keywords that help the search engines realize you’re offering quality content that is valuable to consumers. You have to offer quality content and not just input keywords randomly into the text. 

The more reliable content you create, the more chances consumers have to discover your business. Your social media accounts are important for this as well. You want to target the right demographics and keep them interested in what your business offers. 

2. Network With Other Professionals in Your Field

There are three basic areas that you have to cover when building the kind of relationships that can help your business grow: strengthen your current business relationships, build new relationships via referrals, and build new relationships through outreach. 

Remember that it’s not enough to briefly connect online. You have to build real relationships. Networking functions as a bridge to potential clients and can open doors to partnerships. Some effective ways of networking with other professionals are to attend industry-specific events and join online communities. 

3. Utilize Email Marketing 

Email marketing is a marketing strategy that involves sending emails to your target audience. It can be one of the most effective ways of converting people interested in your services into clients.  

If you want to start an LLC that draws loyal customers, building brand awareness is essential. Email marketing lets you build brand awareness while helping you create targeted campaigns. With this strategy, you can build a strong subscriber base that doesn’t depend on someone else’s platform, like social media sites. 

4. Offer Free Consultations or Strategy Sessions 

Another great growth strategy is to offer free consultations or strategy sessions. They allow you to start building trust with potential clients while establishing yourself as an expert in your field. 

Free consultations also encourage people to reach out to a newer business without the risk of spending money. These consultations can increase brand awareness and can also offer valuable insight into the needs of your target client base, making it easier to create better marketing campaigns in the future. 

5. Collaborate With Complementary Businesses 

Collaborating with complementary businesses offers the chance to expand your network. You can get access to potential customers who may benefit from your services while building brand awareness.

Collaborating also provides opportunities for referrals, which are vital for all businesses, especially the new ones. 

6. Collect Testimonials and Reviews From Satisfied Clients 

Most people will read reviews from previous clients before deciding to work with a business they’re unfamiliar with. By collecting testimonials and reviews, you’re increasing trust and allowing customers to understand what they can expect if they hire you. 

Testimonials and reviews can also show how you were able to solve a specific problem for a client while also humanizing your brand so that customers are better able to connect with your services. 

7. Offer Specialized Services or Packages to Target Specific Markets 

By offering specialized services, you’re better able to match specific customer needs. This makes marketing easier, allowing you to target pain points more efficiently. 

Targeting specific markets also makes it easier for you to become an expert in your field, giving you the potential to become the go-to person for a specific problem or type of client. 

8. Provide Exceptional Customer Service 

It’s crucial that customers know they can turn to you with any concerns they have and that you will be ready to help resolve the issues. The quality of your customer service impacts client retention and loyalty and affects whether a client will recommend you to others. 

9. Build a Referral Program 

Customer referral programs make it easier to gain new customers while retaining existing ones. A referral program builds brand awareness without requiring a huge marketing campaign. Instead, you rely on existing clients to spread the word about your business. 

Referral programs also increase customer trust and credibility. If a customer gets a referral from someone they trust, they will likely take up that recommendation.

10. Offer Free Training or Workshops 

Free training or workshops help build brand awareness and establish that you’re an expert in your field. You can build your reputation and get exposure, which will let you reach a larger audience. 

11. Develop Case Studies or Success Stories

Case studies and success stories can be powerful tools that help build credibility and trust in your services. Having success stories allows potential clients to see how you helped another client through their unique challenges, from beginning to end. 

Make sure to highlight the outcome that your services helped to deliver. Make it clear how your business made a difference. 

12. Stay Up-To-Date With Industry Trends

The consulting industry is always changing and updating itself and turning to newer and more efficient ways of helping clients. Not only does staying up-to-date help you provide better services and make better decisions for your clients, but it also signals that you’re at the leading edge of the consulting field. 

Staying up-to-date also lets you stay ahead of the curve. You can anticipate changes in the industry and take steps to adapt to them. 

13. Collaborate With Influencers or Industry Leaders

Industry leaders and influencers are seen as sources of trust. If you collaborate with them, you’re immediately gaining the trust of potential clients. You also gain access to customer bases you may not have been able to reach before. Collaborating with someone who has a large base is also cost-effective. 

By working with people who have been able to build a brand for themselves, you can gain marketplace insight. You can see what works and what doesn’t from someone who’s succeeded at getting their name out there. 

14. Offer Ongoing Support or Client Resources 

Gaining new clients is always more expensive than getting existing clients to engage with you again. This is one of the biggest reasons to maintain client loyalty. 

For existing clients, continue offering support and resources so you maintain a connection with them. You keep them engaged with your brand while boosting customer service. 

Expand Your Consulting Business with doola

Building your consulting business from the ground up can seem complicated, but with the right team and the right tools, you can get your brand up and running quickly. 

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What are some effective networking techniques to grow my consulting business?

You can turn to social media and other online sources, like blogs, or you can choose in-person networking. These typically involve going to conferences and even partnering with other industry professionals.  Networking is especially important if you’re trying to start a business with no money, as it will enable you to put down roots and develop valuable connections.

How do I determine the right pricing structure for my consulting services?

The pricing structure usually depends on various factors, including your client base, expertise, and current market conditions. Most consultants, however, benefit from a combination of hourly or project-based pricing and value-based pricing. 

What are some proven methods to increase client retention and satisfaction in a consulting business?

Providing ongoing customer service is crucial for client retention and satisfaction. You can also turn to referral programs, encouraging clients to recommend your services to others while also getting a reward for their efforts. Email marketing is another helpful strategy, which lets you keep your customer base updated on all your services. 

What are the key metrics and indicators I should track to measure the growth of my consulting business?

Key performance indicators (KPIs) in consulting include customer satisfaction scores, which you can track by conducting surveys and interviews and monitoring reviews. You also want to track customer retention, which can be done by analyzing contract renewal data.  It’s also crucial to track sales conversion rates, which measure how many leads turn into clients. You can track this by analyzing sales data. Keep an eye on your revenue growth and profit margin as well. 

How can I leverage social media to promote my consulting services?

To get the most out of social media, choose one or two platforms and create a cohesive brand voice. Focus on the quality of the content, not just its quantity. Share success stories and valuable insights into the industry. 

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