How to Get More Clients for Your Business

Building a strong customer base can result in stable company revenue. While acquiring new clients is essential for growth, it’s low on the list of priorities for many small business owners and professionals. Consider the strategies below if you’re looking for new approaches to reach more clients. 

From adding value to increasing visibility, read on for tried and true strategies for how to get more clients for your company this year. 

13 Effective Strategies for Growing Your Clientele

Wondering how to get more clients? Whether you have a recruitment business, a cleaning business, a plumbing business, a photography business, or any other company, there are simple strategies to expand your reach this year. You can try these strategies individually or use a multi-pronged approach to accelerate growth. 

1. Offer Referral Incentives to Current Clients

Referral incentives for existing clients are the foundation of many companies’ growth strategies, as word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools. Consider bonus points, loyalty rewards, or discounts for each referral. You can also ask for referrals from happy customers who already know and love your business to create organic buzz. 

2. Utilize Social Media Platforms 

Related to referrals, using social media to interact directly with your target audience can help drive growth. Consider posting frequently, research target keywords, and respond to comments to reach a larger audience. Need more inspiration? Competitor research is a powerful tool on social media. Check what your competitors post, including keywords, and then consider what more you can offer. 

When happy customers post on social media, be sure to repost and share it. And remember to reply to both positive and negative comments to build engagement. 

3. Attend Networking Events

Networking events can be an opportunity to build horizontal industry collaborations while also meeting potential clients. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about new industry developments and growth. Through presentations or collaboration, you can develop relationships that could offer new avenues for business growth and even establish your industry leadership. 

4. Collaborate With Complementary Businesses

Consider working with complementary businesses to create a more comprehensive offering for clients to drive growth. For example, if you offer massage therapy, consider working with a chiropractor, physical therapist, sports medicine doctor, or even a local yoga studio. When you collaborate, both businesses can grow together. This is also a key strategy to improve law firm profitability or combine several highly skilled services in one place.  

5. Create a Compelling and Professional Website

A business without an SEO-optimized, professional, and compelling website in 2024 is not primed for success. If someone sees a social media post or advertisement or reads a testimonial about your business, they’ll likely look for your website. Without a strong website, you’ll lose clients before they seriously consider your products. A poorly optimized, low-quality website can also mean unnecessary client losses. 

You can use a free template and stock images for a low-cost solution if you don’t have a professional website. Better yet, hire a professional to design one for you and optimize it for keywords related to your business to increase organic search rankings. 

6. Implement Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies can increase the visibility of your website and social media posts to new clients. SEO can build organic reach through basic strategies like keyword research and optimizing web page load timing. 

To start, consider posting a blog on your website and researching hashtags or keywords for the website and main social media platforms. You can work with an SEO professional to optimize site load times and ensure other SEO best practices, like meta and image descriptions, are on the site. 

7. Offer Special Promotions or Discounts

Everyone loves a discount! Specials or discounts can be a practical solution to attract new clients and incentivize new purchases from existing clients. Consider a low-cost loss leader that could drive additional sales. 

8. Utilize Online Advertising Platforms

Online advertising on Google, Facebook, Amazon, or other platforms can also drive business sales and expand reach to new clients. Consider hiring a marketing professional or split-testing ads with a limited budget until you find targeted ads that offer a good ROI for your products or services. 

9. Maximize Email Marketing Campaigns 

While bulk emails are largely ignored, email marketing is still a powerful strategy to drive sales. The old adage “out of sight, out of mind” holds true! You can stay at the forefront of potential clients’ minds through regular, useful email messages that include tips, company updates, or links to the latest blog post on your website. 

For effective email marketing, most emails don’t need to sell anything. With repeated exposure, subscribers may become customers or repeat customers. 

10. Offer Free Consultations Or Initial Assessments 

Consider offering free consultations or an initial assessment if you have a high-ticket product or service. By giving something initially, you’ll have the chance to reach a greater number of people, which, in turn, can increase overall conversions. 

For this strategy to be effective, you’ll need to offer greater value or personalized advice than clients can usually find online. Consider also offering a comprehensive consultation that uses your products or services and others to meet potential clients’ needs. 

11. Seek Out Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements can be a powerful option to establish industry expertise and increase awareness of your company. Consider speaking at industry conferences and events, as well as at events attended by your target audience. You can also offer local presentations at community centers or events to give back to your community while offering valuable insight and business exposure. 

12. Take Advantage of Online Directories and Review Platforms

Numerous industry-specific online directories and review platforms exist. You can optimize your presence on these sites by filling out all allowed information and claiming the site. Then, be sure to respond to both positive and negative reviews to build customer trust and engagement. 

You can also use online directories and review platforms to network with other professionals and find new organizations for possible collaboration. 

13. Collect and Publicize Client Testimonials 

Client testimonials and anecdotal success stories are some of the most powerful tools you use to build customer trust. A compelling story does more to reach the hearts and minds of people than even clever advertising. To maximize these testimonials, highlight them on your website, social media, and in email marketing campaigns. 

Get More Clients This Year

Expanding company reach to new clients requires a multi-pronged approach and consistency. Advertising, SEO, and email campaigns are the foundation of many marketing campaigns. But fundamentally, you’ll need to understand your target clients, their unique needs, and how your company can solve their problems better than competitors. 

While working to build your business, make sure you have the legal structures in place to protect your company and your personal assets. Get doola formation and compliance services to help with all aspects of formation and long-term compliance so you can focus on building your core business and improving client offerings. 


How long does it take to start seeing results in terms of getting more clients?

The time it takes to start seeing results to get more clients varies by marketing strategy, industry, and company. You could start seeing results in as little as a month, but in some cases, it may take six months to a year to see the results of a long-term marketing strategy. 

How important is branding in getting more clients?

Branding is important for building client trust and recognition. Establishing your unique branding can make it easier for clients to distinguish your product from competitors. Think of iconic brands like Nike or Starbucks: everyone can instantly recognize them, building trust and increasing brand loyalty.  

How can I differentiate myself from competitors to attract more clients?

To differentiate yourself from competitors and attract more customers, consider unique marketing strategies, from social media campaigns to client referral bonuses. In addition, consider your target market, their unique pain points, and how your company can solve them better than competitors. 

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