How to Grow a Plumbing Business

All over the United States, plumbers are in high demand both because of the continuous construction of new homes and buildings as well as everyday repair needs. Despite this, it can be tough to start and build a plumbing business. If you’re looking for how to grow a plumbing business, some crucial strategies discussed below can help. 

10 Growth Strategies for Your Plumbing Company

When finding answers for how to grow a plumbing business, you want to focus on a combination of strategies to target the various types of potential and existing clients. Let’s take a look at the tips that can help grow your plumbing business:

1. Expand Your Service Offerings

Your plumbing business has to offer more than standard services. Many plumbers also provide specialized handyman services like drain cleaning, maintenance plans, and pipe repairs. 

One of the best options to grow your company is to offer emergency services. Emergency services are some of the most pressing plumbing needs, so you can remain competitive and offer what others in the area may not provide. 

2. Provide Free Estimates

Potential clients often need estimates to compare rates with other companies they may be considering. What’s more important to know: people don’t want to pay for estimates. 

Offering free estimates allows clients to budget effectively and it also allows contractors the chance to have a financial blueprint for a project. They help foster trust between you and the client. 

A free estimate should consider labor costs, with your rates as well as that of other members of your team depending on experience, material costs, necessary permits, and potential challenges. If the building is old or it’s tough to access the work area, you have to include that in your fee. 

3. Offer Flexible Payment Options

A plumbing business can fail even if it’s making a profit. This occurs if you don’t have a steady cash flow, which can occur if your clients are not paying on time. One way to fix this is to offer flexible payment options. 

Flexible payment options allow your clients to get the services they need and pay for them in the way that’s most convenient for them. You can provide installment plans or deferred payments, depending on what works for your business. It’s helpful to also offer the chance to pay with cash, credit cards, and checks.

You should also be able to accept mobile payment options, which can be faster and more reliable than other methods. 

4. Develop a Customer Loyalty Program

Growing your business is not just about getting new clients but about retaining the ones you have. One way to do this is by developing a customer loyalty program. These kinds of programs offer discounts and rewards for returning clients. You can offer incentives like discounts on yearly plumbing check-ups and other similar options. 

Some loyalty programs require clients to pay a small sign-up fee, while others don’t. Decide on what would work best with your clients. 

5. Implement a Referral Program

Another great way to find new clients is to offer referral programs for your existing clients. You can give discounts and other incentives to those who recommend your services, allowing you to get new clients without having to spend money on marketing. 

People are more likely to turn to a business if they get a recommendation from someone they trust, so this can be a great strategy. 

6. Build Relationships With Contractors and Builders

When looking for how to grow a plumbing business substantially, turning to builders and contractors is one of the most effective options. Every home, office building, or skyscraper being built needs the services of a plumber, so building a relationship with builders and contractors gets your foot in the door. 

Make sure to offer free estimates for them as well. Transparency is important for contractors and builders because it allows them to budget accordingly and offer their own estimates to their clients. 

You want to make yourself available to contractors and builders and perhaps offer discounted rates for the first time they hire you. All these things help build trust and encourage them to turn to you again when they need a plumber. 

7. Attend Local Networking Events or Trade Shows

Networking is essential for a plumbing business, as is staying up-to-date on the latest technologies, products, and services. If there are new trends, trade shows and other networking events offer the chance to understand them and prepare for what your clients may potentially want in the future. 

These events also offer educational opportunities. Industry leaders can present strategies and techniques that you can apply to your plumbing business. They may demonstrate new technologies in the industry that can streamline tasks and make your business more efficient. 

Additionally, these events allow you to build your network. The larger your network, the better your chances of getting referrals and recommendations. 

8. Partner With Local Businesses for Cross-Promotion

Another great way to get new clients is to turn to cross-promotion strategies. You can turn to local home improvement businesses or hardware stores, where the staff can recommend your services if a customer needs plumbing services. Some businesses offer discounts on plumbing products if the customer hires their recommended plumber. 

Choose to cross-promote with a business that offers complementary services. The results can be even better if the other business has a good social media presence so that you can get more online exposure, too.

9. Boost Online Marketing and Branding Efforts

There’s no question that having a strong online presence is essential for any business. That includes a plumbing business and other solopreneur businesses. People tend to search for local businesses online first, so you need to invest in online marketing and branding efforts. 

Local Directories

Local directories are sites that collect business information and make it available in a convenient bundle that potential clients can turn to. These sites give you more online visibility while ensuring that local people can find you when they need you. 

Social Media Platforms

Social media allows you to share information on the services you offer while also engaging with potential clients in real-time. You can also offer discounts, provide tips, and post all kinds of other content that keep people interested in your business. 

Professional Website

You should invest in a professional website. This is the place where most people will turn to when looking for information on the services you offer and what your rates are. You can offer tips, educational resources, and other relevant content. You should have a site that is easy to navigate and works on mobile devices. 

For people to be able to find your business more easily online, you would want to turn to search engine optimization techniques. These use keywords to help your site rank higher in search engines, especially Google. Make sure to optimize your site with local keywords as well. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing helps you stay in touch with previous clients or with those who have shown an interest in your services. Email marketing effectively drives sales and increases traffic to your website or social media. Remember to personalize these emails as much as you can. 

10. Hire and Train Your Staff

As your business grows, you may need to hire staff. It’s crucial to train them so that they can provide the same quality of services that you do. You want your clients to always know they are getting the services they’re accustomed to, even if it’s not you personally providing them. 

Expand Your Plumbing Business with doola

If you’re searching for ways to grow your plumbing business, consider everything from developing a customer loyalty program to having a strong online presence. 

For those who have just started their company or who want to see it grow, doola can help. We can help set up your LLC or C-Corporation, and we also provide tax assistance. Our bookkeeping services are another important tool if you’d like more control over your business finances. 

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What role does SEO play in growing a plumbing business?

SEO is a powerful tool for all businesses. Since people first search online for what they need, you need your website to rank as high up in search results as possible, and that’s what SEO helps you do. 

How can I differentiate my plumbing business from competitors?

For your business to stand out, you should consider offering various services. You can provide pipe repairs, emergency services, drain cleanings, and much more. You also want to ensure you provide free estimates and create a strong brand identity that clients can associate with.

What opportunities are there for expanding a plumbing business into new markets?

You can consider expanding into commercial plumbing services. These allow you to branch out into restaurants, hotels, and more. You would also want to consider working with contractors and expanding your geographical area by collaborating with other businesses that provide complementary services.  

How important is customer service in growing a successful plumbing business?

Providing excellent customer service is essential for retaining clients as well as getting them to recommend your services to others. It builds trust and promotes client satisfaction, which impacts how your plumbing business is seen in the area and how successfully it grows. 

What tools or technologies can help streamline operations and improve efficiency in a plumbing business?

Bookkeeping tools are important when expanding your business. Customer relationship management solutions and communication tools can also help streamline operations and improve efficiency in a plumbing business. 

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