Best Tax Software for Tax Preparers

The software that you use to prepare your clients’ income tax returns is of vital importance. They rely on you to ensure that their tax filings are fully compliant. It’s only by using the best tax software for tax preparers can you make that possible, as it would have all the functionality you need to give them that peace of mind.

You need to cover all the bases for your clients as a tax professional. No matter how complex their tax return might be, it’s your job to adapt to their tax situation and prepare returns that ensure they don’t run into any problems down the line. Naturally, you’d want only the best software to assist you in this crucial task.

7 Best Tax Software for Tax Preparers

Here are 7 of the best tax software for a certified public accountant and tax preparer with specialized features that can help them do their job effectively.


doola is the preferred choice of many tax preparers due to its powerful functionality, intuitive user interface, and ease of navigation. It provides access to all relevant tax forms and expert assistance for any IRS filing. Tax professionals particularly love doola’s white label solution which enables them to extend the tax software to their clients under their own branding.

From preparing and filing all tax forms to even filing for non-US residents, doola does it all. Pricing plans for doola start at $300 per month or $1,999 per year and include a dedicated account manager for enhanced support.

Pros of doola

  • Intuitive user interface
  • White label support
  • Ability to file for non-US residents

Cons of doola

  • Higher upfront cost
  • Additional fee for state filing
  • Limited professional training

Intuit ProSeries Tax

Intuit ProSeries Tax is a leading software for tax preparers, which helps them swiftly prepare and fire returns while also creating their own end-to-end tax workflow. It’s a customizable tax software with support for third-party app integrations as well. It’s suited for small to mid-sized firms that provide tax services to individuals and small businesses. Pricing starts at $409 per return or $2,129 for the complete 1040 option.

Pros of Intuit ProSeries Tax

  • Seamless integration with QuickBooks
  • Support for most IRS forms
  • Cloud-based hosting solution

Cons of Intuit ProSeries Tax

  • Expensive compared to other services
  • No white label solution
  • Conversion of old tax files to Pro Series can suffer issues

Drake Tax

Drake Tax continues to be a highly regarded software solution for tax professionals serving small and mid-size businesses. Its features prioritize fast and efficient tax return preparation. Features include return archiving, amortization schedules, automated data flows, the ability to evaluate taxes for several years, and more. 

Clients have the option to automatically approve documents for submission. Pricing starts at $300 for pay-per-return or $1,395 for the unlimited version.

Pros of Drake Tax

  • Prioritizes speed and efficiency
  • Multiple auto-file options offered
  • Greater ease of electronic filing

Cons of Drake Tax

  • Can have trouble with larger client rosters
  • Lack of third-party integrations
  • No support for other accounting software

TaxSlayer Pro

The professional version of the TaxSlayer accounting software was developed in collaboration with accounting professionals. Its features reflect their input, such as the ability to get live support with wait times of less than one minute even during peak tax periods. 

It supports unlimited electronic filing in all 50 states and provides enhanced features such as a client management portal, a mobile app, and paperless support. Pricing starts at $1,495 for the basic package and $1,595 for the Premium package.

Pros of TaxSlayer Pro

  • Uses cloud computing for device-agnostic access
  • Competitively priced against rivals
  • Mobile app support

Cons of TaxSlayer Pro

  • May face issues with templating
  • Real-time messaging hiccups
  • Advanced features only available on higher tiers


Supporting free data import from your previous software, UltimateTax provides much of the same functionality, such as auto backup of returns, e-signature, client notes, tax form defaults, real-time refund monitor and more. 

It’s a useful solution for tax preparers that have high volumes or multiple locations. Pricing for the Pay-Per-Return tier starts at $15 per return and $288 per year, going as high as $888 per year for the full 1040 and corporate filings.

Pros of UltimateTax

  • Free data import
  • Lower price compared to other software
  • Free unlimited e-filing

Cons of UltimateTax

  • No mobile app support
  • Filing fee on lowest tier
  • Interactive dashboard only on higher tiers

CCH Axcess Tax

Aimed at professional firms of all sizes, CCH Axcess Tax is a fully integrated and scalable tax preparation software developed primarily for the cloud. Its features are designed to help you prepare high-quality, accurate returns and keep e-file rejections to a minimum. Its Tax Batch Manager saves time by automating batch calculations, printing, and filing. Pricing for this software is not publicly disclosed.

Pros of CCH Axcess Tax

  • Designed specifically for cloud computing
  • Great for preparing very large volumes of returns
  • Contains all necessary forms

Cons of CCH Axcess Tax

  • Not recommended for beginners in the field
  • Requires training to extract full potential
  • Pricing not made public


ATX Tax is best for small to mid-sized firms that file corporate and personal tax returns. It has an intuitive, forms-based interface that’s backed by the industry’s largest liability. The easy-to-navigate design helps quickly process and e-file returns. Support for third-party integrations helps import data easily into the software. Pricing starts at $979 for the basic ATX 1040 package and goes up to $5,439 for the ATX Advantage tier.

Pros of ATX Tax

  • Over 6,000 tax compliance forms available
  • Best for beginners in the industry
  • Useful third-party integrations

Cons of ATX Tax

  • Expensive compared to other software
  • Integrations can often face hiccups
  • Support can be lacking

Features to Look for in Tax Software for Tax Preparers

While there’s no shortage of the best tax software for tax preparers, your focus should be on picking the one that best suits the needs of your business. Some solutions are best suited to large firms while others have been developed with small firms in mind. Depending on your unique needs, these are the features you should look for in tax software:

Comprehensive Tax Form Library

You can’t effectively file a tax return for a client if the software you use doesn’t have a comprehensive tax form library. The reason why the client is coming to you to file their return in the first place is that they want professional assistance. They’ll come with the assumption that you’ll handle all the forms and paperwork required. If the software doesn’t help you with that, it’s going to prevent you from properly dealing with your customer requirements.

Advanced Tax Calculations and Algorithms

Clients will reach out to you if their returns are complicated. There are already many free solutions available for them if their returns are fairly straightforward. Complicated returns require more diligence and it’s best to rely on software that has the algorithms required to handle advanced calculations. That’s going to help avoid any audit notices for the client down the line.

Efficient Data Import and Export Capabilities

As a certified public accountant, you’ll be dealing with data from a large number of clients. That’s going to be a lot of data for you to sort through. A tax software that has efficient data import and export features will make your life much easier. You’ll be able to bring massive amounts of data into the software with just a few clicks and export it with similar ease.

Secure Data Storage and Protection

Clients trust you with their personal and financial data with the expectation that you’ll take all reasonable steps to ensure that it remains secure. Thoroughly research the data security credentials of the software you choose so that you can rest assured that the solution you’re relying on isn’t going to cause that data to be leaked.

Extensive Reporting and Analysis Capabilities

Choose an advanced tax preparation software that has considerable reporting and analysis functionality. It’s only going to make your life easier if you can automate as much of this as possible. You can more effectively guide clients about their tax obligations and provide expert advice on how best they can structure their business to achieve more efficiency.

Integration with Electronic Filing Systems

The software you choose must be integrated with the electronic filing systems of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and other tax authorities. This will speed up the workflow as tax returns can then be quickly submitted once the clients have signed off on them.

Excellent Customer Support and Training Options

You can’t hold up the tax return filings of clients if there’s something wrong with the software or you need assistance figuring out a particular function. Opt for a software provider that has demonstrated consistent excellent customer support and detailed training options so that you can get the help you require even during peak tax season. 

Supercharge Efficiency In Your Tax Preparation Business with doola

doola’s white label tax software is a great option for tax preparers. You get a vast library of forms suitable for all types of returns, effortless annual state and tax filings, the ability to file for non-US residents, and more.

The guarantee of 24/7 live customer support ensures that help is always available whenever you need it. Choose doola as your tax preparation software today and experience how it can supercharge efficiency in your business.


How does the cost of different tax software options compare?

The cost of different tax software options varies significantly depending on the type of software, whether it’s meant for large or small firms, the type of functionality it offers, and more. Professional software for tax preparers tends to be on the expensive side.

Can the tax software handle complex tax situations, such as self-employment income or rental properties?

Professional tax software can handle both simple and complex tax situations, as they’re meant for service providers who help clients with their complex tax returns. That’s a fundamental requirement for the software.

Is the software user-friendly and easy to navigate?

The user-friendliness and ease of navigation depend on the specific software but generally, that remains a major area of focus for the developers, as they aim to make it easy for the tax professional to prepare the returns.

Can the software import tax information from other sources, such as accounting software or previous tax returns?

Most professional tax software can import information from other sources, like accounting software or previous returns, as that’s crucial in preparing comprehensive returns that are unlikely to be rejected.

Does the software offer error-checking features to help identify potential mistakes or missed deductions?

Error-checking features are included in many tax software as they’re important in helping the tax preparer file properly completed returns that won’t cause any problems for their clients in the future.

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