How to Open a US Business Bank Account?

In this blog post, we’ll be walking you through the essential documents needed to open a US business bank account from anywhere globally, whether or not you have a US social security number.

You’ll need:

  • Articles of Organization

  • EIN verification letter

  • Government ID

Let’s dive into each one.

Articles of Organization

When starting your business in the US, the first document you’ll need is your Articles of Organization.

Think of it as your business’s birth certificate, received upon the successful formation of your company—whether it’s an LLC or a C-Corp.

EIN Verification Letter

Next up is the Employer Identification Number (EIN) and its verification letter.

Your EIN is akin to your business’s social security number, a unique identifier at the federal level. This is essential for opening up a US business bank account.

This is how you can apply for an EIN:

  • Complete Form SS-4: This is your application to apply for an EIN.

  • Online application: If you have a US social security number, you can apply online.

Government ID

To open a US business bank account, having a government ID is crucial.

If you’re in the United States, most banks accept a driver’s license or passport. For international entrepreneurs, a passport is typically required. Make sure it’s valid before you start the application process.

Additional information

In addition to these documents, banks are likely to ask for other information like:

  • What’s your business name?

  • What does your business do?

  • How long has your business been in business?

The reason why banks ask these questions is because they use a process known as KYC (Know Your Customer), which helps them to figure out if it is a legitimate person and a legitimate business.

The good news is if you submit these documents and you’re running a legitimate business, there is no reason the bank will not accept your application.

Something you should check for is if your company is on a restricted list of countries that banks cannot work with, and also make sure that you are not building a business that is on the bank’s restricted business list, like adult entertainment or gambling.

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Suhailul Aslam
Suhailul Aslam
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