Formation, Finances, and Federal Taxes

Calendar IconDecember 21, 2023

Time Icon1:00 pm - 2:00 pm ET

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Whether you’re forming a company for the first time, or busy scaling for growth, join Arjun (Founder & CEO, doola) and Alex Lasnik (Strategic partnerships, Mercury) as they break down critical aspects of the Big Three:

  • Formation: When and how to form a business, which entity makes sense for you, and in which state

  • Finances: Why you’ll need a U.S. business bank account and good bookkeeping software

  • Federal Taxes: Staying 100% compliant and prepared for filing taxes all year, and year-end tips for preparing for the upcoming filing deadline

Summary of the event

Choosing Between LLC and C Corp

Choosing between an LLC and a C Corporation depends on the business’s needs, such as venture capital requirements and the scale of operations. The choice significantly impacts the company’s structure, tax implications, and potential for growth.

State Formation and the Debate Between Wyoming and Delaware

When it comes to state formation: form in your resident state or, for C Corps, opt for Delaware. However, for LLCs outside the resident state, Wyoming presents a cost-effective and entrepreneur-friendly option, especially for online businesses.

Mercury: A Modern Solution for Business Banking

Mercury is a fintech solution offering comprehensive banking services, from checking and savings accounts to credit solutions and treasury management, all accessible online globally. Mercury stands out for its support to international founders, simplifying the banking process irrespective of the founder’s location.


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Arjun Mahadevan

Founder & CEO, doola

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Alex Lasnik

Strategic partnerships, Mercury

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