We had the opportunity to chat with doola entrepreneur, Calvin Hamilton, Director of Social Media for SERHANT to learn more about his company and his experience with doola. 

doola Customer Success Stories: Meet doola entrepreneur Calvin Hamilton

Calvin Hamilton’s Bio

Calvin is the Director of Social Media for SERHANT, the most followed real estate brand in the world. This company is a powerful platform for real estate buyers, sellers, and developers alike—enabling anyone to amplify their reach and ultimately achieve their end goal in this industry.

Apart from that, Calvin also balances his time for other endeavors. He currently serves as an advisor for agencies like getbuyerleads.io and notus, co-founder of The Commute, founder & CEO of createcontent.io. 

Being a man of many skills and talents, Calvin needed a service that would complement his fast-paced entrepreneurial style. This led him to discover doola.

“I’m a huge fan of the service that doola offers… and it’s also significantly cheaper than something like [other competitors] which is gonna charge you $900 for an LLC somewhere…”

Before doola existed, Calvin worked with one of our competitors. He found that their services were, in his words, “a bit clunkier” and harder to figure out. But what happened next would change his fortunes!

“But then once I found out about doola, I then re-registered my LLC there and honestly, there was a night-and-day difference compared to doing it yourself, in a significantly better process than using a service like [other competitors]…”

As fate would have it, doola had everything Calvin was looking for in an all-in-one business operating system… and then some! He was able to re-establish his LLC and sustain it while saving a lot more of his time, energy, and financial resources.

doola’s mission is to give entrepreneurs the most bang for their buck. Now, Calvin can save money and stress, while doola handles the rest.

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Video Interview

Learn more about Calvin Hamilton and stay up to date on his latest endeavors.
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