Turn Your Skills into Cash: 27 Side Hustles for Teens

Whether you just want some extra cash to buy that new gadget or go on a trip with friends, there are plenty of side hustles for teens that you can consider. You certainly aren’t the only one looking to make money on the side. Data from the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that over 98% of young people hold at least one job.

It can be a great idea to start a side hustle when you’re young. It’ll make you responsible, financially savvy and help you learn valuable lessons about time management that will be useful later in life. 

Are Teens Allowed to Do Side Hustles?

It’s legal for teens to start a side hustle but keep in mind that conditions for eligibility may vary depending on the type of work you want to do. For example, some online freelancing platforms have a minimum age limit for teens. However, side hustles like washing cars or delivering newspapers that don’t require a platform remain viable options. 

Why Should You Start Doing Side Hustles Even as a Teen?

Teens have a pretty busy schedule. It may seem there’s not too much time left to consider part-time work after school, sports, extracurriculars, social activities, and college preparations. However, the rise of the gig economy has made it easier for teens to consider part-time work on their own schedule.

A few reasons why you should consider doing side hustles as a teen are listed below:

Become financially independent

There’s nothing like making your own money. It brings a sense of financial independence that living on an allowance from your parents simply can’t provide. It’ll also provide you with the motivation to do better in life.

Become responsible

Whatever side job you decide to do, you’ll need to be responsible for delivering quality work. This will help you as you advance into a career.

Ignite the entrepreneurial spark

Working as a teen will open your eyes to new business opportunities, enabling you to tap into your entrepreneurial spark and strive to become a business owner.

Start investing early

As you begin saving money, you can put it to good use by investing with a long-term horizon. Since time is on your side, compounding can deliver incredible results over the next few decades.

Elevate your lifestyle

Once you begin making money, you can start treating yourself to new things and experiences, enabling you to elevate your lifestyle and enjoy the finer things.

27 Easy-to-Start Side Hustles for Teens

There are plenty of side hustles for teens to choose from. To make a good income, it’s important to stay focused and pick a side hustle that suits your skills and interests. Instead of trying too many at once, it’s better to choose one or two that you’re passionate about and put your effort into those. With dedication, even your hobbies can become a profitable venture. Here are 27 easy-to-start side hustle ideas worth considering:

Start Freelance Writing

This is one of the more popular side hustles for teens. If you have a talent for writing blogs, reports, website copy, social media posts, and more, you can explore offering freelance writing services. How much you earn depends on your skills and experience. 

Freelance writing jobs often pay an hourly rate, although some may pay per word. As an example, it is common to earn between $100 and $200 for a 1,000-word blog post. There are plenty of online platforms where you can find freelance writing jobs. You just need a computer and internet access to begin.

Take Online Surveys

Answering online surveys is a simple way to make some cash on the side. It’s a relatively effortless activity and doesn’t require more than an internet connection and a smartphone to get started. Some survey sites such as Swagbucks even allow users over the age of 13 to participate. 

The amount you earn per survey will vary but it’s typically a couple of dollars each. It’s possible to obtain payment in either cash or through gift cards, which can either be utilized at the relevant establishment or sold online.

Clean Houses

If you have excellent cleaning skills and enjoy the work, you can offer your services to help people clean their homes. This side job has the potential to grow into a full-fledged cleaning business with the right approach. House cleaners typically charge an hourly rate ranging from $15 to $20. Your earning potential will depend on the number of hours you work and the number of clients you serve. 

Once your earnings from cleaning houses reach at least $600, it’s advisable to consider forming an LLC. This step is beneficial as it allows you to receive a 1099 form for tax purposes. You can then write off all the material and expenses incurred in running the cleaning business. 

Start a Flipping Business

Flipping used items through platforms like Facebook Marketplace and eBay can be a lucrative hustle. If you’re skilled at spotting good deals then you can make a decent income from this idea. To get started, try to find items at garage sales, discounted sales, or clearance events that you know will sell for a higher price online. 

Resell those items online for a higher price and pocket the difference as your profit. It’s entirely possible to earn a couple of thousand dollars per month through online product flipping. 

Wash Cars

Washing cars is a fantastic idea for teens looking to earn some extra money. It’s a simple and practical service that is always in demand. Whether it’s in the neighborhood or at local events, there are plenty of opportunities to offer car washing services.

All you need are basic cleaning supplies like soap, water, sponges, and towels. Choose your pricing structure, whether a flat rate or based on the size and condition of the vehicle. 

Play Video Games Online

Getting paid to play video games seems like the ultimate dream for any teenager but it’s also the reality for many. Platforms like Twitch can be used to stream your gameplay and monetize your content through ads and viewer donations. Keep in mind that success isn’t immediate in this field. Small streamers can make between $50 to $1,500 per month depending on their viewers and subscriptions.

When you’ve earned $600 or more from playing video games online, it’s a good idea to think about forming an LLC. This has advantages because it enables you to receive a 1099 form for taxes. You can then deduct expenses and equipment purchased for running this side hustle.

Offer Grocery Deliveries

Grocery delivery is one of the pillars of the gig economy. By signing up with major platforms like Instacart or Shipt, you can begin making deliveries and catering to the increasing demand for convenient grocery shopping experiences. Getting started is simple, requiring only a few hours to complete the sign-up process and there is consistently high demand on these platforms.

You’ll need a reliable mode of transportation. This can either be a bicycle, an electric bike, or a car. The average earning on these platforms ranges from $8 per hour for independent contractors to $24 per hour for delivery drivers.

Test Websites

Companies are willing to compensate individuals for discovering and reporting bugs on their websites, as these vulnerabilities can impact user experience and pose potential cybersecurity risks. This creates opportunities for individuals to find jobs as website testers through various online freelancing platforms. 

Having specialized skills, particularly in cybersecurity testing, can significantly enhance your earning potential in this field. However, even if you don’t possess such skills initially, there are online resources available to help you learn and develop the necessary expertise before taking on your first website testing job. As you gain experience and build a reputation as a reliable website tester, you may find an increasing number of opportunities to work with different organizations, both large and small. 

Start Blogging 

If you’re passionate about a specific topic, consider starting a blog about it. For instance, if you love fishing, launching a blog centered around fishing allows you to share valuable content with like-minded individuals. Not only can you pursue your passion, but you can also generate income through various avenues such as advertisements, affiliate marketing, and brand partnerships.

Building a successful and profitable blog usually requires time and effort, as it takes time to grow an audience and establish a solid online presence. However, the potential for income generation is virtually limitless. With dedication and strategic planning, it’s possible to earn over $10,000 per month and even more from a highly successful blog.

Provide Lawn Care Services

The lawn care industry has experienced steady growth over the past two decades, particularly in the last 10 years. This is a simple one-person side gig. If you have the necessary equipment, you can start taking solo jobs. Although it may take more time to complete tasks on your own, the advantage is that you get to keep all the earnings.

The essential equipment typically includes a mower and weed eater. You can look for jobs in the neighborhood or use online platforms such as TaskRabbit. It’s up to you whether you want to offer your services at an hourly rate or have a fixed rate per job.

Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is a powerful platform for teens to generate income. By creating high-quality and engaging videos, you can tap into the massive audience that YouTube attracts. Similar to other forms of content creation, building a successful YouTube channel takes time and effort. However, with dedication and persistence, it can become a profitable venture. 

Do keep in mind that you must have at least 1,000 subscribers before monetization can be enabled on your YouTube account. The key is to create compelling content that resonates with your target audience and keeps them coming back for more. Once your earnings from your YouTube channel reach $600 or more, it’s worth considering forming an LLC. This step offers several benefits, including receiving a 1099 form for tax purposes and the opportunity to deduct expenses and equipment related to your content creation.

Create and Sell Artworks and Crafts

Selling your arts and crafts online can be an excellent side hustle idea for teens, offering a perfect outlet for your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Platforms like Etsy provide a ready-made marketplace where you can showcase and sell your unique creations to a wide audience. Whether you’re skilled in painting, sculpting, jewelry making, or any other craft, there’s a niche for you to explore. 

By sharing your creations online, you can attract customers who appreciate handmade and one-of-a-kind items. You can set your prices, control your inventory and manage your business from the comfort of your own home. 

Do Online Tutoring

If you’re good at a particular subject, you can use your skills and knowledge to teach others through online tutoring. Set hourly rates for your tutoring lessons so that you can estimate your earnings based on the number of hours you work. 

As you build a reputation for providing effective tutoring, satisfied students are likely to recommend you to others, further expanding your earning potential. Online tutoring offers the convenience of remote teaching, allowing you to reach students from different locations. An internet connection and a device for online meetings are all you need to get started.


Babysitting is the OG side hustle for teens. Babysitters usually charge an hourly rate, typically ranging from $15 to $20. The amount you earn in a month will depend on the number of hours you work. 

Getting started is relatively straightforward. You can reach out to families you already know, explore opportunities through online platforms that connect babysitters with families, and even promote your services through local advertisements.

Become an Influencer

Social media has made it possible for people to build communities around their passion and generate income from it. For example, if you’re passionate about styling or woodworking, you can create a social media presence based on that hobby. 

Once your audience grows, brands in that industry will reach out and ask to promote their products to your audience. Depending on the size of your audience, you can charge anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars for a single post.

Do Livestreaming

All major social media platforms now offer live-streaming functionality, enabling users to go live and interact with their audience. Many use this functionality as an opportunity to make money, share different types of content, or show off their skills live. 

Livestreamers can generate income based on their views and subscriber donations. The average live streamer can make a few hundred dollars per month but the earnings can be substantially higher for those with a larger audience. An internet connection and a smartphone are usually enough to get started.

Donate Plasma

While it may seem unconventional, donating plasma can indeed serve as a side hustle to generate additional income, provided you meet the eligibility criteria and are in good physical health. It’s important to prioritize your well-being and confirm your eligibility before considering this option.

Donating plasma can be done a few times each month and the process typically takes a few hours. In addition to earning money, you are also contributing to a noble cause by helping individuals in need. Plasma is a valuable resource that can be challenging to obtain and individuals with certain illnesses depend on it for their well-being and medical treatment.

Sell Your Photography as Stock Photos

If you have a passion for photography, consider leveraging your skills to capture and sell stock photos on platforms like Shutterstock. Stock photos are widely used in various applications such as websites, brochures, and magazines, offering a potential income stream for photographers.

Platforms like Shutterstock provide a commission on every sale made through their platform. While the exact commission percentage may vary, it provides an opportunity for photographers to earn money from their photos. To get started, you don’t require much more than a camera and decent photography skills. 

Become a Party Character

Imagine the excitement of stepping into the shoes of different famous characters and becoming the life of the party at kids’ birthday celebrations. This unique and enjoyable gig is often overlooked but can be incredibly rewarding. You might have seen character performers at local carnivals or fairs and now you have the opportunity to be one of them. 

Kids adore having their favorite characters come to life, especially when it’s someone as fun-loving and goofy as a teenager who loves to make others laugh. It’s not uncommon to make around $200 per appearance, making it a lucrative gig for teens.

Petsit or Walk Dogs

If you genuinely love pets, you can earn money by providing pet-sitting services. Whether it’s taking care of someone’s pet in their home or taking pets out for walks, there are various opportunities to get paid for spending time with furry companions. Pet sitters typically charge an hourly rate for their services and your earnings will depend on the number of hours you work. 

By advertising your pet-sitting services online through platforms or creating your pet-sitting website, you can attract clients who are seeking reliable and trustworthy individuals to care for their beloved pets.

Offer Graphic Design Services

Those with graphic design skills should consider this side gig. There’s an incredible demand for design services online as people need custom graphics for their websites, social media profiles, marketing materials, etc. You can charge based on your skills and experience.

Graphic design jobs can be found using online freelancing marketplaces. You can also build an online portfolio and use it to showcase your work to get direct clients, enabling you to earn more. When you start making at least $600 from your graphic design business, it’s a good idea to think about forming an LLC. This helps you with taxes by providing a 1099 form and allows you to deduct expenses and materials related to running your business. 

Sell Your Old Stuff

Selling your old stuff is a great way to not just free up closet space but also make some money. You likely have things that you don’t use or clothes that you’ve grown out of. Sell them online or through garage sales since there’s no use for those items to sit collecting dust in your closet. 

Since these will be pre-owned items, how much you earn after selling them will depend on their condition and whether those items are still in style, for example. Nevertheless, it’s a great way to get rid of some old stuff and make money in the process.

Manage Social Media

Brands and businesses rely on social media managers to oversee and enhance their online presence. The role of a social media manager encompasses various tasks, including responding to comments, curating content, and engaging with the audience. To get started, consider taking on part-time jobs through online freelancing platforms. 

Part-time social media management jobs typically offer hourly compensation, with rates ranging from $20 to $30 being common, although the exact range can vary based on factors such as your expertise and the scope of the project. This can open doors to launching your own social media marketing agency, where you can offer comprehensive services to clients, including content creation, strategy development, and advertising campaigns.

Design and Sell T-shirts

If you’re creative and have a keen eye for fashion, you can design and sell t-shirts online. This has become one of the more popular side hustles for teens. Once you’ve created the designs, sell them through a platform like Printful. They’ll handle everything from printing to shipping and returns. 

You can set your own prices for these custom designs. Once your designs start becoming popular, you can branch out, raise your prices, and consider a more diversified approach to the fashion business.

Deliver Newspapers

While delivering newspapers may be considered a traditional job by today’s standards, it can still be a reliable and steady source of income for teenagers. Despite being a part-time position, it aligns well with the typical schedule of an average teen and can generate a monthly income ranging from $350 to $500. 

When considering a newspaper delivery job, it’s essential to determine the distance you’re willing to travel for your designated route. To explore available opportunities in your area, you can utilize job search websites for newspaper delivery openings, allowing you to initiate the application process.

Sell Gift Cards

It’s possible to buy gift cards at a discount sometimes. Retailers and online marketplaces often run promotions on gift cards, selling them at a discount to their face value. For example, you may be able to buy a $50 gift card for $40. 

This provides a great arbitrage opportunity where you can buy the discounted gift cards and sell them at another platform for the full face value. The difference is then pocketed as profit. Rinse and repeat. 

Become an Affiliate Marketer

Brands are willing to offer commissions for promoting their products and driving sales. By creating content that features affiliate links on blogs, social media networks, or short-form videos, you can earn a commission based on the percentage of the sales price. The commission amount is typically higher for more expensive products, incentivizing you to sell higher-priced items.

For example, let’s consider Amazon’s affiliate program. If you successfully sell $10,000 worth of Kindle hardware through your content, you would earn a commission of $600 (assuming a 6% commission rate). Getting started with affiliate marketing is usually free, as there is typically no charge to sign up for an affiliate program.

How to Start a Teen Side Hustle in 5 Steps?

Follow this simple five-step plan to start a teen side hustle that has great potential to earn you a decent income and even allow you to expand it into a full-fledged business later.

1. Decide on a Side Hustle Idea

Based on your skills, experience, and passion, decide on the type of side job you want to do. Remember to pick one that you’re interested in as you want to be able to enjoy what you do. It shouldn’t feel like a chore, rather be engaging and fulfilling. 

2. Write a Business Plan

A business plan sets you up for success. It will detail how to plan on running the business, what the financial projections are, how to deal with the competition, etc. This document will also prove to be very useful if you plan on expanding your side job into a business.

3. Consider Setting Up a Business Entity

Once your earnings through a side gig reach at least $600, you will receive a 1099 form for tax purposes. At this point, it may be beneficial to establish an LLC so that you can deduct expenses related to equipment and materials used and enhance your financial efficiency.

4. Determine Your Finances and Tax Obligations

You might need to raise funds for buying equipment or materials to get started. If your savings can’t cover it, you can either look to raise some funds from your friends and family members or start side hustles that don’t require money to begin.

With money comes taxes. Keep an eye on your tax obligations to make sure that you’re compliant and don’t run into any problems with state and federal tax agencies. 

5. Obtain and Maintain Licences and Permits

You may also be required to obtain licenses and permits for some side hustles. It’s best to check the relevant requirements in your area as they vary by state and city. File for the paperwork before you begin as in some cases, working before obtaining the relevant permits can lead to a fine. 

Eliminate the Biggest Stress Factor for Your Side Hustle With doola

Keeping track of the income and expenses for your side hustles can be stressful, but with doola Bookkeeping, you can eliminate that stress entirely.  It’s like having a dedicated bookkeeper for your side hustle, one that makes it very easy to manage your business finances, so you always have a clear picture of your finances and can handle the tax season stress-free.


How much does it cost to start a side hustle business?

The cost to start a side hustle business will depend on what you want to do. For some side hustles, you will need expensive equipment but for others, like babysitting, you can start with no money at all.

How to make $1,000 on a side hustle as a teen?

You can make $1,000 on a side hustle as a teen by choosing to do what you are skilled at. Search for opportunities through online freelancing and job platforms, where you have a good shot of winning a job and increasing your experience.

What are the most flexible side jobs for teens?

Side hustles like content creation, blogging, launching a YouTube channel, etc. are flexible side hustles for teens as they can work on their own schedule, decide when they want to create content, and effectively maintain flexibility for their other commitments.

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