Boost Your Income: 30 Side Hustles for Teachers

Teachers serve one of the most important societal roles, yet they are chronically underpaid. If you love teaching but want to earn more, these side hustles for teachers can be lucrative ideas to boost your income and build additional income streams. Read on for simple side hustle ideas where you can parlay your teaching experience into a side gig and start earning more!

Can Teachers Do Side Hustles?

Yes, teachers can take on side hustles beyond their teaching career. Many common teacher side hustles are a variation of teaching, like tutoring or standardized test administration. Teachers can even start a small business to offer their services professionally. Teachers can also look at seasonal business ideas over the summers or learn to start businesses with $1,000 or less.  

Why Should You Start Doing Side Hustles as a Teacher?

Teachers start side hustles for many reasons. The most common include:

  • Extra income: Extra income can help you reach your financial goals. 
  • Career changes: If you’d love to start a new career, a side hustle is a great way to try it out or build your business. 
  • Giving more: Use your skills to help more people. 
  • Learn new skills: A side gig can be a way to develop skills that can increase earning potential and/or job security. 
  • Diversify income streams: Allowing you greater flexibility and security. 

9 Best Side Hustles for Teachers

Side hustles for teachers can be a way to earn additional part-time income or enjoy a creative outlet. You could even build a side job into a lucrative full-time business. You’ll want to start as an LLC or any other legal entity to protect yourself and build trust with potential clients by having a professional structure.   

If you make at least $600 in this side hustle working for someone else, you will receive a 1099 form. An LLC will function as a business entity and allow you to write off materials or expenses that you use for the side hustle. Ready to get started? Learn more about how to start a successful business, and then get started with these ideas!  


Tutoring is a natural fit for teachers. You can set your own hours and earn income between $10 and $100 per hour. Consider tutoring on high-end platforms for maximum earning potential.  

Starting an LLC can simplify operations to support your tutoring business and provide legal protection. In addition, if you make at least $600 on a tutoring platform, you will receive a 1099. With an LLC so you can write off materials or expenses that coincide with tutoring. Learn more about starting a tutoring business.

Summer School Teacher

Summer school teachers usually work in the same school district, offering classes over the summer. You’ll make a similar hourly wage as teaching, between $23 and $33 per hour. You’ll usually work half or full days as a summer school teacher. 

Standardized Test Administrator

A standardized test administrator oversees students while taking tests, such as the SAT, the ACT, or other standardized tests. You’ll need to verify student identification, make sure everyone is registered correctly, explain test procedures, and supervise the testing process. You’ll need to be available when tests are offered for this side hustle. Standardized test administrators earn an average of $12.45 per hour.

If you make at least $600 as a standardized test administrator, you will receive a 1099 form. You can set up an LLC to write off materials or expenses like transportation costs that you incur to do the work. 

Adjunct Community College Professor

An adjunct community college professor can teach a single course each year or regular courses throughout the year. You can offer courses in the evenings and over the weekends to work around your regular teaching schedule. Adjunct community college professors make an average of $44 per hour. 

Teach English Abroad

Teaching English abroad is a way to see the world. You could do this for a couple of months over the summer or for an entire year. You could earn between $2,000 to $5,000 per month teaching English abroad, depending on the location and employment offer. Of course, you’ll need to move abroad and teach for the required hours. 

If you make at least $600 teaching English abroad and you’re not considered an employee, you may receive a 1099 (if the company is US-based). You can set up an LLC to help write off materials or expenses like transportation and moving that coincide with teaching abroad. An LLC will also offer you legal protection and give your business a legal structure.  

Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you can set your own work schedule and offer standard secretarial services like scheduling, email replies, and social media management. Virtual assistants can earn $6 to $82 per hour. 

Setting up an LLC gives your business a structure and can build trust with potential clients. In addition, if you make at least $600 and you’re not considered an employee, you may receive a 1099. You can also write off materials or expenses related to working as a virtual assistant. Learn to start a virtual assistant business with this guide.

Start a YouTube Channel

Starting a youtube channel can be a way to build a following and a full-time income stream. You can share your life, educational or tutoring videos, or create a channel dedicated to a specific interest. Startup costs for a Youtube channel are low, although income initially will also be zero until you build a following or get sponsorship. You can set your own hours with this side hustle. 

Star Blogging

Star blogging means you’ve become a successful blogger. While this takes writing skill and authenticity, you can earn a full-time income from your blog if you can become a star blogger. The required time depends on many factors, including the blog content, audience, marketing, and niche. 

Freelance Writing

Teachers can work as freelance writers to earn extra income. You can set your own hours and earn between $20 and $100 an hour, depending on the company and subject. 

21 More Side Hustle Ideas for Teachers

As a teacher, side hustles can be a fun way to explore creative ideas or experience different careers. You can set your own hours and start many side hustles with minimal investment. Most of these careers don’t require startup costs or additional training. A few more side hustle ideas for teachers are listed below:  

  1. Summer camp counselor
  2. Proofreading
  3. Transcription 
  4. Take surveys for money
  5. Offer caregiving
  6. Grocery shopper
  7. Sell printables
  8. Flip furniture
  9. Sell your crafts
  10. Become a lifeguard
  11. Babysitting or nannying
  12. Youth sports coach 
  13. Lawn and garden care
  14. Rent out your extra space
  15. Drive for a rideshare service
  16. Clean houses
  17. Tour guide
  18. Delivery services
  19. Dog walking
  20. Meal prep services
  21. Become a notary public

How to Start a Side Hustle for Teachers in 5 Steps?

If you’re ready to start a side hustle, it can help to have a business plan in place with clearly defined steps. Here’s how to get started:

1. Choose a Side Hustle Idea

Consider what skills or talents you have, what equipment or resources you already have available, and what you love to do. Nothing is off-limits for side hustle ideas, but it should be something that either you enjoy or you know pays well. Ideally, side hustles should be both!

2. Create a Business Plan

Once you have settled on a side hustle idea, it’s time to consider a business plan. A good business plan should include your vision, mission, any expenses, and how much you can expect to make in the first months. You should also calculate how long it will take to break even on the initial investment. Learn more about creating a business plan here

3. Consider Setting Up a Business Entity

A business entity is a legal structure for your business. You can choose a corporation or an LLC, but an LLC is easier to set up and administer for most small businesses. You can opt for pass-through taxation with an LLC, which means you can report earnings on your individual tax return. 

Remember that if you’re earning more than $600, you will get a 1099 from the individual or company you’re working for. An LLC also allows you to expand the business by hiring employees down the road.  

4. Determine Your Finances and Tax Obligations

You’ll need to determine any initial startup costs. You don’t need much money to start a side hustle. You could even start a business without money

If you set up an LLC, you can opt for pass-through taxation and report any business income on your individual tax return. You’ll also want to open a business bank account and speak to a CPA for personalized tax advice.

5. Obtain and Maintain Licences and Permits

While not all businesses require licenses or permits, check state and local regulations to ensure you obtain all necessary licenses and permits for your side hustle business. 

Final Tip on Side Hustles for Teachers

Starting a side hustle can be the first step towards building a second income stream or a fulfilling career. Remember that a side hustle shouldn’t just add stress; ideally, it will add meaning to your life. 

Using your skill to build income can be exciting. Dealing with accounting and administration can be less fun. This is where doola can help. doola offers personalized accounting solutions and resources to help you grow your business and focus more time on what you love. Get doola bookkeeping services here to get the support you need to focus on your career.  


What are the best-paying side jobs for teachers?

Some of the best-paying side jobs for teachers include tutoring, teaching English abroad, or working as a virtual assistant.

What are the ways for teachers to make extra money in the summer?

Teachers can make extra money in the summer by working in summer school, tutoring, teaching English abroad, or administering standardized tests. 

What are remote second jobs for teachers?

Remote second jobs for teachers include tutoring, virtual assistant services, freelance writing, blogging, or starting a YouTube channel. 

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