Starting a limited liability company gives business owners many advantages. You can capitalize on tax advantages and have limited liability protection. That means your personal assets are protected in case someone files a lawsuit against your corporation. To successfully form your corporation, you must have a registered agent. 

Businesses based in Pennsylvania will need registered agents. This guide will cover what Pennsylvania registered agents do and why their services are essential for business owners.

What Is a Pennsylvania Registered Agent?

A Pennsylvania registered agent is someone who reviews business documents and sends them to the business owner promptly. This person or agency is the point of contact for tax and legal documents. A Pennsylvania registered agent must be available during all business workdays at regular hours.

What Is a Registered Office in Pennsylvania?

A registered office in Pennsylvania is a company’s physical address. Legal and tax documents go to this specific address, and a registered agent stays on top of business mail as it arrives. A P.O. box does not qualify as a registered office. 

If you become your own registered agent and do not have a traditional business headquarters, you may have to use your personal address. Opting for a registered agent or registered agent services can guard your privacy.

What Are the Legal Duties of a Pennsylvania Registered Agent?

A Pennsylvania registered agent fulfills several legal duties. Here’s what you can expect from a Pennsylvania registered agent:

  • Having a physical address in Pennsylvania
  • Obtaining documents for the business
  • Sorting through documents to find the important ones
  • Sending documents to the business owner and alerting them about time-sensitive requests
  • Being available during regular business hours throughout the year

Why Is a Registered Agent Required in Pennsylvania?

The state of Pennsylvania needs a reliable point of contact for important business documents. Registered agents act as this point of contact and are a requirement in all 50 U.S. states. If you want to set up a corporation, you will need a registered agent or registered agent services.

Does Pennsylvania Require Registered Agent Consents?

Pennsylvania requires the consent of a registered agent. The state needs written confirmation that the registered agent has agreed to work for your company.

When Do You Need a Pennsylvania Registered Agent?

Pennsylvania-based business owners need registered agents as soon as they become corporate entities. Every state requires that LLCs have registered agents.

Who Can Be a Registered Agent in Pennsylvania?

Any Pennsylvania resident who is 18 years or older can become a registered agent. The individual must have a physical address in the state. Post office boxes do not count for the physical address requirement. 

How to Choose a Registered Agent Service in Pennsylvania?

Business owners can choose from many registered agent services. Some of these services are better than others, and you can use the following factors to find the right service for you:

Service Cost

An affordable registered agent service can help you save money on your total LLC costs. Most services cost between $100 to $300 per year. 


Registered agent services offer various features, and some give their customers more for their money than others. Comparing registered agent services in Pennsylvania can help you determine which features you need to have. Many agents offer mail forwarding, file scans, online LLC formation, and online account access.


Business owners should look at a service’s reviews before committing to it. If the registered agent service has a bad reputation for delivering important documents promptly, you may want to do business with a different registered agent service instead.

What Happens if You Don’t Have a Pennsylvania Registered Agent?

Your company can lose its status as a separate business entity, along with all of the perks of being a corporation. Every corporate entity must have a registered agent. Not having an agent can also result in you missing important documents, such as business filings and lawsuits. Not responding to these in time can result in significant costs.

How to Change Registered Agents in Pennsylvania?

Business owners may want to change their registered agents for several reasons. Some business owners start as their own registered agents and prefer handing the work to someone else in the future. Others need to find a replacement if their current agent wants to retire or the registered agent service hasn’t been up to par. It is important to notify your state about any registered agent changes so your business documents go to the right address.

To change your registered agent in Pennsylvania, you have to file a Change of Registered Office form with the Pennsylvania Department of State, Corporations Bureau, and Charitable Organizations. You can hire someone to fill out and submit the paperwork for you to save time and reduce stress.

Staying on Top of the Essentials

A registered agent helps you stay on top of important business documents and respond to timely requests. It can be a lot for a business owner to organize their documents and manage the day-to-day business operations. 

Managing finances can also get tricky, but Doola can help. Doola Books offers features that make corporate financial management a breeze. You can track invoices, set up recurring invoices, and connect all your bank accounts so you can see your transactions in one place. You can get started with doola books for as little as $50 per year.


How long does a Pennsylvania Registered Agent’s appointment last?

A Pennsylvania registered agent’s appointment lasts until the agent or business owner no longer wants to work with the other.

Can you appoint an out-of-state Registered Agent for your Pennsylvania business?

No, you cannot appoint an out-of-state registered agent for your Pennsylvania business.

How much does hiring a professional Registered Agent in Pennsylvania cost?

While costs vary, it can cost between $100 to $300 per year to hire a professional registered agent in Pennsylvania.

Are Pennsylvania Registered Agents responsible for any fees or taxes?

Pennsylvania registered agents are not responsible for any fees or taxes. They send the documents to business owners who then make any necessary payments.

Is a Registered Agent’s address public in Pennsylvania?

Yes, a registered agent’s address is public. 

Marc Guberti
Marc Guberti
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