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If you have a Delaware entity, then there are annual fees you need to pay. Discover how you can take care of these to avoid any issues.

How To Pay Delaware Annual Fees as an International Founder

Paying your annual fees is an extremely important part of owning any corporation. Without paying your fees on time, you will not only incur even greater fees and interest, but the state could shut your company down Down!

Luckily, in Delaware paying the annual fees is simple and easy to do, so your company will always be compliant and free to operate

How To Pay Annual Fees:

This is usually $450 ($50 for the annual fee, and $400 as the minimum Par Value Fee)

The Par Value Fee is $400 for every $1,000,000 in gross assets, which has a maximum of $200,000 being paid

  • Fill out all necessary information on the Delaware State Website

For help gathering necessary information, we recommend you contact either the Delaware Secretary of State’s Website, or your Registered Agent (If you’re unsure who your registered agent is, you can find them by searching here)

How Doola Can Help:

You should always be on top of your fees, to ensure that your business will be free to operate without restrictions. With Doola, we make sure to stay on top of your fee paperwork at all times, giving you ample notice to make sure everything can be paid on time. We help from inception of the LLC all the way through to making sure you stay open.

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