How to Grow a Carpentry Business

A carpentry business is re-emerging as a skilled profession that can also lead to stable returns. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median carpenter’s salary is $51,390, while the top 10% make an average of $89,950. The revenues could be even higher if you create a business with multiple carpenters or offer skilled carpentry services like furniture building or carving. Read on to learn how to grow a carpentry business this year. 

13 Effective Strategies to Grow Your Carpentry Business

A carpentry business is a practical solution for a one-person business. It could also be a side hustle for couples or a side hustle for full-time workers. You can also build a multi-person business with various skill sets to build a strong carpentry team. Consider a multi-pronged approach with the steps below. 

Build a Strong Online Presence Through a Website and Social Media

Building your website and online presence makes it easier for potential customers to find you. Build an organic presence on social media by posting regularly and interacting with your target audience. 

For your website, apply best practices of SEO, such as optimizing site load time and keyword optimization to improve site ranking in organic searches. Consider adding a blog with useful tips, information, or discounts to increase domain authority over time. 

Remember also that if your website isn’t optimized for viewing on a smartphone, you’ll miss out on sales. Optimize load times on mobile devices to retain maximum customers. Learn more about how to start or optimize a website for your business

Network With Other Professionals in the Industry

Networking with other industry professionals can give you insights into techniques, standards, and ideas for new marketing opportunities. You can also collaborate or build a carpentry business together. 

Leverage Customer Referrals And Positive Reviews

Customer reviews, testimonials, and positive anecdotes can be powerful selling tools. Customers can share their honest experiences with your work and the quality of your workmanship. To encourage reviews, offer a reward or discount and send an email reminder to customers after the purchase. 

Expand Your Services to Include Specialized Carpentry Niches

Services of specialized carpentry niches include making custom furniture, renovating homes, or crafting unique wooden products like cutting boards, frames, kitchen utensils, sculptures, or tools. These niche crafts can bring in a premium while using less wood, thus maximizing returns. 

Offer Seasonal Promotions and Discounts

Seasonal promotions and discounts can be a great way to bring in more clients at key times throughout the year. Consider specials for the December holidays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, or other holidays. Discounts can include a discount on a second item, a percentage discount, or any other option.

Invest in Professional Photography of Your Work

The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words holds true. Professional photography of your work can showcase the attention to detail and quality of your workmanship. The one-time investment in showcasing your work should more than pay for itself with a strong website and social media presence. 

Create a Loyalty Program for Repeat Customers

Customer loyalty programs can be a great way to encourage repeat purchases. You can set up a system to earn discount points or coupons toward future purchases. You could also offer a coupon for future purchases with each new purchase. 

Conduct Workshops or Classes to Share Your Expertise

Workshops or carpentry classes can be a way to connect with other carpentry enthusiasts to build a community and generate extra income. Consider creating online workshops or courses that can become passive revenue-generating options. 

Utilize Vehicle Branding for Mobile Advertising

Vehicle branding can act as low-cost advertising on a daily basis. People can find information on your service, including your phone contact and email, wherever you go. 

Invest in Professional Branding and Logo Design

Professional branding and logo design don’t have to break your budget, but they add professionalism to your company. Consider finding a branding professional through Upwork or Fiverr if you have a limited budget, or work with a professional branding agency.  

Offer Maintenance Packages for Customers

As a carpenter, you possess a valuable and often highly sought-after skill. Not only do people need new pieces, but they need maintenance or repair work as well. Offer these maintenance packages as a one-time or subscription service to generate an additional income stream and open your services to more customers. 

Seek Partnerships and Build Relationships

Building relationships and partnerships within the industry can help in everything from material sourcing to collaborations in carpentry or home design. Build a network with the following:

  • Home builders or contractors
  • Suppliers
  • Local interior designers and architects

Offer Financing Options for Larger Projects

If you offer financing, you open the door for more people to experience the quality of your work. Consider a six-month or one-year payment plan, depending on the final price. You can charge up to 5% more for the financing cost to compensate for the loss of upfront income. Of course, you’ll need payment software to offer financing, so you don’t have to keep track of each payment plan manually. 

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What pricing strategies should I implement to remain competitive in the carpentry industry?

Pricing strategies to remain competitive in the carpentry industry include competitor pricing, past sales, and total expected sales volume. You can also use strategies like cost-plus pricing while factoring in your time, value pricing, price skimming, or bundle pricing.

How can I improve the quality of my carpentry work and customer satisfaction?

To improve the quality of your carpentry work, take classes on new techniques or work with professionals with a larger skill set to keep improving. For customer satisfaction, you should be clear upfront with customers on what they can expect, and then plan to deliver more than that. Quickly address any concerns and work with the customer to find a favorable solution. 

What tools and equipment do I need to invest in for my carpentry business?

Tools you may need to invest in for your carpentry business include chisels, table saws, block planes, clamps, claw hammers, hammers, jigsaws, knives, or mallets. You may need additional tools if you want to do furniture carving or other detailed work. 

How do I effectively manage and schedule projects for my carpentry business?

To effectively manage and schedule carpentry projects, develop a plan with all the details including a realistic timeline. Then, put a team in place that can perform the work professionally and within the timeline. You should also document and track each stage of the process. 

What steps should I take to expand my carpentry business and reach new markets?

Steps you can take to expand your carpentry business to reach new markets start with creating a professional website and social media accounts to market your services. Then consider offering additional services like workshops, courses, maintenance, or collaborating with other professionals like architects or designers. 

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