Need to get your Sales Tax Permit in Wyoming? Discover everything you need to know with this easy guide.

How to Get a Sales Tax Permit in Wyoming – International Founders Guide

Sales tax permits are an important step in forming an LLC in the US, especially if you are considered a vendor in the state you choose!

What is considered Sales Tax in Wyoming?

According to Wyoming’s Vender Manual sales tax is “an excise tax or tax on consumption which is applied to retail sales, leases of tangible personal property, admission fees and some services which are subject to taxation per Wyoming law. The purchaser pays the tax to the vendor. Vendors must have a license and are responsible for collecting and remitting the tax to the state.” Many goods qualify for sales tax, so your best bet is to check out Wyoming’s vendor manual for specific details on what qualifies.

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Who is considered a vendor?

Wyoming law states that vendors are “Any person who meets the following definition of a vendor must license to collect and remit sales tax. Wyoming Statute (W.S.) 39-15-101 (a)(xv) states: “Vendor” means any person engaged in the business of selling at retail or wholesale tangible personal property, admissions, or services, which are subject to taxation. Vendor includes a vehicle dealer as defined by W.S. 31-16-101 (a)(xviii). Please note that this definition encompasses those who open an online business in Wyoming. If your business is providing taxable products or services, you must obtain a sales/use tax license and follow all statutes that apply to a store front business.”

How do you register for a sales tax permit in Wyoming?

You can apply online at the Wyoming Internet Filing System for Business.

You can also apply on paper and mail or fax in the Wyoming Sales/Use Tax Application.

You can call (307) 777-5200 for assistance completing the application.

What information is required to file for a sales tax permit?

There are a few documents needed to file for a permit. They include:

  • Personal identification info (SSN, address, etc.)
  • Business identification info (EIN, address, etc.)
  • Date of first sale in Wyoming
  • Some information about the items you plan to sell

An SSN is not explicitly required, since non-US residents are welcome to apply!

How much does it cost to apply for a sales tax permit in Wyoming?

There is a one time license fee of $60, and other Wyoming business registration fees may apply. This permit does not need to be renewed and last as long as your business is registered in Wyoming!

How long does it take to receive your Wyoming sales tax permit?

The Wyoming Department of Revenue strives to issue your sales tax license within 10 business days of application. This can be done immediately after your LLC is formed!

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