How to Change a Registered Agent in Nevada

Running a limited liability company (LLC) in Nevada requires that you designate a registered agent. Registered agents are entities that handle legal, tax, and government correspondences related to your LLC. Sometimes, however, changing your registered agent is necessary. So is it possible to change a registered agent in Nevada? 

The answer is “Yes!” There might be many reasons why you need to make this kind of change. Some people opt to become registered agents for their LLCs themselves once the business starts but later can’t manage that responsibility. Your current agent may resign, or you may be unhappy with the quality of services you’re receiving. 

All these factors can lead you to seek out a better registered agent. To comply with state laws, you have to officially report this change.

The Process of Changing a Registered Agent in Nevada

The first step in the process is knowing whom to choose as your new agent. Three types of registered agents can serve to keep your business compliant with state law: commercial registered agents, noncommercial registered agents, and people with a title of office or other position in the business. 

An agent with 10 or more represented entities is required by law to file to become a commercial registered agent in the state within 30 days of reaching the 10-entity threshold. To be a commercial agent, the person can’t have any felonies and must have one other person who can act on behalf of the commercial registered agent when needed. 

Anyone with an address in Nevada can become a noncommercial registered agent, but they can’t offer services to 10 or more entities. If you want to do so, you must become a registered agent. You need to have a position or title in the business in that case, and you need an address in Nevada. For most people, this isn’t the best option because of the amount of work required to keep up with important correspondence.  

Once you have chosen your new registered agent, you can begin the actual filing. Unlike other states, Nevada doesn’t allow you to submit this type of change through a government portal or use your annual report to do so. The process requires that you download a Statement of Change of Registered Agent by Represented Entity form.

Once you fill out the form, you have to send it to the Secretary of State. To do this, you can send it via email, fax, or mail. You can also submit it in person by going to the appropriate address. 

The email address is, and the fax number is (775) 684-7123. If you want to mail the form or deliver it in person, the appropriate address is 202 North Carson Street, Carson City, NV 89701. For expedited requests, you can mail them to 2250 Las Vegas Blvd. North, Suite 400.

Remember that a Customer Order Instructions sheet has to accompany any paper form you file in Nevada. If you are not sure how to do this or you would rather have someone else worry about filing the necessary forms, you can always hire a registered agent service to do it for you. 

What Are the Fees Associated With Changing a Registered Agent in Nevada?

When you file the Statement of Change of Registered Agent by Represented Entity, you must pay $60. You can pay via money order or check made out to the Secretary of State. You can also pay by card if you submit an ePayment checklist. 

If you need the filing done quickly, you have the option of a 24-hour filing for $25, a two-hour filing for $500, or a one-hour filing for $1,000. If you decide to hire a registered agent service to file the paperwork for you, you will also have to pay their fees. 

How Long Does It Take to Change a Registered Agent in Nevada?

It generally takes about one week to complete the process to change registered agents in Nevada. This period can be shorter if you send the filing by email. If you choose expedited filing, you have the chance to get the filing completed in 24 hours, two hours, or one hour. You will receive a confirmation copy of your filing and payment using the return service that you choose on the Customer Order Instruction form. 

Who Should You Notify About Changing Your Registered Agent in Nevada?

You should let your business partners, bank, and creditors know that you have filed to change your registered agent. You would also want to let anyone who has a contract or any other kind of arrangement with you know about the change. 

It’s essential that you let the Nevada Secretary of State know of your new status. Not doing so can earn you penalties and could even put your business at risk

You have to let your previous agent know promptly, too. Although this isn’t legally required, it’s the right thing to do for both the agent and you. Otherwise, you could end up paying bills for services you don’t need. 

What Happens if You Fail to Change Your Registered Agent In Nevada?

If you don’t file to change registered agent in Nevada promptly, you could face fines and penalties. In some instances, the Secretary of State may penalize your business and close it for lack of compliance with state laws. 

It’s also crucial to understand that you must have a registered agent for a business in Nevada. It’s a requirement that applies to all LLCs, corporations, and limited partnerships. Not having a registered agent at all can cause your business to fall out of “Good Standing” within Nevada. 

It could even prevent your business from entering into contracts or gaining access to Nevada courts. Not having an agent could subject the business to civil, monetary, and even criminal sanctions in extreme cases. 

If your registered agent decides to resign, you have up to 31 days to find a replacement. If you fail to do so by the deadline, you could face penalties and fines. 

How Often Can You Change Your Registered Agent in Nevada?

As long as you follow all the rules and file correctly, you can change your registered agent as many times as you need to in Nevada. 

Keeping Your LLC in Good Standing

Your registered agent is an integral part of your LLC. They have to be ready to stay on top of all business correspondence and alert you of anything that promptly needs your attention. There can be instances, however, when you may need to change your registered agent, and Nevada makes the process simple. 

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Can I change my registered agent in Nevada at any time?

Yes, you can change your registered agent whenever you want. To do so, you simply fill out a Statement of Change of Registered Agent by Represented Entity form and pay the required $60 fee. 
That said, keep in mind that Nevada, unlike other states, doesn’t allow you to make these changes on your annual report. You also can’t file the change through the online business portal. Instead, you need to download the form and either mail it, email it, or fax it to the appropriate place. 

Can I change my registered agent myself, or do I need to hire a professional in Nevada?

You can change your registered agent without relying on a professional because the process is straightforward. Some people don’t have the time to do this or prefer to have someone with experience taking care of the paperwork. 
If that’s what you’d prefer, you can turn to a registered agent service. They will do all the work for you and ensure you remain compliant with state law. 

Will changing my registered agent in Nevada have any impact on my business operations or legal standing?

As long as you follow the protocol and alert the Secretary of State, your business operations and legal standing are unaffected by the process of changing your registered agent. 

Can I change my registered agent if I am not physically located in Nevada?

Yes! You don’t need to be in Nevada at the moment you file the paperwork. All you have to do is download and fill out the form before emailing, mailing, or faxing it. As such, you could be anywhere in the world and still manage the process. It can be better, however, to have a registered agent service do this for you if you do spend a lot of time away from the state. 

Are there any specific qualifications or requirements for a registered agent in Nevada?

To be a registered agent in Nevada, you have to have a physical address in the state. A post office box doesn’t count as an address to sign up as a registered agent. You have to be a business entity or individual located in Nevada.

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