We had the opportunity to chat with doola entrepreneur, Jorge Aguayo, Founder of Prata Joyería, to learn more about his enterprise and his experience with doola.

Jorge Aguayo’s Bio

Jorge Aguayo is the visionary founder of Prata Joyería, a Mexican jewelry retail enterprise that’s been turning heads with its sophisticated designs and commitment to supporting local talent. 

From statement pieces to everyday wear, each of Prata Joyería’s jewelry items is handmade by talented local artisans, showcasing the best of Mexico’s rich cultural heritage.

“I feel very comfortable because they (doola) were guiding me step-by-step.”

When Jorge set his sights on expanding Prata Joyería’s reach to the US market, he knew he had a lot to learn. The market was foreign to him, and breaking into it seemed like an insurmountable challenge. But that didn’t faze Jorge.

“To start my company in the US, I prepared a lot of years, trying to speak better English and understand the American culture…”

Through his unwavering persistence, Jorge steadily carved out a place for himself on this new playing field. And after partnering with us here at doola, Prata Joyería finally opened up shop in the US without any hangups—just a smooth, efficient, compliant process.

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Video Interview

Learn more about Jorge Aguayo and his company, Prata Joyería, and stay up to date on the success of his business.
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