Meet doola entrepreneur Deon Bryan

Deon Bryan, a dedicated British Army veteran and founder of Viteranz, values health through the lens of a decade-long service and being a husband and father to three.

His research led to a groundbreaking National Library of Medicine article illustrating the association between vitamin D serum levels, supplementation and its effect on self-harm and suicide risks, particularly in black veterans, where risk is reduced by up to 64%.

Seeing Vitamin D affordability and potential benefits, he established Viteranz, a premium supplement brand catering to the unique needs of black veterans.

Beyond products, Viteranz is a mission for better health and well being for all black veterans. Each purchase commits 30% of profits to black veteran charities. By joining the Viteranz community, you’re investing in your health and making a real difference.

Can you share a little bit about yourself and why you decided to start a business?

I started on Amazon around 10 years ago, and more recently, I’ve launched a new supplement brand called Viteranz, targeting the specific needs of black veterans. This initiative emerged from my own experiences as a veteran and the challenges I faced after leaving the army. Despite exploring various businesses, Amazon has proven to be the most successful platform for me.

How did you identify the problem and the product for your business?

It was somewhat accidental. Despite conventional advice to niche down, I stumbled upon an article from the National Institute of Health about the correlation between vitamin D supplementation and reduced risks of suicidal attempts in veterans. This led me to focus on creating a product that could address this specific need for black veterans.

When setting up your Amazon store, how did you navigate the process, especially if you hadn’t done it before?

Initially, I underwent training through the Amazon Amazing Selling Machine about a decade ago. For this recent venture, I stumbled upon doola and found the process much simpler than it was a decade ago. The ease of setup, combined with the resources available through doola, helped me get things done efficiently.

What’s the biggest challenge you’re facing in terms of growing and scaling the business?

The major challenge right now is getting the word out. As a one-man band with some support from a VA and family, finding time amidst other responsibilities to create and implement a content schedule has proven to be a significant challenge.

If you could give advice to your past self or someone starting on Amazon, what would it be?

Stick with it. Challenges will come your way, whether it’s navigating support or unforeseen issues. Amazon, with its massive user base and trust factor, is a great platform to launch a brand. Persistence is key, especially during challenging times.

What’s the best way for people to reach you and learn more about your business?

The best way to reach me is through my website, Viteranz, or via email at I’m also active on social media as the brand continues to grow.

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