Business License Change of Address: A Starter Guide

If you’ve established and built your business and acquired all necessary licenses, moving the business or changing the business address can seem like an additional hassle. Whether your business is an LLC or a corporation, there are simple steps to take to ensure you’ve made all the correct filings for a business license change of address. Read on to learn more. 

How Does Updating Your Business License with a Change of Address Work?

You cannot use a PO box for your legal business address, so whether your business has outgrown its current location or rent increases forced you to move, you’ll need to change your business address. Moving your business and changing your address means you’ll need to submit the required documents and some fees, depending on the license type and the state where you’re registered. You’ll also want to notify your customers, vendors, and the appropriate government agencies.

You must notify the federal, state, and local tax authorities whenever you change your business address. You may also need to notify officials in the location you’re leaving and the new jurisdiction you will be relocating the business to. 

And since a business license isn’t the same as a registered address, you will need to update any relevant business licenses and, in some cases, apply for new licenses to operate from the new address. 

Documents to Submit

When you change business addresses, first, you must submit Form 8822-B for a change of address to notify the IRS. You can also use this form to notify the IRS when you change your mailing address, the responsible party, or business location. You can’t submit Form 8822-B online, so you must mail a copy to the IRS. The form includes instructions for where to mail it based on where the business operates. 

Next, you’ll need to notify your state’s tax agency. Each state has its own policies, so you’ll need to check with your state’s taxing agency for specific requirements. If you’re moving within the same state, you’ll generally need to inform the Secretary of State, the state department of revenue or tax authority, and the local or city levels. 

Finally, you must notify relevant licensing agencies if you hold any business licenses. It is important to check licensing requirements if you do not currently hold any business licenses. You may also need to cancel business licenses from your old location if your business discontinues operations there. 

Associated Fees

When you change business address, you will generally need to update the Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State and pay an associated fee. The associated fees you’ll need to pay when changing the address in your business license vary by state. 

You can check the requirements and filing fees with your state’s secretary. In most states, the Secretary of State’s website will include the form to change the business address, filing information, and appropriate fees. 


How long it takes to update your business license with a change of address depends on the company structure and state of residence. Generally, it takes around 30 days to get confirmation of a business address change from the IRS. However, you should allow up to 60 days.


You can check with the IRS and on your Secretary of State’s website to verify that your business license address has been updated.  

What Happens if You Don’t Update Your Business License with a New Address?

If you don’t update your business license with a new address, you could face fines or penalties. Your LLC could lose its operating license. In addition, you may not receive important notifications, certifications, or updated licenses without the correct business address. 

How Does Updating Your Business License Affect Your Other Business Registrations, Permits and Tax Obligations?

Whether you move to a new office location in the same city or move the business across the country, the location can have rippling effects on required licenses, permits, and company taxes. Therefore, it’s essential to notify the regulatory boards governing your business licenses and registrations.

Before changing your business address, it’s important to understand the requirements and obligations in the new location, as updating your business license with a change of address can affect your other business registrations, permits, and tax obligations. 

For example, if you move the business to a new state or city, you might be required to apply for new permits or registrations. It can also affect your tax obligations. Sometimes, it might not affect your licensing needs or taxes, but it’s important to understand that before the move. 

Do You Need a Business License Change of Address? 

Any time the business changes locations, whether due to a move, an expansion, or new branches, you’ll need to update your business address for business licenses. This is a simple process but can have far-reaching negative consequences for your business if you fail to make the filings. 

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How soon should I update my business address after moving?

You should update your business address as soon as you move. You should inform federal, state, and local authorities. It’s also important to inform customers, vendors, and suppliers immediately. 

Can I change my business address if I move to a different city or state?

Yes, you can change your business address if you move to a different city or state. Even if you move within the same city, updating your business address as soon as you move is important. 

Can I update my business address if I am in the process of changing ownership or legal structure?

Yes, you can update your business address even when changing ownership or legal structure. However, you may need to update key business information or filings again once that process is complete. 

Can I change my business address multiple times?

Yes, you can change your business address multiple times. However, frequently changing your business address may lead to administrative inconvenience or communication delays.

Will changing my business address affect my business’s legal status or standing?

Changing your business address should not affect your business’s legal status or standing. However, you must correctly file all forms with the federal, state, and local authorities to avoid legal issues for your company after a change of address.

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