7 Best Neobanks in the USA

The financial landscape is evolving rapidly. Traditional banking models are no longer the only option. Neobanks, or digital-only banks, are gaining traction by offering a convenient, fee-conscious alternative.

Neobanks prioritize user experience with mobile-centric platforms. They often eliminate or significantly reduce fees associated with traditional banking. Additionally, neobanks frequently integrate innovative features, such as budgeting tools, rewards programs, and simplified investing options.

Are you considering a switch to a neobank? With so many options, selecting the most suitable choice can be challenging. This article will explore the top 7 neobanks in the USA. Let’s delve into the features and benefits of these leading neobanks and also discuss the future of neobanking in the US.

What are Neobanks?

Neobanks are entirely digital financial institutions. Unlike traditional banks with physical branches, neobanks operate exclusively online. This digital-first approach allows them to streamline processes, reduce overhead costs, and ultimately offer several advantages to customers.

Key Characteristics of Neobanks

Mobile-Centric Platform: Neobanks prioritize user-friendly mobile apps for account management. These apps allow 24/7 access to core banking functions like checking balances, transferring funds, and paying bills.

    Focus on Reduced Fees: Many neobanks eliminate or significantly reduce common banking fees, such as monthly maintenance and ATM withdrawal fees, within their network. This translates to substantial savings for customers.

      Integration of Innovative Features: Neobanks often go beyond basic banking functionalities. They may offer budgeting tools to help you track your spending or even integrated investment options for wealth management.

        Faster Account Opening: Neobanks typically boast a quick and easy online application process, which allows you to open an account in minutes.

          Catering to Specific Needs: Some neobanks cater to particular customer segments. For example, there are neobanks designed for freelancers with features that address their unique income flow.

            How to Evaluate Neobanks

            How to Evaluate Neobanks

            Here’s a roadmap to help you evaluate neobanks and find the perfect fit for your financial needs:

            Consider Your Banking Habits

            Neobanks thrive on mobile apps. If you manage finances on the go, a user-friendly mobile app is crucial.

              If you regularly deal with cash, choose a neobank with easy cash deposit options, or one partnered with banks that allow cash deposits.

                Do you value phone support? If so, narrow your search to neobanks offering phone support alongside online chat or email.

                  Analyze Features and Fees

                  All neobanks should offer basic features like checking accounts, debit cards and money transfers. But some might provide additional perks like budgeting tools or international transactions without fees.

                    Compare monthly maintenance fees and ATM withdrawal fees (both in and out-of-network). Also, consider any potential charges for international transactions or wire transfers.

                      Identify Your Financial Goals

                      Look for neobanks with integrated budgeting tools, high-yield savings accounts, or round-up savings features. Some neobanks offer early access to your paycheck, thus improving your cash flow management.

                          Some neobanks also provide integrated investment options to manage spending and investing within one platform.

                            Research Security and Regulations

                            Ensure your chosen neobank is FDIC-insured, which will protect your funds up to a certain limit in case of bank failure. Research the neobank’s security measures to protect your financial information. Look for multi-factor authentication and encryption protocols.

                                Read Reviews and User Experiences

                                Check independent review sites and financial blogs for insights into real-user experiences with different neobanks. Look for reviews and discussions on social media platforms to get a sense of customer satisfaction.

                                    Top Neobanks in the USA

                                    Top Neobanks in the USA

                                    Now, let’s turn our attention to some of the leading neobanks in the USA:

                                    1. Wise

                                    Wise (formerly TransferWise) is a global money transfer service with an integrated multi-currency account. It operates as a neobank. Thus, offering an alternative to traditional banks for international transactions and money management.

                                    Key Features

                                    • International Money Transfers
                                    • Multi-Currency Account
                                    • Wise Debit Card
                                    • 2-Factor Authentication


                                    • Wise saves you money on international transactions with its transparent fees and competitive exchange rates.
                                    • You can manage multiple currencies and send/receive money internationally from a single platform.
                                    • Wise caters to all individuals and businesses of all scales with global financial needs.


                                    • Limited core banking features
                                    • Limited physical presence
                                    • Potential delays for larger amount transfers


                                    Registering with Wise is free of cost. The platform avoids hidden fees, and its exchange rate starts from 0.35%, along with transfer costs upfront.


                                    Wise has a 4.3 user rating on TrustPilot.

                                    Is Wise Right for You?

                                    Wise shines for frequent international transactions due to its competitive rates and fees. The multi-currency account is perfect for managing finances abroad. However, Wise might not be ideal if you need a full-service bank with features like loans or prefer in-person service.

                                    2. Yotta

                                    Yotta is a mobile-first neobank designed for everyday banking with a twist: gamified savings and the chance to win prizes every single day.

                                    Key Features

                                    • Free Checking Account
                                    • Gamified Savings
                                    • High-Yield Savings Option
                                    • No Minimum Balance Requirements


                                    • Yotta gamifies everyday debit card purchases, giving you a chance to win prizes with every swipe.
                                    • Yotta Savings offers competitive interest rates on your deposited funds.
                                    • You won’t encounter any monthly maintenance charges or minimum balance requirements with Yotta.


                                    • Limited advanced banking features
                                    • Newer player
                                    • Focus on debit card use


                                    Yotta’s pricing structure isn’t available publicly.


                                    Yotta has a 4.5 user rating on TrustPilot.

                                    Is Yotta Right for You?

                                    Yotta is a compelling option if you’re looking for a fun and potentially rewarding way to manage your everyday banking. The gamified savings and high-yield savings option can incentivize saving.

                                    However, if you need a more comprehensive range of banking features or prefer a more established institution, Yotta might not be the best fit.

                                    3. Mercury

                                    Mercury caters specifically to startups and early-stage businesses. It’s a fintech company, not a traditional bank, offering financial tools designed to streamline business banking.

                                    Key Features

                                    • Business Banking Accounts
                                    • Corporate Credit Card
                                    • Venture Debt
                                    • Integration with Accounting Tools


                                    • Mercury understands the unique needs of startups and offers features like venture debt and easy integration with accounting tools.
                                    • Mercury avoids many common banking fees, potentially saving your business money.
                                    • As your business grows, Mercury’s features and services can scale alongside your needs.


                                    • Limited to businesses
                                    • Newer entrant
                                    • Limited physical presence


                                    Mercury offers free account opening and no minimum balance requirements. It also eliminates monthly maintenance charges and overdraft fees from the mix.


                                    Mercury has a 3.8 user rating on TrustPilot.

                                    Is Mercury Right for You?

                                    If you’re a startup founder or run a young business, Mercury is a strong contender. Their focus on startups, fee-friendly structure, and integration with accounting tools can simplify your financial management. 

                                    However, if you’re an individual or require traditional banking features like in-person support, Mercury might not be your best bet.

                                    4. MoneyLion

                                    MoneyLion is a one-stop neobank. It offers mobile banking, credit-building tools, and investment options. 

                                    The platform caters to a broad audience seeking a convenient platform to manage their finances.

                                    Key Features

                                    • Mobile Banking
                                    • Cash Advances
                                    • Credit Builder Loan
                                    • Managed Investing


                                    • Manage your checking account, access credit-building tools, and explore investment options centrally within a single app.
                                    • Get a safety net with access to small, interest-free cash advances to avoid overdraft fees.
                                    • MoneyLion offers features to help you build or improve your credit score.


                                    • Limited branch network
                                    • Fees for some advanced features
                                    • Investment minimums


                                    The pricing structure of MoneyLion isn’t available publicly.


                                    Mercury has a 4.5 user rating on TrustPilot.

                                    Is MoneyLion Right for You?

                                    If you value convenience, access to credit-building tools, and the option to explore investing, MoneyLion could be a good fit. 

                                    However, if you require frequent in-person banking services or prefer a wider branch network, MoneyLion might not be the best pick. Also, consider any potential fees associated with specific features before signing up.

                                    5. SoFi

                                    SoFi is another US-based neobank for your financial needs. It offers a robust mobile banking platform alongside investing, loan refinancing, and credit card options. This comprehensive approach caters to individuals and businesses seeking a centralized platform to manage their finances.

                                    Key Features

                                    • Mobile Banking
                                    • Competitive Interest Rates
                                    • Investing Options
                                    • Loan Refinancing


                                    • With SoFi, you can manage your checking and savings, invest your money, and explore loan refinancing options, without hopping between different apps.
                                    • SoFi offers attractive interest rates on savings accounts and potentially lower rates when refinancing existing loans.
                                    • You can earn cashback rewards with the SoFi Credit Card for everyday spending.


                                    • Limited physical presence
                                    • Newer investment platform
                                    • Eligibility requirements


                                    SoFi doesn’t charge any account fees on your checking and savings accounts.


                                    SoFi has a 4.6 user rating on TrustPilot.

                                    Is SoFi Right for You?

                                    SoFi caters to individuals seeking a centralized solution for banking, investing, and potentially refinancing existing debt. 

                                    However, if you prioritize established investment platforms, SoFi might not be for you. Additionally, it’s important to consider your eligibility for loan refinancing and credit card options before diving in.

                                    6. Chime

                                    Chime is another popular neobank designed for everyday banking. Its main focus is on convenience and affordability. As a platform, Chime caters to a broad audience seeking a mobile-centric platform for managing their finances.

                                    Key Features

                                    • Free Checking Account
                                    • SpotMe (Eligibility requirements apply)
                                    • Early Paycheck Access
                                    • Credit Builder Visa


                                    • Chime can save you money on common banking fees. It can also avoid monthly maintenance charges, foreign transaction fees, and ATM withdrawal fees within its network.
                                    • You can manage your finances on the go with a user-friendly mobile app and features like mobile deposit and early access to your paycheck.
                                    • Chime provides SpotMe and the Credit Builder Visa to help you build or improve your credit score.


                                    • Limited features
                                    • Limited scope for in-person assistance
                                    • Eligibility requirements for SpotMe and Credit Builder Visa


                                    Chime doesn’t charge any monthly or overdraft fees.


                                    Chime has a 2.5 user rating on TrustPilot.

                                    Is Chime Right for You?

                                    Chime is a strong contender if you’re looking for a convenient and affordable neobank. With features like free checking, early access to paychecks, and credit-building tools, Chime simplifies finances for many users. 

                                    However, if you require a wider range of banking features like bill pay, there are other options you should consider. 

                                    Additionally, be mindful of any eligibility requirements for some specific advanced features.

                                    7. Dave

                                    Dave is a mobile-first banking app designed to help users manage their finances on the go and avoid overdraft fees. It caters to those seeking a safety net and goal-setting tools to improve their cash flow.

                                    Key Features

                                    • Free Checking Account
                                    • ExtraCash™ Advances (eligibility requirements apply)
                                    • Goal Setting Tools
                                    • Side Hustle Marketplace
                                    • CashAI


                                    • Dave’s focus is on preventing overdrafts. Features like ExtraCash™ advances save you significant money compared to traditional banks.
                                    • Manage your checking account, set goals, and explore side hustle options — all within the user-friendly mobile app.
                                    • Dave encourages responsible financial habits with goal setting and tools to avoid overdrafts.


                                    • No bill pay or investment options
                                    • Newer player
                                    • Eligibility requirements


                                    The pricing structure of Dave isn’t available publicly.


                                    While Dave isn’t registered on TrustPilot, it does have 4.4 and 4.8 user-ratings on the Andriod and iOS app stores, respectively.

                                    Is Dave Right for You?

                                    Dave is a valuable option if you struggle with overdrafts or want a safety net to avoid them. The app’s focus on managing cash flow and avoiding fees can be particularly beneficial if you’re a budget-conscious individual

                                    However, if you need a wider range of banking features, there are better options for you than Dave. Also, remember to check eligibility requirements before signing up.

                                    The Future of Neobanking in the USA

                                    The shift is just getting started. We can expect a surge in competition, with new neobanks emerging to cater to specific needs, from students and freelancers to digital nomads.

                                    But neobanks aren’t just about convenience. They’re also pushing the boundaries of financial technology. 

                                    Imagine voice-activated banking, budgeting tools powered by artificial intelligence, and seamless investing all within your neobank app. This level of innovation will redefine the banking experience.

                                    Faced with this disruption, we might see traditional banks adopting some neobank features or even partner with them to offer a more comprehensive services. This potential collaboration could benefit everyone, giving customers more choices and flexibility.

                                    Security, of course, remains a top concern. As the new banking sector continues to grow, regulations and security measures will likely evolve to ensure consumer protection.

                                    To sum it up, the future of US banking is being reshaped by neobanks. Their focus on convenience, affordability, and cutting-edge technology makes them a force to be reckoned with. They’re not just a fad, they’re a major player in the years to come.

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                                    Americans’ banking is undergoing a digital revolution, thanks to neobanks. But choosing the right one for your business is just the first step. There’s a lot more to do. 

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                                    Are neobanks safe? 

                                    Reputable neobanks protect your information with security measures. However, as a relatively new industry, some may lack the long-term track record of traditional banks.

                                    Who are neobanks good for? 

                                    Neobanks can be a good fit for tech-savvy individuals who value convenience, affordability, and innovative features. They might also suit those who struggle with traditional bank fees or have limited access to physical branches.

                                    Can I switch from a traditional bank to a neobank? 

                                    Absolutely! Switching can be a smooth process, but be sure to research the new neobank thoroughly and ensure they offer features that align with your needs.

                                    Do neobanks offer loans or credit cards? 

                                    Some neobanks do offer loan options like credit-builder loans or debit cards that can help build credit scores. However, the specific loan and credit card products may vary depending on the neobank.

                                    What about customer service with neobanks? 

                                    Customer service options can vary. Many neobanks offer robust in-app support features like chatbots or email support, while some might also provide phone support.

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