Best Banks for Digital Nomads 2024

The allure of the digital nomad lifestyle — working remotely from any corner of the globe — is undeniable. However, managing finances on the move can be a complex challenge.

Traditional banks often present obstacles, such as hefty foreign transaction fees, limited international accessibility, and cumbersome account structures. These factors can easily disrupt your dream of location independence.

Whether your priority is a multi-currency account for effortless spending or fee-free ATM access worldwide — this is your financial roadmap as a digital nomad. We’ll navigate different banking options and identify the best accounts for your mobile work style.

Traditional vs International Banks: What Is Best for Digital Nomads?

Traditional vs International Banks_ What Is Best for Digital Nomads

Deciding between a traditional bank and an international option can make a big difference in managing your finances as a digital nomad. 

What to Look for in a Bank as a Digital Nomad

Don’t let lousy banking cramp your nomadic style! Here’s what you should prioritize to find a bank that fits your lifestyle.

Fees: Your Nomad Nightmare (and How to Avoid It)

Find a bank that offers fee-free foreign transactions or a competitive exchange rate. Every penny counts, especially for nomads!

Also, look for a bank with a vast ATM network abroad or one that reimburses those pesky withdrawal fees. Monthly maintenance fees can also drain your account. Find a bank with minimal or no monthly fees — especially if you don’t plan on keeping a large balance.

Global Access: Your Bank Should Be a World Traveler Too

A user-friendly mobile app is your best friend on the road. Manage your account, transfer funds, and pay bills — all from your phone. Reliable 24/7 customer support will also give you peace of mind.

Consider a bank that offers multi-currency accounts. These accounts let you hold and manage different currencies, simplifying budgeting and spending in various countries. It’s like having a mini financial passport!

Security: Keeping Your Money Safe on the Go

Robust security features are essential. Look for a bank with multi-factor authentication and other strong measures to protect your hard-earned cash. Make sure your bank also offers fraud protection. This helps you recover funds in case of unauthorized transactions.

Bonus Tip: Think About Your Income

If you’re a freelancer, who’ll be getting paid from clients abroad, consider a bank that simplifies receiving international payments.

Key Differences That Affect Global Financial Management

Global financial management — it’s about keeping your money organized and accessible when you’re living a life less ordinary. However, there are some key differences you need to consider when managing your finances in traditional banks.

First, fees. Foreign transaction fees and unfavorable exchange rates can eat up huge chunks of your hard-earned cash. Global financial management needs to minimize these fees. This can be done through competitive exchange rates or accounts with built-in fee waivers.

Another hurdle is accessibility. Brick-and-mortar branches might be comforting back home, but they’re not exactly helpful halfway across the world. Global financial management needs to be mobile-friendly. It is a user-friendly app that lets you manage your account, transfer funds, and pay bills from anywhere.

Currency fluctuations can also wreak your budget. Imagine saving up in one currency only to see its value drop significantly when you reach your dream destination. Global financial management must give you options to hold and manage different currencies. This way, you can take advantage of favorable exchange rates and avoid the burn of currency swings.

Security is another big concern. Unfortunately, scammers and thieves don’t take vacations. Global financial management needs robust security features to protect your money. Look for a bank that offers multi-factor authentication and other measures to keep your hard-earned cash safe.

Finally, consider how you’ll receive income. If you’re getting paid by clients abroad, global financial management should make receiving international payments easy and affordable.

Best International Banks for Digital Nomads

Best International Banks for Digital Nomads

Here are the top international banking options specifically tailored to meet the financial needs of today’s digital nomad workforce.


Wise is a powerful tool for anyone who deals with international finances. Their multi-currency accounts allow you to hold and manage money in different currencies, making them ideal for digital nomads. They offer competitive exchange rates and transparent fees, often beating out traditional banks on cost.

You can also ditch the foreign transaction fees with their borderless debit card. Plus, the card is free to order and has no monthly fees.

Their user-friendly app lets you send money internationally on the go, track transfers, and even initiate bank transfers or make debit/credit card payments. Security is a priority, too, with two-step verification available to keep your account safe.

Key Features:

  • Upfront fees & competitive rates

  • Multiple currencies supported

  • Fast & secure transfers

  • No monthly fees or hidden charges


Revolut is a great option for digital nomads who want seamless finance management at an affordable price. It is a mobile banking platform designed specifically for digital nomads. It tackles the biggest pain points for remote workers who travel frequently: foreign transaction fees and managing finances across borders.

Manage your finances from anywhere with Revolut’s user-friendly mobile app. With just a few taps on your phone, you can check balances, transfer funds, and pay bills.

Plus, it lets you spend and withdraw cash in multiple currencies without surprise charges (up to established monthly limits). Competitive exchange rates ensure the maximum value of your hard-earned income.

Key Features:

  • Competitive exchange rates

  • User-friendly mobile app

  • Budgeting tools

  • Multi-currency account

  • International money transfers

Keep in Mind:

  • Monthly Limits: While Revolut offers free transactions and ATM withdrawals, monthly limits exist. For high spenders, these limits might not be enough.

  • Limited Availability: Revolut isn’t available in all countries yet. Do your research to ensure it works in your destinations.


Payoneer is a financial platform designed to streamline how you get paid by clients around the world. It lets you receive payments via bank transfers, e-checks, or even local receiving accounts in select countries. Payoneer also offers competitive rates for international payments, saving you money on every transaction without any expensive wire transfer fees.

Payoneer simplifies the digital nomad lifestyle by letting you issue professional invoices directly through its platform, ensuring you get paid on time. You can also pay your virtual assistant, contractor, or other collaborators directly through Payoneer.

Key Features:

  • Flexible payment options

  • Global payment account

  • Seamless withdrawals

  • Simplified invoicing

  • Team management (if applicable)

  • Industry-standard security and fraud protection

Best US Banks for Digital Nomads

Best US Banks for Digital Nomads

Here’s our analysis of top US bank options for a seamless financial experience on the go.  


First, while Chime may not be the perfect fit for all digital nomads, it offers a compelling option for US citizens working remotely within the country.

Chime is primarily a mobile banking platform for US digital nomads prioritizing a mobile-first banking experience with no monthly fees. The free in-network ATM withdrawals and mobile check deposit features add to the convenience factor.

Key Features:

  • Free mobile app

  • No monthly fees

  • Free ATM network

  • Mobile check deposit

  • Spend tracking & alerts

Keep in Mind:

  • Limited Features: Chime is primarily a mobile banking platform and lacks some features of traditional banks, such as international money transfers or safety deposit boxes.

  • US-Only: Chime’s services are currently limited to the United States. Chime won’t be your global financial solution if your nomadic adventures take you beyond US borders.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab is the answer to your search if you’re a digital nomad who craves a seamless blend of everyday banking and investment opportunities. This banking solution lets you manage your checking account and investments from a single platform, perfect if you want to grow your wealth while you explore.

With Charles Schwab, you can invest in big companies with less cash. It lets you buy fractional shares, making it easier to start building a diversified portfolio. Plus, you can take control of your finances from anywhere with the user-friendly Charles Schwab Bank mobile app. Check balances, transfer funds, and deposit checks — all on your phone.

Key Features:

  • Free ATM withdrawals worldwide

  • No foreign transaction fees

  • Investment & banking integrated

  • Fractional shares

  • High-yield checking account

CapitalOne 360

CapitalOne 360 is a solid choice for US digital nomads prioritizing a mobile-centric banking experience without monthly fees. The free ATM network and mobile check deposit features also add to its charm.

However, if your adventures frequently take you beyond US borders, CapitalOne 360 might not suit your global lifestyle.

Key Features:

  • No monthly maintenance fees

  • Free ATM network

  • Mobile check deposit

  • Real-time transaction monitoring

Best UK Banks for Digital Nomads

Best UK Banks for Digital Nomads

Choose the right UK-based bank for your remote career from our top picks.  


Monzo is a mobile-first bank designed for the modern digital nomad. It offers a seamless way to manage your finances from anywhere in the world.

The combination of fee-free foreign transactions, competitive exchange rates, and a user-friendly mobile app makes it a strong contender. With handy budgeting features, Monzo also helps you stay on top of your spending. You can categorize transactions, set spending goals, and track your progress—all within the app.

Key Features:

  • No foreign transaction fees

  • Smart budgeting tools

  • Free ATM withdrawals abroad (Up to Limits)

  • Freeze your card instantly through the app


Starling Bank, a mobile-first bank in the UK, caters perfectly to digital nomads. It lets you use your debit card in multiple currencies without hidden fees, saving you money on every international transaction.

You can also access your cash conveniently with free ATM withdrawals abroad (up to monthly limits). This eliminates the stress of finding ATMs that charge hefty fees, a common pain point for digital nomads.

Key Features:

  • Zero foreign transaction fees

  • Competitive exchange rates

  • Free ATM withdrawals worldwide (Up to Limits)

  • Instant spending notifications & card freeze

Best Banks for European Digital Nomads

Best Banks for European Digital Nomads

Here are the top European bank options for a seamless financial journey if you’re a digital nomad


Monese is a strong option for digital nomads and frequent travelers who want a borderless banking experience. Its ability to hold multiple currencies, combined with fee-free foreign transactions and a user-friendly mobile app, makes it compelling.

However, the limited free ATM withdrawals and availability restrictions in some countries are essential to consider before deciding.

Key Features:

  • Multiple currencies in one account

  • Fee-free foreign transactions

  • Competitive exchange rates

  • Instant card freeze with the app


N26, a mobile-first bank from Europe, is another strong contender for digital nomads seeking a seamless and affordable banking solution. Its free ATM withdrawals abroad (with limits), no foreign transaction fees, and user-friendly mobile app make it a popular choice for freelancers, remote workers, and digital nomads.

However, remember that free ATM withdrawals are limited unless you upgrade. Carefully evaluate your banking needs, travel plans, and ATM usage habits to determine if N26 matches your banking requirements.

Key Features:

  • No ATM fees & foreign transaction costs

  • Money management on the go

  • Innovative budgeting tools (for premium accounts)

  • Security measures for your money and information

So, What’s the Best Digital Nomad Bank?

There are many options out there, each with its pros and cons. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a breakdown of the top contenders for digital nomad banking:

Comparing Top Contenders for the Crown of Digital Nomad Banking

Here’s a breakdown of the top digital nomad banking contenders to help you make your pick:

🏦 Wise

The king of international finance. Wise shines with its multi-currency accounts, transparent fees, and competitive exchange rates. Their borderless debit card makes it a budget-friendly option. However, Wise doesn’t offer budgeting tools or in-app investment options.

🏦 Revolut

A strong all-rounder, Revolut tackles foreign transaction fees and manages multiple currencies. Its user-friendly app lets you spend and withdraw globally, but be mindful of monthly limits on free transactions and ATM withdrawals. Additionally, Revolut’s availability is limited in some countries.

🏦 Chime

Great US-centric choice, it offers free in-network ATM withdrawals, and its mobile check deposit features are convenient. However, Chime lacks international features and operates solely within the US.

🏦 Charles Schwab

Ideal for investment-savvy nomads. This one-stop shop connects your checking account to investment opportunities. Global ATM fee reimbursements and no foreign transaction fees make it a budget-conscious option for international travel. However, keep in mind the limited physical branches.

🏦 CapitalOne 360

This is a solid US choice with no monthly fees and a user-friendly mobile app. Free ATM withdrawals with out-of-network reimbursements (up to a limit) also help manage cash flow. However, Capital One 360 offers limited international features.

🏦 Monzo

A UK favorite with fee-free foreign transactions, competitive exchange rates, and budgeting tools within its app. Free ATM withdrawals abroad (up to limits) ease on-the-go cash access. However, remember that Monzo’s services are primarily available to UK residents.

🏦 Starling Bank

A strong UK contender with zero foreign transaction fees, competitive exchange rates, and free ATM withdrawals abroad (up to limits). Similar to Monzo, Starling is also limited to UK residents.

🏦 N26

A European mobile banking leader with free ATM withdrawals and spending (up to limits). Upgrading to premium accounts unlocks advanced budgeting tools. However, N26 has limitations on free ATM withdrawals unless you upgrade (which incurs a fee). Plus, their services aren’t available in all countries.

🏦 Monese

It is designed for globetrotters. Monese allows you to hold and manage money in multiple currencies within a single account. Fee-free foreign transactions and a user-friendly mobile app make it convenient. Limited free ATM withdrawals might be a drawback for high ATM users.

Choosing Your Champion:

The perfect digital nomad bank depends on your specific needs. Consider these factors:

Travel Frequency & Location

Are you primarily in the US or Europe or venturing globally? Choose a bank with relevant features and global reach.

ATM Usage

Do you rely heavily on cash? Factor in free ATM withdrawal limits and potential fees.

Budgeting Needs

Do you need basic or advanced budgeting tools? Choose a bank that aligns with your financial management style.

Investment Goals

Do you want to invest alongside managing your checking account? Consider Charles Schwab Bank if this is a priority.

Final Considerations Before Making a Banking Decision

Consider the following factors before deciding about a bank for yourself:

✔ Your spending habits

If you make a lot of international transactions, look for a bank with competitive exchange rates and fee-free withdrawals.

✔ How you receive income

If you get paid from clients abroad, consider a bank that easily accepts international payments.

✔ Your travel plans

Research which banks operate in the countries you plan to visit.

✔ Security

Make sure your chosen bank offers robust security features for your hard-earned cash.

Ready to Start Saving Money With Your New Digital Nomad Bank Account?

Steps to Open Your New Account 

Opening a new digital nomad bank account is surprisingly simple! Know how:

1. Choose Your Champion

Refer back our list of contenders and pick the bank that best aligns with your requirements. Consider all the factors — your primary travel regions, ATM usage habits, budgeting needs, and investment goals.

    2. Download the App

    Most digital nomad banks operate primarily through user-friendly mobile apps. Head to your app store and download the chosen bank’s app. This puts the power of managing your finances directly at your fingertips.

      3. Prepare Your Documents

      Have your government-issued ID (passport or driver’s license) and any other documents requested by the bank readily available. This might also include proof of address documents. Having everything on hand will streamline the process.

        4. Follow the Onboarding Process

        Each bank has a slightly different signup process. Generally, you’ll be guided through creating your account, verifying your identity through a quick online process and linking your funding source. The entire process can usually be completed in a matter of minutes, so you can start enjoying the benefits of your new account quickly.

          5. Start Saving (and Spending)!

          Once your account is verified and ready to go, you can start managing your finances on the go. Enjoy the perks of your chosen bank, whether it’s fee-free foreign transactions for budget-conscious globetrotting or budgeting tools to keep your spending in check.

            Take Control of Your Finances with doola!

            Looking for guidance in your financial journey? doola can help!

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            Do I need a separate bank account for being a digital nomad?

            Not necessarily! However, a digital nomad bank account can offer several advantages like fee-free foreign transactions, competitive exchange rates, and features designed to manage finances across borders. It can simplify your life and save you more money compared to traditional banks.

            Can I open a digital nomad bank account if I’m not a resident of the country?

            Some banks have residency requirements. It’s crucial to check the eligibility criteria before applying.

            Is it safe to use a digital nomad bank account?

            Reputable digital nomad banks prioritize security with measures like two-factor authentication and encryption for your information and funds.

            What if my chosen bank isn’t available in all the countries I plan to visit?

            This is a valid concern. There are a couple of strategies for this.

            Consider having a secondary bank account with wider global reach as a backup. This might be a traditional bank with international capabilities or another digital nomad bank with a broader service area.

            Prepaid travel cards can be a good option for managing smaller expenses or for situations where your primary bank isn’t accepted. You can load them with funds in advance and avoid foreign transaction fees on purchases.

            How much money should I keep in my digital nomad bank account?

            This depends on your spending habits and travel style. It’s smart to maintain a buffer to cover unexpected expenses or delays. However, avoid keeping too much in a single account for security reasons. Consider transferring larger sums as needed.

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