Episode #6 - Zach Pogrob


In this episode, we sit down with Zach Pogrob, exploring his passions and following ‘obsession.’

As a writer, creator, and entrepreneur, Zach Pogrob has amassed over 1.5 million followers on Instagram and TikTok with his writing and animations. His goal is to motivate people worldwide to reach their goals by embracing their obsessions.

Highlights from the chat

Obsession as a catalyst for progress

Obsession is the driving force behind Zach’s success, and the common thread between his journey and that of revered personalities like Kobe Bryant. According to Zach, the 2010s were dominated by the work-life balance narrative, but true magic and exceptional achievements arise from ultimate obsession.

He believes obsession is a divisive word that sets apart those who are dedicated and truly care about their pursuits. Zach’s mission is to be the voice encouraging others to embrace obsession.

Advice for building an Instagram following

With over 1.5 million followers on Instagram, he advises aspiring creators to focus on Instagram Reels, observe successful creators, and identify gaps in their content strategies.

His personal rule is: “one medium every day for five years and getting better every day.” Iteration is the name of the game, and constant iteration is at the core of his strategy and output.

His “why” – it’s not what you think

Zach admits that, selfishly, he was initially driven by the desire for fame. The allure of being recognized and admired by those he looked up to fueled his dedication. However, he says if you don’t balance fame with financial success, you are at a risk of hindering your growth.

Zach’s inspiration

Jocko Willink is one of Zach’s inspirations and an example of a creator who successfully monetized every aspect of his life. He wants to follow a similar path, building a brand around his content and expanding into various ventures.

Work-life balance is a myth

Zach believes that work-life harmony, rather than balance, is crucial. True joy lies in finding something to be completely consumed by, challenging the traditional approach of work-life balance that, in his view, limits your potential.

How to find your obsession

It can be hard to identify your “obsession,” but by consistently producing content and staying open to opportunities you can find your niche and calling. He says it’s important to reach out to people whose content you appreciate on the internet and send a direct message expressing your admiration without any ulterior motives because that’s how you start building a powerful network.


00:44 What is Obsession
01:45 The Story Behind Obsession
03:11 Long-Term Mindset
04:11 Money, Power, Pleasure, or Fame
05:00 Unlocking Instagram Success
06:34 Vision for the Future
08:13 Unwavering in the Unpopular
09:53 Work/Life Balance
10:56 Finding Your Obsession
12:06 Dealing with Critics
13:24 Relationship Advice
14:22 Keystone Habit
15:03 Uncovering My Lesser-Known Traits
16:02 What Message Would You Share with the World?
17:05 Rapid Fire Questions

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