Episode #10 - Gennaro Ferra


Gennaro Ferra, the 1989 NABBA Mr. Australia and the 2020 & 2021 AAU Natural Mr. Universe, has been a master fitness and nutrition coach for over 35 years. He holds a degree in Physical Education and has operated his fitness coaching business in both Australia and New York City.

Specializing in body transformations, Gennaro works with clients of various levels, ages, and abilities, including those preparing for competitions, events, and movie roles.

His training incorporates a unique system called Powerpose*, which blends Tai Chi, Yoga, and classic physique posing to increase muscle definition, flexibility, and strength while enhancing confidence and the muscle-mind connection.

Now at nearly 57, he understands the unique needs of his clients and offers holistic body makeovers through 12-week programs that are results-driven, often showing positive changes within just two weeks.

Gennaro emphasizes full range of motion and slow, controlled movements in every workout, infusing Powerpose to enhance muscle growth and connection.

He also customizes all nutrition and workout programs, including meal offerings, leveraging his experience as a former professional bodybuilder to deliver fast results.

Highlights from the chat

From Aspiration to Achievement

Gennaro’s bodybuilding journey began right after high school, influenced by his athletic background and a deep appreciation for the art of muscle development. His path wasn’t easy; it took him four years of rigorous training to claim the title of Mr. Australia. His success didn’t stop there; he went on to win at the NABBA Mr. Universe in London, showcasing his excellence on a global stage.

Training Philosophy and Regimen

A firm believer in discipline and consistency, Gennaro’s training regimen evolved over the years from intense two-day splits to a more manageable three-day split. This adjustment allowed him to optimize recovery and muscle growth, focusing on core exercises that every aspiring bodybuilder should include.

Nutrition and Lifestyle

Gennaro emphasizes the importance of clean eating and discipline, even when traveling or on vacation. His approach to diet is practical—enjoying home-cooked meals most of the time and indulging occasionally without guilt. He also discussed the impact of alcohol on fitness, highlighting its drawbacks and encouraging moderation.

Building a Fitness Empire

Beyond his achievements in competitions, Gennaro has also built a successful fitness business, offering personalized coaching and structured training programs. His focus is on being fully present and engaged during training sessions, a quality he believes all good trainers should possess.

Influence and Motivation

Drawing inspiration from his family, particularly his father, Gennaro continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in bodybuilding. His main driving force is pleasure—finding joy in the process and satisfaction in the results.


00:22 Mr. Australia & Natural Mr. Universe

01:27 How it Started

03:01 What it Takes

05:51 Six Pack Abs

07:15 Discipline & Consistency

09:33 Dealing with Naysayers

11:30 How Alcohol Fits Into Health

12:29 Mission & Goals

14:22 Money, Power, Pleasure, or Fame

15:12 Rapid Fire Questions

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