Episode #8 - Brook Hiddink


Brook Hiddink is an entrepreneur and content creator, renowned for his expertise in building online income streams, particularly in the realm of high-ticket eCommerce. As the founder and CEO of Supplier HQ, the largest high-ticket supplier database, Brook helps streamline the process for digital entrepreneurs to find premium products for their businesses.

He has also gained significant recognition for his High Ticket eCommerce Incubator Program, where he shares his knowledge and strategies to help others achieve financial success through digital entrepreneurship.

Highlights from the chat

Entrepreneurship is more than the end goal; it’s about the transformative journey that shapes individuals into the type of person who can achieve those goals. In our latest interview with entrepreneur Brook Hiddink, we chatted about the importance of personal growth in achieving business success.

Personal Transformation and Achieving Your Goals

Brook believes that the excitement in entrepreneurship doesn’t come from achieving goals but from the chase and the personal transformation required to reach those goals. His philosophy centers on the idea that to accomplish anything significant, individuals must evolve into someone capable of achieving such feats, making the accomplishment feel expected rather than surprising.

Breaking Down Goals into Actionable Steps

His approach to success is breaking down ambitious goals into actionable daily tasks. This methodical approach helps demystify the path to achieving significant milestones, whether they’re personal or business-related. By focusing on manageable inputs, entrepreneurs can navigate the journey toward their big goals with clarity and purpose.

Entrepreneurial Ventures and Problem Solving

His entrepreneurial journey, including his high ticket e-commerce store and Supplier HQ, demonstrates the power of identifying and solving key problems. Starting with little experience, he built educational and software solutions that address common bottlenecks in e-commerce, showing that entrepreneurial success often stems from solving problems encountered along the way.

Demystifying Dropshipping

In the interview, Brooke debunks some of the misunderstandings around the business model of dropshipping. He clarifies that it’s not about selling low-quality products but a fulfillment model that frees entrepreneurs to focus on marketing and customer service. This model, he explains, allows for a symbiotic relationship between sellers and brands, benefiting both parties.

From Athlete to Entrepreneur

He discussed his transition from a professional hockey player to a successful entrepreneur, and the power of following one’s inner calling. Despite facing significant life changes and challenges, he discovered his passion for business, emphasizing the importance of embracing one’s journey and the personal growth it entails.

The Importance of Starting Before You’re Ready

A central theme in his philosophy is the importance of taking action, even amidst uncertainty. He advocates for starting before feeling fully prepared, highlighting that continuous learning and adapting are crucial for overcoming the initial fear of starting a business.

Entrepreneurship as a Tool for Personal Development

Brooke believes personal weaknesses can manifest as business challenges, making entrepreneurship a potent tool for personal development. He views the stresses and responsibilities of business not as deterrents but as opportunities for growth.

Life in Dubai: An Entrepreneur’s Haven

Currently based in Dubai, Brooke praises the city for its vibrant environment and opportunities. While enjoying the lifestyle Dubai offers, he remains committed to his entrepreneurial pursuits, always looking for new challenges and growth opportunities.


00:06 – Unpacking the Real Excitement Behind Achieving Your Goals

02:42 – Goals and Daily Actions for High-Ticket E-Commerce and Supplier HQ

05:45 – What is Dropshipping?

07:15 – The Entrepreneur Journey

10:39 – Money, Fame, Power, Pleasure

11:55 – Taking the Initial Plunge

13:53 – Dealing with Critics

14:24 – $0-$4mil in One Year

16:31 – Morning Routine

17:26 – Systems for Exercise

18:37 – Work/Life Balance

19:09 – An Important Truth

20:21 – Your Entrepreneurial Itch

21:48 – Following Your Passion

22:23 – Biggest Dropshipping Mistakes

23:44 – Rapid Fire Questions

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