Episode #2 - Ankur Nagpal 


Moving to America and Being a First Generation Immigrant

We kicked off the conversation with a reflection on the quote, “First generation immigrant guilt hits harder the older you and your parents get.”

Ankur shared the intricacies of moving to America, fulfilling his parents’ dream, and trade-offs involved. This journey not only shaped his personal growth but also laid the foundation for being an entrepreneur. America played a huge part in his business journey, providing unmatched opportunities for growth and success.

Quitting Teachable: A Nine-Figure Exit

A significant milestone in Ankur’s journey – the nine-figure exit with Teachable. A moment of triumph that could have paved the way for a leisurely hiatus, but he chose to get back into the entrepreneurial trenches and create Carry.

Lessons as a Second Time Founder

As a second-time founder, Ankur is trying to keep things small for as long as possible. He’s all too familiar now with the challenges of running a larger company. His ego has taken a back seat as he is now more focused on the greater good.

Growth Strategy for Carry

Ankur shared his distribution-focused approach with Carry. Surprisingly, Carry opted to spend zero dollars on marketing initially. The strategy? Building partnerships, leveraging personal networks, and prioritizing the perfection of the product before an extensive marketing push.

Pleasure as his motivation

His core motivation – pleasure. Ankur shared the significance pleasure in work, relationships, and overall life experience, the founder emphasizes the value of creating a meaningful and enjoyable journey.

Morning Routine for Optimal Pleasure

His morning routine is designed for pleasure and enjoyment. He enjoys the simplicity of outdoor activities to a varied workout and engaging in meaningful calls.

Structure and Productivity

An office setting with a motivated team is crucial for his productivity, as well as the importance of a shared sense of purpose. While deep work is a rarity as a CEO, he embraces interruptions, working in shorter, focused segments.

Life-Work Balance is a Myth

Ankur has a unique perspective on work-life balance. He advocates for integrating work and life seamlessly, instead of having a strict separation between the two. The distinction between work and life becomes should be less pronounced, so you’re living in harmony.


Time stamps:

00:18 – How did Ankur end up in America
01:30 – Focusing on career or spending time with family
02:15 – Starting a new business after a successful exit
04:00 – Focusing on product or focusing on distribution
05:08 – Over 50 employees can suck
06:05 – No money spent on marketing
07:50 – What drives Ankur Nagpal
09:23 – How Ankur constructs his day
10:15 – Most productive environment
11:56 – The illusion of work in a startup
13:01 – Building relationships with customers
13:56 – Founders vs investors
15:32 – Being a better investor
16:20 – Biggest piece of relationship advice
18:55 – The fear of hitting send
20:50 – Canvas of your life’s work

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