Episode #3 - Amanda Goetz


We’re excited to have Amanda Goetz on #15MinuteFounder podcast. Join us as we dive deep into the world of entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation.

What drives Amanda to be a creator on top of her already impressive list of accomplishments? How do we deal with fear in everyday tasks and finally learn from that? Get ready for another insightful 15 minutes and find out more!


Ancestral math

Amanda shared with us a fascinating concept called ancestral math. We asked her about the most influential figure among her 4,096 ancestors – her father. Sharing his incredible story of resilience, determination, and entrepreneurship, Amanda highlighted how his experiences shaped her perspective on belief, determination, and the power of building something from the ground up.

A non-traditional career path

Amanda’s career trajectory has been nothing short of dynamic. She’s done everything from managing the Entrepreneur of the Year program, to founding a tech company in the wedding space, launching her own consumer packaged goods (CPG) company for women, and led innovation for a wellness brand. She is now a full-time content creator!

Ambition 2.0 and success

Amanda shared the concept of ‘Ambition 2.0’ with us, which is basically aligning goals with intention. Success is multidimensional in nature, and she believes everyone needs to broaden their definition beyond career achievements. Success 2.0 involves recognizing pillars in various aspects of life, including relationships and personal well-being.

Longer hours does not equal success

Her morning routine involves dedicating early hours to what she calls her “offense” – focused work on significant projects. She believes in the the power of time-boxing meetings and the importance of transition rituals, such as a “commute bath,” to switch between work and personal life. Longer hours does not equal success.

Embracing the unknown

Embrace the uncertainty and trust the process. Enjoy the journey and don’t take yourself too seriously! Taking leaps of faith is scary, but take a shot every day to increase your “luck surface area.” There is an immense transformative power in facing your fears. Go deep rather than seek fleeting attention, and always do the inner work and try to understand your fears.


00:27 – Incredible story of Amanda’s dad
01:59 – Amanda’s career path from founder to creator
02:51 – Four idols: Money, pleasure, power, and fame
03:36 – Enjoy life and have fun
04:11 – What would Amanda tell her 20-year-old self
04:58 – What leads Amanda to be a creator
05:30 – Follow the things that give you energy
06:55 – “Success 2.0”
08:10 – Find out your pillars of success
09:05 – Offense vs defense strategy
09:36 – Meetings philosophy
09:58 – “Commute Bath” from work to family
11:00 – Try going deeper in a relationship
11:40 – Overcome your fear and shoot your shot
12:02 – Say no to excuses
14:05 – Find out where your fear comes from

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