Open a U.S. Business Bank Account as a US or Non-US Resident

An in-person visit to the U.S. is not required. That’s right; you can open the account from the comfort of your home.
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Why open your U.S. Business Bank Account with Doola?

We’ve talked with, researched, and vetted hundreds of banks, so you don’t have to. Let us help you open your U.S. Business Bank Account.

Make $250. For Free.
Our banking partner provides a $250 cash bonus if you reach the minimum spend requirement in the first 90 days.
Access U.S. Banking
U.S. Banking is one of the most reliable and trusted banking systems globally. Having a strong banking backbone for your global Company is key.
Get Help from a Professional
Questions about your application? Concerns about a specific part of the form? Let Doola help you rather than go down the Google rabbit hole.
Rest Assured Your Application is Submitted Accurately
We’ve helped hundreds of founders around the world open U.S. Bank Accounts. Don’t leave your application to chance; let us help.
Open Your Account From Anywhere
You do not need to visit the U.S. to open an account. You can open your own U.S. business account from the comfort of your home.
More Than Just Banking
Access to checking accounts, savings accounts, ACH payments, domestic and international wire transfers, check payments, and more…

Get the services and support you need to form, and run, your business.

We’ve talked with, researched, and vetted hundreds of banks, so you don’t have to. Let us help you open your U.S. Business Bank Account.

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Why it matters?
Not Possible to Open as a Non-U.S. resident
No need to travel to the U.S. to open your bank account, do it remotely!
You need to visit the U.S. to open your account.
Open your account from anywhere in the world.
Other banks require you to fly to the U.S. Our partner bank does not require this.
A U.S. SSN is required.
A U.S. SSN is not required.
Whether you’re a U.S. citizen or not, you can open a bank account.
We have researched, vetted and built a relationship with our banking partners.
You want to work with a trusted banking partner to ensure you are able to safely wire and deposit funds. We’ve done the research and have the perfect partner for you!
Receive a $250 cash bonus in first 90 days.
Open a bank account and practically get it for free? Sounds too good to be true, but that’s right, get a cash bonus in the first 90 days!
Have an expedited application through a secure partner portal link.
Your application will be fast-tracked, and the bank will know you are working with us when reviewing your application.

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