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Unlock borderless banking with a U.S.-based account

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Backed by the best

Backed by the best

International transfers to 100+ countries.

Introducing a powerful, low-cost solution for international money transfers. doola Money facilitates transactions in local currencies worldwide with the added convenience of deposits in $USD. No Social Security Number (SSN) is required to open an account, making it the ideal solution for founders around the globe.

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Designed for global founders

Step 1

Fast & Easy Payouts

Quickly connect your Amazon, Stripe, Paypal accounts, and more to receive your payouts and then transfer anywhere.

Step 2

Backed by U.S Security

FDIC-insured for balances up to $250,000. Focus on making money; we’ll keep it secure.

Step 3

No (or low) fees

The account and all $USD transfers are free! International transfers are as low as 1% and transparent: we break it all down before you submit it.

Step 4

Quick Transfers

In 1 to 5 days, get your ACH, wire, or international transfers where you want them when you need them.


Move money to Canada like Josh

Managing my US LLC from Canada is easy with doola Money. Basic tools track income and expenses, while seamless international transfers make moving money to my Canadian account stress-free.

Josh Jefferson

Started a US LLC from 🇨🇦

Receiving payments from Stripe and paying vendors is now much simpler. With all transactions in USD, there are no fees, making it a cost-effective and perfect solution for my small business.

Ishani Agarwal

Started a US LLC from 🇮🇳

Setting up my C-Corp and paying contractors in Nigeria has been a breeze. The flexibility to pay in local currencies not only saves me a lot of time but also opens up a plethora of opportunities.

Jasper Davis

Started a US C-Corp from 🇺🇸


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Easily move between local currencies in over 100 countries

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Can I open doola Money as a U.S.-based account even though I live internationally?

Yes, you can. One of the reasons we built doola Money was to address the specific scenario. We understand the need to move money as domestic or international business owners. Doola Money allows you to open a US-based financial account to easily pay yourself, employees, or vendors overseas in local currencies.

Do I need a social security number to open an account?

No, you do not need a social security number or a U.S. credit history! We’ll use your identity documents and business documents to verify who you are.

What currencies and countries are supported for transfers?

doola Money supports over 160 countries and currencies.

However, countries that are prohibited include:
Afghanistan (AF), Belarus (BY), Burundi (BI), Central African Republic (CF), Cuba (CU, Eritrea (ER), Guinea Bissau (GW), Iran (IR), Iraq (IQ), Libya (LY), Myanmar (MM), North Korea (KP), Russia (RU), Somalia (SO), South Sudan (SS), Sudan (SD), Syria (SY), Yemen (YE)

What fees are associated with using doola Money?

There are no fees for opening and having a balance in the account, and $USD transfers are free.

You’re only charged when you transfer funds internationally and the funds are converted to the local currency. In most cases, this fee is 1%, but there are a few currencies where the conversion fee is higher.

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doola Money is currently only available to customers who form their company through doola’s formation services.

The payment services in the US is powered by NIUM Inc. and the program is sponsored by CFSB to which NIUM is a service provider.
doola is not licensed, nor exempt to provide any payment services in the US.