Referral Program

Get rewarded for referring your friends

Get 15% of your friend’s first purchase as doola credit.

Exclusive for our valued customers

Our referral program is exclusively designed for our existing customers who appreciate our products and want to spread the word. As a valued customer, you can now join and start earning doola credits by referring friends and co-workers to our offerings.

We have the right program for you

Referral Program

The Referral program enables current doola users to refer their friends and co-workers to doola and get rewarded with 15% of the ENTIRE first order amount as doola credit to use for future purchases.

Affiliate Program

The Affiliate program was created mainly to reward website owners, social media influencers, content creators, promoters or anyone who has access to an audience interested in using doola.

The main differences between the Affiliate and Referral Programs


In the Affiliate program, you are paid directly to your bank account, and not via doola credit.


The commission structure is different – in the Affiliate program, you get a fixed amount of money instead of 15% of the entire first order like you get in the referral program.


In the affiliate program, you get branded materials like banners and deep links, as well as dedicated affiliate support to help support your promotional efforts.

Three easy steps to make money

by referring friends

Share your link

Spread the word via email or with your unique link. Book an onboarding call with sales to get your unique link.

They get a discount

They get a discount of 10% off their first purchase.

You get the credit

You get the credit* of 15% of their entire first order to use on any doola product or service. Everyone wins!

*Your earnings will only be available for use over a 10 month period

Ready to get started?

Join our referral program with a single click and unlock the power to
earn 15% on every new customer’s first purchase.