NYC Founders + Builders + Creators After Hours

Calendar IconSeptember 20, 2023

Time Icon6:00 pm - 9:00 pm ET

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Gen She and doola are teaming up with Republic to bring together the best founders, builders, and creators in NYC. Come by for an energizing evening of drinks, food, and a chance to win a free LLC for that future side hustle we know you’ve been dying to get started on.

Space is extremely limited, so sign up now!

P.S. We even got a red carpet and photo booth purely for the vibes ✨

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Alex Lieberman

Co-founder of Morning Brew

I created my LLC with doola. I thought it was very smooth, it was done within a day and all I hit was like 5 buttons.

Mazeer Mawjood

Founder of AuroraRCM

I was looking for a partner who was responsive, number one, and who had the ability, the flexibility to, accommodate the rapid changes that any business will need… These people [doola] know what they’re talking about.

Kari Heron

Founder of Chef and Steward

[Why doola?] I’ve been researching for over a year… it was my interaction primarily with the doola team, the back and forth, the questions, it had to be done.

Manja Munda

Co-founder of Grow & Scale

I would recommend doola because it’s a hassle-free experience. You don’t need to spend hours on researching how to start a company, what documents you need to fill in, ect. It’s a one-stop place to start your business.

Calvin Hamilton

CEO at

But then once I found out about doola, I then re-registered my LLC there and honestly, there was a night-and-day difference compared to doing it yourself, in a significantly better process than using a service like [other competitors]…