How to Start Your Dream Business and Crowdfund $Ms for it

Calendar IconSeptember 13, 2023

Time Icon12:00 pm - 1:00 pm ET

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Learn more about kickstarting your business and crowdsourcing the funding you need to really grow it. We’ll dive into the basics of successful crowdfunding, setting up the right entity, and staying compliant so you can minimize the hassles and focus on growing your business and achieving your funding goals!

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Summary of the event

Crowdfunding: A Gateway to Starting a Dream Business

Crowdfunding has revolutionized the way founders can secure capital for their ventures. The webinar focused on a critical question that resonates with founders worldwide: How to start a business, often requiring capital for various expenses.

The New Era of Fundraising

In today’s digital era, innovative platforms and tools have emerged, enabling entrepreneurs to raise substantial amounts of money through crowdfunding. This new fundraising mechanism has opened doors to capital that were previously unimaginable. The webinar delved into how to not only kickstart your dream business but also crowdfund millions of dollars for it.

The Basics of Crowdfunding

The session outlined the basics of crowdfunding, including the essentials for starting a business and the feasibility of raising significant capital. With platforms like Start Engine, entrepreneurs now have access to a mechanism that democratizes the fundraising process, allowing them to secure the necessary funds while retaining control over their venture.

Best Business Structures for Crowdfunding

The webinar provided a comprehensive guide on successful crowdfunding, emphasizing the importance of choosing the right business structure, whether an LLC or a C Corp, for fundraising purposes. It shed light on the regulatory landscape, the process of crowdfunding, and the practical aspects of managing a large number of investors. Particularly, it highlighted the challenges and solutions related to tax documentation for different business entities.

Crowdfunding as a Marketing Tool

Crowdfunding not only serves as a financial lifeline but also as a powerful marketing tool, expanding brand awareness and fostering a community of supporters and investors. The session detailed strategies for effective crowdfunding, including leveraging personal networks and engaging potential investors through compelling storytelling.


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Arjun Mahadevan

CEO of doola

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Harrison Bert

Account Executive at StartEngine

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