Globalizing Your LATAM Business – Starting with the U.S.

Calendar IconAugust 10, 2023

Time Icon3:00 pm - 4:00 pm ET

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Whether you already have a business in Latin America that you want to scale globally, or you have an idea for a business that you just want to start in the U.S., we’ll talk you through the keys for success in globalizing your company by forming in the U.S.

Arjun Mahadevan will cover important topics like how to setup a U.S. LLC, U.S. bank accounts, and handling taxes. And with our incredible guests Diego Razetto (founder of Era Digital) and Jaime Sotomayor (Host of Innovación Sin Barreras podcast), we’ll begin to lay down the foundation you need to start growing in the U.S.

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Summary of the event

A Singular Vision for Entrepreneurship

Diego and Jaime discussed how the podcast was started on the recognition of a void in the Peruvian market – a lack of engaging, narrative-driven content that delved into the lives and ventures of successful entrepreneurs. Inspired by global icons like Tim Ferriss, the founders embarked on a mission to fill this gap.

Diego has been an entrepreneur at heart since his college days. With a keen eye for opportunity and a zest for innovation, he launched a marketing agency right out of college in 2017. His agency thrived, catering to a diverse clientele that ranged from banking institutions to food franchises.

Taxes and Legal Matters

The discussion focused on how entrepreneurs from Latin America and beyond can navigate the complexities of expanding their ventures, especially into the U.S. market. This segment highlighted the importance of understanding legal structures, such as the choice between LLCs and C Corps, and the intricacies of banking, taxes, and compliance in a foreign market.

Arjun shared information about the legal and tax obligations of setting up a business in the U.S, addressing common concerns such as the fear of double taxation and the challenges of banking internationally. The speakers shared their experiences and lessons learned, emphasizing the value of choosing the right legal structure and understanding the tax implications for non-U.S. residents.


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Arjun Mahadevan

Founder & CEO of doola

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Diego Razetto

Founder of Era Digital

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Jaime Sotomayor

Host of Innovación Sin Barreras podcast

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