From 0 to 1000 Subs: How to Start, Grow and Monetize a Newsletter

Calendar IconOctober 24, 2023

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Join Arjun (Founder & CEO, doola) and Tyler (Founder & CEO, beehiiv) to learn the framework to launch a successful newsletter business that drives revenue. They’ll cover tips on monetizing a subscriber list while building a business, and when it’s time to take that business to the next level as an LLC.

Summary of the event

The Promise of doola

doola is a platform designed to simplify the business business formation and tax compliance for US and international founders. By handling the complexities of business formation, tax compliance, and administrative tasks, doola enables creators to focus on content creation. In the talk, Arjun shared his journey from working at Dropbox to starting doola, highlighting the platform’s mission to support founders globally.

beehiiv’s Role in Newsletter Growth

Tyler is the founder of beehiiv, a comprehensive platform that aids in creating, monetizing, and scaling email newsletters. With features that consolidate various aspects of newsletter management into a single platform, beehiiv aims to streamline the process for content creators. Tyler shared success stories and the platform’s capabilities, from content creation tools to monetization strategies.

Starting Your Newsletter

Growth Strategies

Tyler delved into the growth aspect, sharing insights on leveraging beehiiv’s tools for audience expansion. He stressed the importance of understanding the audience and using integrated tools for referrals, analytics, and engagement to foster a loyal subscriber base.

Advanced Strategies for Growing and Monetizing Your Newsletter

Following the initial insights on starting a newsletter, the duo also discussed advanced strategies for content creation, growth, and monetization. Here’s a breakdown:

The Power of Drag and Drop Editors

These tools enable creators to design newsletters with custom images, fonts, and responsive layouts without any knowledge of coding or HTML, making content creation more accessible than ever.

AI Integration for Enhanced Content

An exciting development in content creation is the integration of AI tools within these editors. These tools offer capabilities like content description, language translation, rephrasing, and more, making content creation both efficient and innovative.

The Role of Referral Programs

Referral programs are a critical growth strategy, incentivizing current readers to bring in new subscribers through rewards. Morning Brew is a great example, which saw over a million subscribers referred through this method.

Leveraging Recommendations and the Boost Network

Another growth strategy involves recommendations within a network of newsletters. Creators can join forces with others in related niches to recommend each other’s newsletters, facilitating organic growth. Additionally, the Boost network allows for paid growth opportunities, where creators can set a budget to pay for each new subscriber, ensuring quality leads through a performance-based system.

SEO Optimization and Popups

SEO optimization is as a fundamental aspect of attracting organic traffic to newsletter content published on websites. Techniques like optimized page load speeds, image optimization, and strategic use of popups and email gates are recommended to convert website visitors into newsletter subscribers.

The Impact of Direct Monetization Strategies

Direct monetization strategies, such as premium subscriptions and advertising, are also discussed. These methods provide a direct revenue stream, allowing creators to capitalize on their content and audience engagement effectively.

Monetization through Premium Subscriptions

This approach involves creating exclusive content for paying members, which can be done by gating certain sections of the newsletter or sending separate newsletters to free and premium subscribers. Tools like webhooks can integrate subscribers into private communities, adding value beyond the newsletter content itself. This method allows creators to generate revenue directly from their audience, even with a relatively small but dedicated subscriber base.

Utilizing an Ad Network

beehiiv’s ad network is a solution for newsletters to monetize through advertisements without needing a large sales team or extensive brand relationships. The platform aggregates demand from brands interested in advertising across the newsletters it powers, making it easier for newsletter owners to find relevant advertising opportunities. This model enables newsletters to include branded content seamlessly, with Beehiiv handling the logistics of tracking and payments.

Key Steps in Forming a U.S. Company for Non-Residents

  1. Forming a Company: This involves submitting documents to the state, usually taking about a week.
  2. Obtaining an EIN (Employer Identification Number): Essential for setting up a U.S. business bank account, resembling a social security number for businesses. Non-U.S. residents must fax a form to the IRS to obtain an EIN.
  3. Setting Up a Bank Account: Possible to do remotely for non-U.S. residents through certain banks, eliminating the need to visit the U.S.
  4. Setting Up a Payment Processor: Services like Stripe or PayPal can be used once a bank account is established.

Deciding Between LLC and C Corp

  • For Venture Capital: A Delaware C Corp is required by U.S. investors.
  • For Flexibility and Simplicity: An LLC is recommended for its liability protection, tax flexibility, and simplicity, especially if not raising venture capital. It’s easier to transition from LLC to C Corp than vice versa.

Best State to Form an LLC

  • For U.S. Residents: The best state is where you live due to business operation definitions and to avoid double fees from foreign qualifications.
  • For Non-U.S. Residents: Wyoming and Delaware are popular choices. Wyoming offers lower annual fees and is favorable for e-commerce and digital businesses, while Delaware is known for its business-friendly laws and prestige.


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Arjun Mahadevan

Founder & CEO, doola

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Tyler Denk

Founder & CEO, beehiiv

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