As a YC-backed company, we often interact with brilliant startup founders in the YC community who are tackling the biggest problems of the 21st century.

We’ve compiled this list to raise awareness about their awesome products. Here are some companies building exciting products and services that we are cheering for this year!

Loop Health (YC W20)

Loop Health pays doctors to keep your employees healthy, not just treat them when they are sick. They are building a new health benefits platform that ensures financial protection from health risks and improves health outcomes for your employees. They are on a mission to increase the quality of healthcare for all Indians. You can read more about their mission here.


Zoko makes it easy for businesses to do sales, marketing and customer support, on WhatsApp.

Businesses can use Zoko’s app to allow their customers to discover available products and make purchases right inside a whatsapp chat. Our APIs and plugins make it easier for businesses to integrate these features into their existing commerce and customer solutions. If you’d like to learn more about Zoko and their product features, see


SockSoho was born to make fashion accessible for the modern man. They make premium quality designer socks for men which is perfect for every mood, occasion and style. But, more than that, they are on the move to redefine the way you express yourself. 

Thinking about buying an awesome gift for a family member or friend? Browse here


ZeroDown makes it delightfully easy to search for, investigate, and buy a home by combining modern search tools, interactive content, and innovative financial products that appeal to users throughout their home buying journey, whether they are purely passionate home-search enthusiasts, or ready to buy now. 

ZeroDown’s Chrome plugin, Sherlock, analyzes price trends, permit history, sale history, demographics, quality of life, healthcare access, and more for every home on sale. 

Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI automatically generates copywriting for e-commerce companies, including product descriptions, advertising text and headlines. 

By using catalogue information that stores already have, Hypotenuse can generate creative and unique written content within seconds using machine learning. The product descriptions, titles and text generated match the company’s writing style — while maintaining human-level fluency. Read more about their AI copywriter.


If your company wants to keep your team safe and offer a hybrid remote/in-office workplace, check out Worksphere. Their software can help you bring your team back to the office safely, comply with new coronavirus regulations, adapt to flexible work, and right-size your workplace. 

Tired of all the uncertainty the pandemic has created for your office? Check out this demo video to see how Worksphere can help. 


Forage is the first platform to combine career discovery, learning, and recruitment by partnering with Fortune 500 companies to build “virtual experience programs.” Virtual experience programs are a new concept that Forage is pioneering on the mission to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity. These programs allow students to get an inside look at what it’s like to work at a company, build resume skills, and get their foot in the door. The best parts? They’re 100% free, open-access, self-paced, and no experience is required. 


Narrator is the first data platform to offer a library of McKinsey level analyses delivered the moment you need them. Traditionally, data analyses are custom-built, meaning each new analysis takes precious time and engineering resources. Narrator’s core innovation is a standardized data structure, unlocking thousands of analyses that can be generated in as little as a few minutes by anyone on your team. 

Each analysis, called a Narrative, is written in a story-like format. Read more about Narratives.

Safely Finance

Safely Finance has created the first lending product focused exclusively on renters. With Safely Finance, tenants turn expensive up-front security deposits into simple monthly payments. Traditional security deposits lock up over $60B in capital that earns almost no return. At Safely Finance, our mission is to unlock the earning potential of security deposits and improve the rent experience. Safely Finance is built by a team that has held roles at FundingCircle, LendingClub, Apple, MLBAM, and other leading companies and has over 20 years of technology and lending experience.


Gather is the first project management software for People Operations. 

As more teams go hybrid-remote, People Operations coordination and communication is becoming more process-driven and business-critical.

Gather helps teams coordinate their onboarding, offboarding, and internal communications at scale. People Ops teams need action from busy stakeholders—managers, leaders, and other departments— to get their job done. Gather solves this problem.


Papercups helps you connect and chat with customers from your website. You can now open source customer messaging! Papercups was built for startups and enterprise alike. Papercups can be deployed in your cloud, for painless adoption and onboarding. Whether it’s AWS, Docker, or Heroku, we’ve got you covered.


Bonsai is purpose-built to help you run your freelance business. Bonsai’s all-in-one product suite with smart automation lets you focus on your passion, not your paperwork. Bonsai is trusted by 250K+ self-employed workers and small businesses around the world. 

Learn more at


Okay we had to include ourselves here too

Doola helps non-US founders set up US based bank accounts so that they can accept payments from customers globally. Doola provides LLC formation, an EIN, a U.S. address and bank account, access to U.S. payments, free tax consultation, U.S. tax support, a website, phone number, $50,000 in startup perks, and more.

Looking to open a US business bank account? Learn how here!

Arjun Mahadevan
Arjun Mahadevan
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