Looking for a Wyoming Registered Agent for your LLC? Learn how to find yours, and what to look out for.

Wyoming Registered Agent for Forming an LLC

If you’re a sole entrepreneur who owns a small business, you should consider forming an LLC. It can be helpful if you’re worried about limiting your personal legal liability as much as possible. You can also use LLC to manage and handle any business entity, but there are restrictions. Other kinds of professionals need a special professional limited liability company.

If you’re looking for something more affordable and easier to form, an LLC is the best bet you can have. You can also use a limited liability company for a business of any size – ranging from companies with a few co-owners to a sole proprietorship. It’s also the most common legal organization you can use to own commercial or rental properties.

LLC also combines the aspects of a corporation and partnership, allowing you to benefit from the flow-through taxation and flexibility of sole proprietorships and partnerships while maintaining the limited liability status of corporations.

How Do You Start an LLC?

Building an LLC is relatively easy. You’ll only have to send the Articles of Organization form or other similar documents to your Secretary of State’s office. Then, you can start taking additional steps to get your limited liability company running.

Each state has its unique requirements for building an LLC. You should visit your local business department to learn more about the specific documents and conditions you’ll have to comply with if you’re forming a limited liability company.

Wyoming Registered Agents

If you’re building a Wyoming LLC or a corporation in Wyoming, you’ll have to work with commercial registered agents to accept legal documents and important files on behalf of your company. Your company should also have a Wyoming registered office.

Before delivering the Articles of Organization to the local business department, you have to look for a registered agent service provider to handle the legal mails or “service of process.” It can include items such as subpoenas, complaints, and summons.

You’ll have to provide a street address for receiving important documents because it’ll help you quickly track your deliveries.

Wyoming Registered Agents’ Duties in Forming an LLC

Based on Wyoming’s state statutes (W.S. 17-16-501), a registered company should have a registered office and hire a locally certified agent for their business entity. Most commercial registered agents are responsible for handling legal documents on behalf of your company.

On top of that, they need to notify your company if it receives documents and take care of the delivery to your company’s mailing address. Your agent will also be responsible for handling your company’s annual reports and making sure that the registered office address is correct.

Requirements to Become a Wyoming Registered Agent for an LLC

Your Wyoming registered agent services LLC should be an organization or individual authorized to operate in Wyoming. They’ll have to provide a physical address in the area, which shouldn’t be in the form of UPS stores, mail forwarding services, or a P.O. or dropbox.

Individuals can only work as a Wyoming LLC registered agent if they meet these requirements:

  • They should be at least 18-years-old.
  • They should be a resident of Wyoming.
  • They should have a physical address that’s not a UPS store, mail forwarding service, or P.O. box.

Your agent should also sign the Consent to Appointment by a Registered Agent form and provide new entity filings. If submitting the form online, the applicant should certify that they’ve received similar written consent. Your Wyoming registered agent LLC should keep it for future reference.

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FAQs about Wyoming Registered Agent for Forming an LLC

Should I hire a registered agent before I start my business in Wyoming?

Yes, you need to hire a registered agent to build an LLC or corporation in Wyoming. Most people are confused when they’ll have to hire a registered agent service provider since most think they’ll have to provide their business’ official name first. But the entity’s legal name should be the least of their worries.

If you’ve already hired your registered agent and filled out the Consent to Appointment by Registered Agent form, you can pick your name. If your proposed business name is not available anymore, you can choose another one from the Secretary of State. You have to inform your registered agent about that.

Can I be my own registered agent in Wyoming?

Yes, you can be your registered agent in Wyoming. But most companies opt to hire one after discovering that they have many requirements to comply with. Even if you don’t have to spend a lot of money working by yourself, your Wyoming registered agent’s address and name will become a part of the public record.

In addition, your registered agent should be available to accept legal documents during normal business hours, 5 business days a week.

How does the state of Wyoming know who my registered agent is?

When you build a corporation or LLC in Wyoming, you’ll have to handle the paperwork, including articles of organization for an LLC or articles of incorporation for corporations. Both certificates will specifically ask for the physical business address and name of your registered agent.

Wyoming will also ask the registered agent to affix their signature on the Consent to Appointment by Registered Agent form unless the application is done digitally.

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