Wyoming LLC privacy has drawn many business owners to start a business in Wyoming. Discover here if you wish to start an LLC in Wyoming.

Wyoming LLC Privacy

Privacy, safety, and security should always be a priority for every individual. Before any major decisions, changes, or steps we take in life, it is important to ask whether it is safe and secure for yourself and anything or everything you hold dear.      

For any aspiring business owner, knowing security and privacy regulations in your community can help you set up a business strategy and structure that would best protect your interests and assets. 

Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are a common business structure in the United States. It is a hybrid structure that combines certain features of a corporation and a partnership. Just like a corporation, LLC owners are provided with limited liability if and when the business fails.               

Also, LLCs allow the profits of the company to “pass through” directly to the owner’s account and be taxed as a personal income. Designed to protect its owners from double taxation, the LLC’s structure also shields entrepreneurs from personal responsibility for the company’s debts or liabilities.

Wyoming is widely dubbed the best state to establish and build an LLC because of its privacy and business protection policies and regulations. Here is everything you need to learn about Wyoming LLC Privacy.            

Asset Protection and Privacy in Wyoming

Generally, LLCs are already capable of protecting their owners because it is designed to shield business owners from personal financial responsibility for the company’s debts or liabilities. These features allow aspiring business owners to run their business as an LLC without worrying about risks or loss on their personal assets for activities associated with their company. 

Wyoming is widely recognized as one of the friendliest states for LLCs in terms of its privacy and asset protection policies. But how do Wyoming LLC privacy regulations further enhance the protection of business owners in the state? When we talk about incorporating in Wyoming, we first have to understand two terms – privacy and asset protection.      

Privacy for business owners helps protect their personal and contact information from the public, prevent harassment, and maintain necessary confidentiality from public records and the public eye. On the other hand, asset protection aims to provide business owners with a cushion to reduce risks of loss if the business falls into debt or faces liabilities.

In terms of privacy protection, Wyoming allows the establishment of anonymous LLCs through state-registered agents. Through these services, business owners wouldn’t need to list their information on public paperwork when registering their business. 

Instead, the registered agent’s information would be listed as an incorporator, and the owner’s personal information, such as name and address, would remain confidential and inaccessible to the public. We will tackle Wyoming LLC anonymous registration in detail later in this article. 

Asset protection in Wyoming also draws the attention of startup companies and small businesses because of its business-friendly and strong liability protection policies.      

Aside from the general veil of protection of personal assets LLCs provide to business owners, Wyoming registered LLCs have several options to protect personal assets and company assets when faced with liabilities, regardless of whether it is a private matter or a business-related liability.

Wyoming enforces what is considered to be the most protective charging order laws in the US. Another unique and fundamental feature of LLCs is that creditors of LLC members are not allowed to pursue company assets to meet personal liabilities directly. Instead, creditors use a charging order that places a lien on distribution if it comes.                

Although the implementation strength of charging orders differs from state to state, charging order state laws in Wyoming prohibit the forced sale of LLC assets that would interfere with business activities and operations.

Instead, the creditor should wait for asset distributions to be accomplished to settle the member’s liability. Even better, Wyoming also provides the same level of asset protection for single-member LLCs. 


In the US, Wyoming is one of the few states where the use of an LLC-tied asset protection trust or a domestic asset protection trust (DAPT) is allowed in order to enhance asset protection for a Wyoming LLC. 

Anonymous LLC owners can further protect their assets against personal creditors by keeping a certain level of barrier between profits and assets earned from business activities and personal endeavours.

Wyoming’s domestic asset protection trust offers additional protection by placing a barrier between your assets and your LLC. Through this trust, you relinquish ownership of the LLC and turn it over to the trustee. In this setup, your company assets are not pursuable to meet personal obligations because you technically do not own the LLC. Despite this position, you would still be able to access your business assets but as a beneficiary of the trust instead. 

Anonymous LLCs in Wyoming

Forming an anonymous LLC is a common practice in Wyoming because of the state’s extensive privacy and asset protection laws. Considering that every individual has the right to privacy, there is nothing wrong with business owners choosing to privatize their personal information upon registration. 

Anonymity for LLC business owners can help maintain a sense of privacy and keep sensitive personal information from being widely available to the public. By doing so, business owners can further protect themselves as well as their company from creditors, lawsuits, or harassment.

The Secretary of State and the Wyoming LLC Privacy

For LLCs to remain anonymous in Wyoming, there are some regulations placed to keep the businesses’ information private yet available if needed. To properly enforce Wyoming’s LLC Privacy laws, the Wyoming Secretary of State does not require LLC businesses to declare their list of owners and members to the Articles of Organization. 

In addition to this, Wyoming does not have an income tax for individuals and corporations, which helps keep any business information written on public record. 

Instead, personal information and business records would only be filed and disclosed to the registered agents who serve as your LLC incorporator. Only when the State or Federal authorities request your information from the registered agent details such as your LLC formation documents will be released.

LLC Privacy Benefits

Unknown to most, opting for a Wyoming Limited Liability Company Privacy service offers several advantages aside from the primary tenet of privacy and asset protection. Forming a Wyoming LLC also includes the following benefits:

  • Little to no junk or spam mail would reach your email address as no business email or contact can be easily accessed or searched on the internet or public records. 
  • The attorney-client privilege protects business information. 
  • Wyoming offers a flexible regulatory environment with less restriction. 
  • Wyoming LLCs have relatively lower filing fees and lower ongoing fees compared to other LLC-friendly states such as Nevada and Delaware
  • Forming an LLC in Wyoming does not require a business license, does not enforce corporate income tax, does not require an LLC operating agreement upon registration, and has statutorily indemnified employees, officers, directors, and agents. 

LLC Privacy Drawbacks

While Wyoming LLCs offer several advantages and benefits that will help your business grow, it is still essential to know the drawbacks or cons of anonymous LLCs. Some of the cons of forming anonymous business entities include:

  • Establishing an anonymous LLC does not provide complete anonymity and privacy from your bank and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  • Despite being an LLC, this does not entirely exclude your business from paying taxes. However, you have the flexibility to adjust or dictate how you would want your LLC to be taxed.

Planning to form an anonymous LLC in Wyoming? Talk to the experts from Doola to be guided on what to do next.

“Before processing your LLC application, check how much fees the state requires you to pay so you can prepare ahead of time.”

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Need Help with Your Anonymous LLC?

Anonymous LLCs can promote and encourage aspiring business owners to build their company without having to worry much about risks and loss of their assets. Luckily, registered agent services make the process of forming an anonymous LLC much more manageable and secure. 

Wyoming LLC privacy provides firm and reliable confidentiality and asset protection regulations that will help you grow your business while keeping your identity, information, as well as assets at minimal risk. 

Planning to start an LLC in Wyoming anytime soon? Contact Doola to help you get your business on the right path.

FAQs on Wyoming LLC Privacy

Why is Wyoming known for anonymous companies?

Wyoming is known for providing business-friendly privacy and asset protection laws. Such regulations draw the attention of business owners to create Wyoming LLCs for an immediate business startup with minimal risks. 

Can my bank keep my identity private when I open a bank account for my anonymous LLC?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to create a bank account without disclosing personal information. You can keep your business information private through an LLC, but the bank would still require your details to obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN).

How much does it cost to set up an LLC in Wyoming?

Hiring a registered agent service to set up an anonymous LLC in Wyoming typically costs an average of $150  to $200. However, some services offer premium services or bundles that have more benefits but cost more. 

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