We talk to Doola entrepreneur Mazeer Mawjood of AuroraRCM to learn more about their company and their experience using Doola.

Meet Doola Entrepreneur Mazeer Mawjood

We had the opportunity to chat with Doola entrepreneur Mazeer Mawjood of AuroraRCM to learn more about their company and their experience using Doola.

Mazeer Mawjood’s Bio

Mazeer Mawjood, a non-US resident from Sri Lanka, is the Founder and CEO of AuroraRCM (https://aurorarcm.com/)

Here’s an overview of his innovative company:

Mazeer Majwood is a serial entrepreneur from Sri Lanka and has been in the healthcare finance technology space for the past sixteen years. He started seven companies prior to pursuing his eighth and current venture dedicated to helping companies boost their sales revenue by finding the perfect fit for their business and technology leads. Mazeer is now Founder of Aurora CRM, a customer-centric software tool that enables companies to track leads, close sales opportunities, and forecast accurate revenue projections.

Learn more about his exciting venture here on the Aurora CRM site, https://www.aurorasolutions.ca/aurora-crm

Hear why Mazeer chose Doola, to launch his US company Aurora CRM

Video Interview

In this talk you will learn:

  • How Mazeer started his company
  • How Mazeer set up his business from a legal perspective
  • The way that execution played a critical role in the success of Aurora CRM
  • And answers to questions folks had live along the way!

Video Transcript

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00:00:03 Arjun Mahadevan Hello everyone. Welcome to another edition of start pack founder talks. Today I’m joined by a very special guest who was actually based in Sri Lanka. Hope it’s not too late there for you right now, but pleasure to have you on and really excited to learn more about yourself and your company.

00:00:25 Mazeer Majwood Thank you, Adam. Other than I feel the same way, it’s a pleasure to be on this with you.

00:00:30 Arjun Mahadevan Awesome. Well let’s start off very simple. Could you just share about who you are, what’s your name and tell everyone what your company is and what you do?

00:00:40 Mazeer Majwood Sure. My name is Mazeer and I’ve been in the healthcare finance and healthcare financial technology space for the last 16 years. I started seven companies in the past. This is my eighth company and, wow. I’m really glad that I was able to find success and to start my own mind shift. It has been fantastic working with you and your team. I look forward to us continuing to work together in our future engagements as well.

00:01:17 Arjun Mahadevan Great. Well wow. I actually did not know. This is your eighth company, I guess, by certain standards or definitions that would make you a serial entrepreneur. What were you doing before you started your current venture and what made you decide to start not your first venture, but your eighth venture. Could you talk us through that ?

00:01:40 Mazeer Majwood Yes. I, I just thought I started working very early in my life. My first job was when I was 17 and that was a fantastic experience. I worked for Domino’s pizza. I was, taking the phone calls for the audits as well as, whenever time permits. I was also very eager to go back to the kitchen and plus some pizza though, make some pizzas. I’ve also had, the opportunity to, be a part of certain deliveries and, it was fantastic meeting new people, getting huge tips. Since then, I’ve always wanted to be a part of the life  I’ve always wanted what the life of an entrepreneur is like, people who create jobs and, while I continue to work for some very great, influential people, who guided me along, I’ve also had the opportunity to start small ventures of my own. I have businesses in the food and beverage industry.

My wife is a Baker. We also have an online, cookery, for little kids. It’s called the Eagle kitchen. It’s an online lesson. We also have Kitchen, which specializes in chocolate fudge. We also have, a technology company that uses BI tools such as click view, click sense and Tableau that has made business intelligence way more simple right now. Instead of having a lot of BI people who are pulling large chunks of data from databases, these tools have enabled us to connect directly to these databases and, pull out the information that we need and to provide or present those information in a simplified way that makes it easy for business owners to make decisions. So that’s the company that I’ve started. Also my most recent venture was in, a workflow management system. It was based on a very old, but, powerful foundation called AuroraRCM, and, we use those fundamentals to create a software around it that can be used for businesses of any, in an industry where it helps delegate responsibility across large people, large groups of people in our organizations and hold them accountable to it.

In this particular venture, kind of going back to my roots, in, the that’s 16 years old in the healthcare and the cycle management, and we are using artificial intelligence as well as machine learning to automate workflow, as well as, integrate interoperability between many systems in the healthcare space, from EMR systems to billing systems and so on. This is my latest venture, and I’m very excited about it, and this is what I’m doing a hundred percent of my time.

00:05:03 Arjun Mahadevan Wow. Well it sounds like you’ve gone from, first of all, I do love Domino’s pizza. I love their Domino’s Cinna Sticks. I’m a big fan food tech business intelligence software, and now machine learning technology and healthcare tech. It sounds like you’ve really worked in many different industries and have many different areas of expertise there let’s if you can we peel back the curtain on before you were about to start and how do you pronounce the name of your company correctly?

00:05:35 Mazeer Majwood Aurora RCN. Aurora is, yeah, it is the Latin medical goddess of Rome. She resonates, like, that savior of the dark and also new possibilities.

00:05:52 Arjun Mahadevan Love it. Aurora RSEM new possibilities before you were starting company, you had the idea, you had the insight, what made you decide? Okay. I want to actually create a us LLC business. Could you walk me through your thought process there?

00:06:14 Mazeer Majwood A lot of people in Sri Lanka, as well as India, Philippines and Pakistan, and, in a lot of places, people have, open businesses in the US and have been successful. I’ve been lucky to have been a part of some of these industries, in my career. The idea has been around for about two years, and like all ideas. You need to give it some time for you to know whether, this is really gonna stick. Number one, whether you truly believe it in yourself, quite yours, sometimes our commodities execution is not. Once you’ve spent enough time with an idea to know that, okay, this is really got you interested in it. And then it’s definitely worth a shot. Otherwise you will not know it for yourself. Just along those lines, once the idea of, an AI enabled healthcare finance system, did seem very possible and it seeming much needed.

I put everything I’ve got into it. I found some very good partners to work with some really talented people in the space of AI, and software engineering. We’ve got, we had everything that we needed to give it a shot. We read the, just went straight in.

00:07:48 Arjun Mahadevan I love what you said there, ideas can sometimes be commodities, but execution is not. It sounds like you’ve surrounded yourself with a talented team who can really take an idea and execute on it and deliver a solution and product to the world. How do you in that process decide, okay. It took some time, two years have an idea. Okay. We think we are the team that can actually execute and deliver this to, at that point. What was the process like for you and your team to find Doola? Were you evaluating other options? How did you end up deciding to form your us company and what was the process like to find us in the first place?

00:08:33 Mazeer Majwood Well, in all my previous matches, I’ve always had the guidance of, lawyers as well as, companies that I’ve worked for, who do care, things of this nature. In we’ve had ups and downs. We’ve had challenges with, the people who, helping us get our paperwork done when it comes to the legal formalities of doing business. Just like any startup, it’s not just about, the initial paperwork you’ve filed to get your license. It’s also about finding the partner who can continue to put up to the ongoing demands of doing business. For example, you might start a business with yourself and a few months or years into it, you might decide you might want to do that. You should bring in other people either to raise more capital or to bring in the right type of talent, to be a part of your company. At that point, a lot of amendments will be continuously needed for, to file, for paperwork.

I was looking for a partner who was responsive, number one, and who had that ability, the flexibility to accommodate the rapid changes at any business will need, from starting to maybe all the way up to IPO’s and the multiple owners could come and go, the ownership is going to change. I was looking for someone who was flexible enough to accommodate all of this. When I went to the Doola website and it was very interactive. It kind of gave me a step-by-step guideline on what is required. It also made some recommendations on which state I should incorporate in that just showed me that, this was a website that had done its research, instead of asking me where I want to incorporate it, it gives me some recommendations. It recommended two states that I had already researched and shortlisted myself. I saw the website, make those recommendations, I thought this, these people know what they’re talking about, and that was how I found stuff.

00:10:46 Arjun Mahadevan Wow. I like what you said, and this is definitely what we strive to do is we’re not about just helping you get set up and then forgetting about you after one conversation. We really try to be long-term partners with whoever we work with. Honestly, I wouldn’t bet against the year one, year two, IPO or changes in ownership, whatever it might be. It’s been awesome just to see the progress that you’ve made so far, even just on your website. Let me ask you one more question here. You did your research. I could tell. You did your research around formation and options going forward. What would be needed for the business? Were you ever worried that start pack was a scan, or how did you end up deciding that you could trust Doola?

00:11:33 Mazeer Majwood I’ve had my fair share of, being a victim of spam in the past. So I have a full sense. I have a certain recollection of, what those pitfalls look like. My recent encounter with spam was about a year ago, and I got message from who are we saying that, I have to take a few steps and I’m going to win a new equipment from Huawei. I let check the website and he did the state www.dot, and it was my phone and I couldn’t read the rest of it and I fell for it. I shared that link with all my friends, just like it asks me to, and I really thought I want something. One of my friends came back and told me, did you notice that after the .com it also had the dot something else? I was like, no, I didn’t. As a team of the past, I have a certain recollection of how these spam sites work.

I did not see any such recollection with the staff back. I’m glad that I had certain experiences from the past that kind of helped me, make the right position here. Yeah, I, at the, at no point did I ever feel like start back was a scam?

00:12:54 Arjun Mahadevan Well, I’m sorry about that experience, but it sounds like you’ve developed quite a good spam filter, I guess you learn from your mistakes, right?

00:13:02 Mazeer Majwood Yes, that’s right.

00:13:06 Arjun Mahadevan Awesome question for you, which I think will be very relevant to many people out there. Current entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, you’ve started eight ventures. This is your eighth venture. What advice do you have for someone out there who is either working on a venture or thinking about starting a venture and I’ll make it a little more challenging to this advice can only fit on a billboard on the highway. You don’t have too much text or too much space to write. What piece of single advice would you give to aspiring or current entrepreneurs out there.

00:13:48 Mazeer Majwood Find partners and investors that you are comfortable failing with.

00:14:03 Arjun Mahadevan Find partners and investors that, and what was the last thing you said,

00:14:06 Mazeer Majwood That you are comfortable failing with.

00:14:10 Arjun Mahadevan Find partners and investors that you were comfortable failing with. Tell me more about the second half of that sentence,

00:14:19 Mazeer Majwood Because not all ventures are going to go to plan and even the ventures that go to plan, go to a lot of ups and downs before you make it. If you are always second guessing what your partners are thinking about you and what your investors are thinking about, you will not have the freedom to make some bold decisions or take some risks that have to be taken. If you were working with people who are not gonna support you through some of those failures, you’ll be limited in the amount of risks that you can take. In all my startups, I never met my financial goals the first time, the way I said it. That has brought me to the, my eight venture, knowing that I’m very likely going to fail, but I am very humbled. I’m glad to be surrounded by partners and investors who will share, who have in the past, sham shared those failures and successes with me and who will continue to do that with me.

As a result, I have the strength to make some bold decisions, and I’m not afraid to fail, even if I do, I know I’ll keep moving on. I think that’s an important part for anybody who’s planning to start the venture with them.

00:15:56 Arjun Mahadevan I really liked that. And it reminds me of two sayings. One I’ve heard is people sometimes say, it’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey. I think the destination is important and having goals and wanting to succeed is, but I think what you said really highlights the journey and progress is never linear. If it was, it would be pretty easy to do many things, I think, but realistically, the highs are high and the lows are really low. It sounds like having the right team and the right partners and the right investors to support you and cheer you on at the highs, but also pick you up and encourage you at the lows is the most important thing. I think you’ve, it sounds like you really learned that over the course of your multiple ventures.

00:16:44 Mazeer Majwood I’m glad that I have an opportunity to share some of these learnings with people who might find it useful.

00:16:52 Arjun Mahadevan Love it. Well let’s finish off with this. I know there’s probably a lot of exciting things in store for Aurora RCM, but looking forward to 2021, can you share maybe what you’re most excited about and for anyone out there? Is there anything you’d like to share about the company about exciting things coming in the future?

00:17:17 Mazeer Majwood Has a few exciting things that we’ve planned to introduce to the healthcare finance and healthcare technology industry. We’re very excited about that, but no spoilers yet. However, for everybody in 2021, the biggest news that excites me is that we have developed a vaccine in half the time that was ever possible ever imagined to be possible with Pfizer. All of the other companies that have strived to make do accomplish this. I’m so proud of them. I’m proud that we are as much as 20 community still now has been a difficult time for all of us. I am proud that we have the best of us who are geared up and who have shown that, at a time of need, that the best of us will step up and do what is necessary to show some amazing results. Apart from these companies, developing the vaccines, the courage that people have to try these vaccines, nobody has backed off.

People are trying them and they’re moving forward. We are, we are resilient and we are moving forward that step that’s. I think that’s what the seeds, any company, it’s a fact of humanity that is phenomenal. For decades to come, people will talk about these accomplishments. I’m proud that I’m living in a time where I could expedient experienced some of these myself.

00:18:59 Arjun Mahadevan I totally agree. I think 2020 was a whirlwind. 2021 might have the same in-store, but I’m really excited to see what AuroraRCM delivers this year. Unfortunately, I guess for me, myself, and to the listeners, no spoilers, but maybe towards the end of this year or later this year, when things are public and live, we can hop on another call and you can share more about what’s been in the works.

00:19:27 Mazeer Majwood I’ll be happy to, it’s been fantastic working with you and talking.

00:19:33 Arjun Mahadevan Awesome. Well Hey, thank you so much. I know you are super busy. Maybe you’re about to get off this call and venture nine is in the works, but I’ll be sure to share links with the website and other things you mentioned, and it was an absolute pleasure chatting with you today.

00:19:49 Mazeer Majwood Thank you, likewise. Thank you so much for the opportunity. Have a good one for me. Thank you. Bye.

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