When setting up an EIN as an international founder you should get an EIN Verification Letter (147C). Learn how to get yours.

How to request an EIN Verification Letter (147C) in 2023

Lost, misplaced or forgot your EIN number?

Need an official verification letter of your EIN from the IRS?

Did the IRS make a typo on your EIN letter and you need a new form?

Here’s how you request an EIN Verification Letter (147C)

The easiest way to get a copy of an EIN verification letter is to call the IRS. Follow the below process to obtain a verification letter from the IRS:

1)   Call the IRS at 1-800-829-4933 (you have to call, it’s the only way)

     • Select your language preference

     • Select the option for “Employer Identification Number”

     • Select the option for “If you already have an EIN, but you can’t remember it”

2) Tell the IRS agent that you have an LLC and need an EIN Verification Letter (147C)

3) The agent will ask a few security questions to verify your ownership of the LLC It’s good to have your LLC documents handy for this!

4) The IRS agent can mail or fax you the 147C Letter, CHOOSE FAX! -> This way they can fax it to you right away (you can set up a free fax # at https://hellofax.com) If you choose mail -> it will take 4+ weeks to arrive.

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