Trying to name your LLC? Use our guide to choose the best name for your LLC. There are some rules you need to know.

How to Name Your LLC – The International Founder’s Ultimate Guide

How Do I Name My LLC?

Naming a business entity is one of the most crucial steps while establishing a new business. Every business owner tends to choose a name that is unique, distinctive, and also memorable. But above all this, a name should be legal, available, and meet all the state’s criteria.

If naming an LLC is that important, you must take some time and put some effort into selecting the one. So how do you come up with LLC name ideas?

You can start simply by brainstorming and selecting a few names. Once you have five to six potential name list with you, the next step is to run them through the list we have provided in this article to select the best possible name.

Legality Matters

Every state has some standard rules for naming LLCs, so; you have to first consult with your state laws whether the names you have chosen are legal or not. Many states require the business to add the identifiers in their name, i.e., LLC or Limited liability Company, for convenient identification.

Moreover, various states issue a list of restricted words that cannot be taken in a company’s name. You can easily find the list on the official website of the state.

It Should Be Memorable

The name of your business should be something that can be remembered easily. No matter what technique you use, having a memorable name ensures that your company will stay in people’s minds for a more extended period.

Making It Meaningful

Having an irrelevant name bound you to explain to people the nature of your business every time you meet new potential clients. However, if you have a meaningful name for your business, it will automatically tell what products or services you offer. Your business name is an integral part of your marketing strategy, and having one that is self-explaining will be invaluable.

The Originality of the Name

For the companies operating online only, having an original name is more important than having a meaningful one. If you are establishing an entirely internet-based business, then choose the original name.

Uniqueness in the Name

After creating a list of the potential business name, you have to search for them with the state agencies. Many state agencies have created databases of business names, patents, and trademarks that have already been taken. It’s necessary to take some time searching for the already taken names to narrow down the list of potential business names.

Domain Ready Names

We live in the technology age, so although you have a brick and mortar business entity, an online presence is of utmost importance. Go through the list once again and create various domain names. Check the list of the possible domain names with the registrar for availability.

Social Media Friendly

Social media platforms serve as a great tool to reach the target audience. While deciding a name for your LLC, keep in mind that you have to choose a username for your social media accounts as well. So, select which social media platform you are most likely to use and search for your business name’s various variants.

Choosing your LLC’s right name is pertinent for the business’s convenient identification and success on various platforms. So make your decision accordingly!

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