Correctly setting up your EIN is a crucial step in properly setting up your US business. Learn how to get yours, and why it matters.

How To Get An EIN for your LLC or C Corporation – EIN Hub

An EIN Number is one of the most important parts of owning an LLC or a Corporation. Having a business is hard if you don’t have any way to bank with it!

An EIN number is a key part of owning a business. There are several big reasons why you need an EIN number for your company. The same way a U.S. Citizen has a Social Security Number so the government can identify them for tax purposes, companies have EIN’s for the same reason. Furthermore, an EIN allows the IRS, financiers, banks, and other institutions to separate your personal finances from your business’. Also, without an EIN (Employer Identification Number) you won’t be able to hire any employees!

Now, let’s take a deep dive into what it takes to get an EIN Number:

1. First, you must incorporate a LLC or corporation

This includes paying registered agent fees, incorporation fees, and any other fees you may be required to pay like mail forwarding, etc.

Once you receive you LLC formation documents, you can proceed to the EIN ⬇️

2. Choose the correct way to apply for your EIN

If you have an SSN: Proceed to this website and start filling out the form

If you do not have an SSN: Download an SS-4 form from the IRS here

3. Once you have the correct method, this is all key the information you will need:

Legal Name of Entity (Company)

Address of the Entity

Name of Responsible Party and SSN (if they have one)

Date business started

Closing month of accounting year

Description of your business

4. Once you fill all this out, if:

You have an SSN: Click apply and receive your EIN almost right away!

You don’t have an SSN: You must fax this form to the IRS and wait for them to process it

This may seem like a lot of work, and truth-be-told, it is. If you just made a LLC or corporation, the odds are you’re eager to start growing your business, not get bogged down in the IRS with paperwork!

Thats where doola can help!

doola not only can create your LLC, it can file your EIN application for you, and once its received we can help you open a US bank account (where you don’t need to be in the US OR have an SSN to open an account!).

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