Have questions about filling out an Operating Agreement as a single member LLC owner? We walk you through each step.

How to Fill Out an Operating Agreement for Single Member LLC Owners

Filling Out Your Operating Agreement

Let’s assume that Admir Clytia is starting a single member LLC in the US. Below we’ll walk you through what your Operating Agreement documents mean and how to fill them out using Admir’s information as an example.

Name of Person: Admir Clytia

LLC Name Chosen – Fire Bolt LLC

State – Wyoming

You will be able to see the name of your LLC at the top of your Operating Agreement.

Operating Agreement LLC Name & Article 1

You have to mention your starting capital amount/initial contribution in Article II – 2.1. The amount you mention here has to flow from Exhibit 1.

Here is what an Exhibit 1 would look like if Admir Clytia starts with a capital of $100:

$100 Capital Contribution

*Note – There is no minimum capital required to be infused into your LLC. Hence, this amount can be 0 but it has to specifically mentioned here.

Here is what an Exhibit 1 would look like if Admir Clytia is starting with a capital of $0:

$0 Capital Contribution

Once this Exhibit 1 is signed and finalized, the amount on the 2nd row of this Exhibit 1 has to be added to Article II – 2.1 of this document.

You can make any changes to the text in this Operating Agreement. This is because your Operating Agreement is an internal document! You can make any modifications/changes and sign it whenever you’re ready.

Going forward, you can update and make changes to the document (including ownership percentages, adding names to the agreement, and other changes) at any time. In fact, you’re the only one who can make these changes! The document can then be saved for your personal records in the Google Drive folder we provide, and never needs to be re-submitted to the state.

Check out our blog post for more about the different documents that outline your LLC ownership.

Finalize Your Operating Agreement

Once you finalize your changes to your Operating Agreement, you need to sign it on the last page. Once you sign this agreement, it becomes a legally binding document.

In the address tab, you can add the virtual US business address that we provide.

Here is how the document will look once finalized:

Signed Agreement

The Company Resolution to Open a Bank Account document needs to be filled after you have opened your US business bank account such as below:

Company Resolution after opening a Bank Account

Once the above is filled out, this resolution has to be signed and finalized as below:

Signed Resolution

LLC Stock Certificate

Last comes the LLC Stock Certificate that needs to be filled out as below:  

LLC Member Certificate

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